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Fizz-ical Reactions!

For our first experience of Term 4, we have been looking at materials and their properties by creating our very own bath bombs! For our Cold Task, we tried to make bath bombs of our own, with interesting results!!

Bath Bombs - Cold Task

To help us create our bath bombs for our Hot Tasks, we evaluated existing bath bombs and looked at how they reacted and the colours/aromas they produced - which one do you think is the best?

Evaluating Bath Bombs!

Pulse CSI

At the end of Term 3, we were really privileged to have a visit from Pulse CSI - they taught us how to take fingerprints and footprints, how to collect blood and hair samples and - incredibly - helped us to solve a murder mystery! We also got to experience what it was like as a forensic investigator - what do you think of our outfits?

CSI Day!

Galactic Guides!

In Term 3, we have been travelling through the depths of space, creating guides to the galaxy! We were really lucky to have a visit from an Astrodome to help us understand more about this fascinating subject!

Astrodome Visit!

To help us understand the phases of the Moon, we used Oreos to create our own Moon calendars!

Oreo Moons!

Bienvenido A Mexico!

For our final Learning Experience of Term 2, we have been exploring the incredible country of Mexico! We were privileged to have  Omer and the team from Mexi-go in Maidstone come in and let us experience Mexican food first-hand - some of us even braved the jalapenos!!

Mexi-go food tasting!

Poppy Poetry!

For our first learning experience of Term 2, we have been learning about the sacrifices soldiers made during World War 1, as we close on 100 years since the signing of the famous Armistice Truce, calling an end to the war itself. We will be creating our own World War 1 poetry  - we hope they do the soldiers justice!
We were privileged to be invited to a replica of a WW1 trench! There, we learnt all about the layout of a trench, the conditions for the soldiers and their daily lives when they were posted in the trenches during World War One. As you can see, we gained an incredibly authentic experience!

Hawthorne Trench!

Wacky Warhol!

For our second learning experience of the year, we looked at the work of cultural icon and influential artist: Andy Warhol!
To help us understand more about Andy Warhol and the pop art movement, we created pages in our sketchbooks about this incredible style of art!

Pop Art pages!

To help us create our final pieces of artwork, we practised our sketching skills by drawing pop-art style objects and cartoon characters!

Sketching Skills!

As part of our Harvest celebrations, we created pop-art pictures associated with typical Harvest objects and scenes - take a look at our creations!

Harvest Art!

Finally, we were ready for our Hot Task  - I'm sure you'll agree, they look incredible!!

Hot Task

Beastly Burials!

For our first learning experience of the year, we are travelling back thousands of years to the time of the Ancient Egyptians! We were really lucky to have Lauren from Portals to the Past visit us for an action-packed, fun-filled activity day!

Ancient Egyptian Workshop!