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Term 6
This term Lily's Dad came to visit us to talk about his job as a tube train driver. He showed us some of the equipment he used and let us try on his hat.
Term 5
This term we are learning about transport and we have been exploring ways of making our own road layouts in the playground.
Some of the children made pictures of different vehicles using the hammer and nails.
The children created a car wash for all our bikes and scooters in the outdoor area. This role play exploration required great team work skills and resilience as a strategy for transporting water needed to be developed.
We received a very generous donation of plants and a grow bag and the children were tasked with planting the tomato, cucumber and sunflowers. This created lots of opportunities for discussing growth and what is need to keep plants alive as well as great hand and eye co-ordination when using tools.
Term 4
This term we have been learning about people who help us. We have an emergency services role pay area where the children have been able to explore different occupations and develop their imaginative and language skills.
On March 7th we celebrated World Book Day in Pear Tree class. We all dressed up as our favourite book character and Gerald the Giraffe came to visit us and shared lots of our favourite stories. We looked amazing.
For Red Nose Day we made some delicious biscuits. It was quite tricky to add the icing and the decorations. We worked with our friends in Apple and Cherry Class.
We went outdoors to look for shapes in our environment. We found lots of different shapes and made some of our own too.
As part of our learning about people who help us we were lucky enough to have Ross the paramedic visit us on the last day of term. It was very exciting and he showed us how to put on a bandage. Mrs Webber was very lucky to be the patient!!!
Term 3
This term we have learning all about food and in our role play area we have been using all the café role play resources. Our learning has incorporated taking down orders, using resources carefully and developing imaginative narratives which encourage social interaction and co-operation.
We have also been developing our gross motor skills during our time in the hall using the P.E apparatus. We have been refining our balancing, climbing and jumping skills during this time as well  turn taking and listening skills.
We learnt how to look after garden birds by making bird feeders. We had to mix ingredients together and then make a container to put it into.  We then hung them up in the woods.
At the end of term we celebrated Chinese New Year. We all had Chinese food and our families came into our class to try out a range of different craft activities.
Term 2
Christmas has been a very busy time for everyone in Pear tree class. During our Christmas craft workshop the children had the opportunity to enjoy a range of different activities together.
We took part in an Early Years Christmas performance. The children sang beautifully and remembered lots of actions and words. They were brilliant super stars.
As well as visiting the Hop Farm to meet Father Christmas the children were able to toast marshmallows at the campfire.
We explored pumpkins during Halloween. We cut them open and scooped out the seeds. We also made spooky masks.
The children made coconut barfi as part of our learning about celebrations of light and the festival of Diwali.
The children created firework pictures and learnt how to make fireworks on the IWB.
During this term the children have been interested in block play and construction. They needed more space to explore and refine their skills. The role play area has been developed into a dedicated block play zone where the children can investigate, work in a team and share their ideas.
Skills the children are learning are now being transferred into other areas of the learning environment.
The children are developing the skills to navigate and manoeuvre vehicles around other children and in bigger spaces effectively. This is even more difficult when you have a passenger on board.