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Year 6 present.......Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies! We have been rehearsing for our play throughout this term - come and see it on the 2nd July!!

Year 6 have been learning how to keep safe. This term we have had a visit from Maidstone magistrates and been to a Safety in Action event!

Residential 2019

Turn the Tide on Plastic!

The experience will begin with children watching a clip of Blue Planet to enable them to gain an understanding of how plastic is affecting the world around them, in particular the world’s oceans and the impact it has on the marine life and human communities contained within them. From here, children will discover how plastic is affecting our world and why our use of plastics is affecting their future and the future of our planet. Children will then write persuasive letters, outlining what plastic pollution is and the concerns they have for its future impact on marine communities. Children will gain and insight into how they as individuals and collectively as a worldwide community, can help eradicate these issues and preserve marine life for future generations. After gaining an understanding of plastic pollution, children will create a presentation explaining what plastic pollution is, how it affects the world around them and what can be done to stop it. Finally, children will share these presentation with their peers and the wider community.

Click on the link below to find out which curriculum objectives we will be covering throughout this learning experience! 

Cold Task!

We have been finding out about the effects that plastic pollution has on our oceans.

We have been creating infographics about plastic pollution!

Fizz-ical Reactions

The learning experience will begin with the children being given the opportunity to explore and investigate the ‘fizzy nature’ of a bath bomb. They will experience a range of designs, scents and styles, noting how this could impact their own market research and its development into a saleable and appealing product. As the experience progresses, children will study the properties and changes of materials, including the different states (solids, liquids and gasses) and how this is evident within dissolving and mixing. Finally, they will apply their skills and research to design, create and evaluate a unique bath bomb to be sold at the school’s Comic Relief fundraising event. Children will demonstrate their bath bomb products and explain the visual effects and scientific ‘fizz-ical’ reactions.

Click on the link below to find out which curriculum objectives we will be covering throughout this learning experience! 

Cold Task

We have been mixing various solids with water and making observations about what happened to them!

Elm Trees had great fun testing bath bombs! We can’t wait to make our own!

We investigated reversible and irreversible changes!

Elm Trees have been learning a basic bath bomb recipe! They look amazing - we are so excited to design our own!

We have started to prepare for our hot task! Elm Trees designs are so unique an creative!

Hot Task!!!

CSI day!

UKS2 were visited by Pulse CSI who gave us an insight into the world of forensic science! We spent the morning learning how to take fingerprints, collect samples and find evidence! In the afternoon, we walked into a crime scene! We used all the skills we had learned to help solve the crime! 

Galactic Guides

The experience will begin with an out of this world opportunity for the children- a visit from an astrodome! Children will then be introduced to their aim for the learning experience: to produce a guide to the galaxy with information about the position of the planets, how they move in relation to the Sun and what is special about each of the planets in our Solar System? On their journey through space, the children will also explore some other big scientific questions about day and night, the spherical nature of the Earth, Sun and Moon, and the relationship between the Earth and its Moon.

Click on the link below to find out which curriculum objectives we will be covering throughout this learning experience! 

Cold Task!

We learnt about the phases of the moon using Oreos!

Elm Trees have learnt about the Sun and created reports!

We had a visit from The Astronomy Roadshow! In the astrodome, we learnt about star constellations and the planets!

Bienvenido a México

Kicking off with a Mexican-themed afternoon, the children will taste-taste Mexican cuisine, enjoy listening to traditional music from the country and explore the sights and wonders of Mexico. They will learn about the geographical location and identify the major human and physical features, through research and atlas work. Deeper exploration will help children to identify traditional delicacies, cultural trends and celebrations. Once research has been gathered, children will then enhance their Spanish speaking skills, to communicate their findings into sentences and paragraphs. This will then form the basis for their Hot Task: to create an informative travel guide about Mexico.

Click on the link below to find out which curriculum objectives we will be covering throughout this learning experience!

Elm Trees had a fantastic time when Mexigo Maidstone visited us! They created a fantastic feast for us; we loved trying the tortilla chips and dip and then creating our own burritos!

We reviewed the Mexican food which we had tried

We found out about the location of Mexico!

We found out about the human and physical features of Mexico and wrote about them in Spanish!

After researching about Mexico, Elm Trees created a non-chronological report!

We wrote about Mexico’s location in Spanish!

Hot Task!! We have started to create our Spanish guides to Mexico!

Hot Task!

Poppy Poetry

The learning experience will begin with a poppy craft morning, where parents/carers will be invited to work with the children to create poppies to be displayed at Maidstone Museum. The children will then undertake the cold task: write a First World War inspired poem in the style of influential poets of the time. Throughout the experience, the children will gain a deeper understanding of these poems and the experience that inspired them. With a visit to a trench and engaging accompanying lessons, children will immerse themselves into the life of a soldier in the First World War, developing an understanding and empathy regarding life on the front line. After exploring a range of poetic techniques, children will apply these to create their own World War One poem for their final outcome.

Click on the link below to find out which curriculum objectives we will be covering throughout this learning experience!

Elm Trees had a great time exploring at Hawthorne Trench. We saw a replica of WW1 trenches and found out about a soldier’s life.

Thank you to all the parents who helped us make poppies for Maidstone Museum!

We have been learning lifts in dance!

We have been exploring fractions in Maths.


Wacky Warhol!

The experience will begin with a Cold Task where children will create a painting in the style of Andy Warhol. Following this, the artwork of Warhol will be explored in depth, focussing on his influences and the techniques he used to create his iconic pieces. Working in sketchbooks, the children will then have the opportunity to develop their sketching skills through careful observations of everyday objects. In addition, there will be many opportunities to explore how Warhol uses colour and repetition to create similar – yet contrasting- images. Applying these skills, children will recreate one of Warhol’s pieces, before designing and creating their own unique Warhol-inspired piece of art.

Click on the link below to find out which curriculum objectives we will be covering throughout this learning experience!

Cold task - we had to create an Andy Warhol inspired piece of art!

We have been finding out about the pop art movement!

We have been practising our sketching techniques!

We have been experimenting with colour and learning about the colour wheel!

In preparation for our hot task, we came up with some ideas to inspire our final design!

We used acrylics to try out different painting techniques

Hot task time!

Hot Task!

By Chloe
By Milena
By Connie
By Lucy
By Libbie
By Alicia

Beastly Burials!

The experience will begin with the children creating their own burial chamber for their Cold Task. Following this, the children will have a workshop from Portals to the Past which will provide them with the details of the mummification process, as well as some background on the culture and daily life of the Ancient Egyptians. With this knowledge, the children will then analyse existing burial chambers of some of the great Egyptian pharaohs and empresses, gaining an understanding of how to create their own versions. Using this, children will then create their initial designs for their own burial chamber, using peer feedback to help them analyse and evaluate in order to create their final design.

Cold Task - we had to draw what we thought an Ancient Egyptian burial chamber looks like!

Ancient Egypt Workshop 


Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic day during our Ancient Egypt workshops. In the morning, we learnt an Egyptian board game, used Egyptian Maths, found the answers to a quiz and looked at artefacts (some of them were over 3000 years old!). In the afternoon,we mummified our own pharaoh and then held a funeral! We ended the day by hunting on the Nile and listening to Egyptian stories. 


Our Egyptian Costumes!

We found the answers to an Egyptian quiz.

We played an Egyptian game....

We were able to look at some Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We were able to study ancient jewellery, statues and even the wrappings from a real mummy!

We learnt about the Ancient Egyptian god of embalming and death: Anubis. We then wrote descriptions about the jackel-headed god!

We are learning the process of mummification. We sequenced the events and then acted it out!

We re-created the mummification process! Look at the videos we created! 

We explored Ancient Egyptian tombs using virtual reality! 

We have been working really hard to solve reasoning in Maths. We had to use trial and error and be really resilient so we could work out what the letters equal!

We have started to plan our hot task and create our Egyptian tombs!

Elm Trees have written fantastic explanation texts about how to mummify a body!

HOT TASK - We created Ancient Egyptian burial chambers using their knowledge of mummification. We then made guides to accompany them and explain each part of the burial chamber.

Our hot task explanations!