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Multi skills event

We warmed up by running two laps of the MUGAS.
WE then did sticky kids dances
We did brilliantly at all the activities.

Sports Week

We read Sharing a shell and thought about the importance of putting rubish in the bin. We went for a litter walk around the school... we did a great job!

We read the Scarecrows Wedding... and made our own split pin scarecrows.

Child initiated learning!

We started off with the GRUFFALO! We roleplayed the story with puppets.

Term 6 

Julia Donaldson 

Egg exploration. We learnt about the chicken lifecycle and what happens inside the egg. We then had great fun looking at the eggs.

We looked at their shells.
We compared duck and chicken eggs.
We learnt how to crack them.
We then explored what was inside.

Amazing pond dipping! We learnt all about the frog lifecycle and the changes a tadpole goes through.

We went to explore the pond to see tadpoles...
We applied our learnt knowledge about lifecycles.
The children were fascinated.
We used nets and buckets to watch them closer
After observing them we made sure we put them back
We did it very gently.

Look... the beans we planted have started to grow!

Child initiated learning.

Layla's brilliant sweetie machine
Painting on clingfilm.
We were building with wood and nails.
Our creations from boxes were brilliant...
amazing teamwork seen
We used vegetable printing to create flowers
We were brilliant at peeling and chopping food.
Evie-Rose and Aiden building a fantastic wall...
great teamwork, again!

Art masterpieces!

We focussed on our drawing skills.
We drew plants...
using a range of different media.

Child initiated learning

We created fantastic lego models.
We created a party from wooden blocks.
We used a range of resources to create flowers.
We painted beanstalks on the floor...
We then used metre sticks to measure them.
After this we wrote down the measurements.


Amazing Child Initiated learning.

Creating dens.
Creating obstacle courses.
Applying our writing skills in learning time.

Planting beans.


We cut paper shapes in half.
We cut cakes in half.
We drew lines to half the shapes and coloured it.
We created playdough shapes and cut them in half.

We explored plants and named each part.

Term 5



Child initiated exploring


We picked two number cards...
wrote our number sentence...
and calculated the answer.

Repeating patterns

Red Nose Day maths

We played bowling and added the numbers we hit.
we threw red noses in to numbered cups...
then say what number we hit.
We cut out numbered red noses to order.
We measured different sized red noses.

Clown faces :)

We designed our clown faces.
We then started to paint...
We really concentrated.
The final product.


The Greatest Showman character puzzles.


Still image for this video

Hula Hooping

Still image for this video

Ribbon Dancing

Still image for this video

We were circus performers in PE.

Circus sensations!

Watching the film!

We snuggled down with popcorn and snacks!

This is the Greatest Show! 

Term 4- The Greatest Showman and Circus's 

Ordering numbers to 20.

We went for a walk around our local area.

We went to see what is in our local area.
We found a church...
and the shops.
We even spotted an England flag.
We may have found a park as well.

We then explored a bit closer to home... England, London and Maidstone!

We drew London bus's
We created our own bunting.
We drew our own flags...
and made them from tissue paper...
and paint.
We tasted Scones and Jam... Yum Yum!

Exploring Oceans!

Exploring fish.
we created our own sea animals.
We drew our own sea animals.
We used small world creatures to discuss each one.

Measuring Jungle vines

Exploring Jungles!

Child initiated fun!

Exploring deserts!

Desert Art!

Amazing child initiated play!

Space Rockets

we created rockets using different materials

Exploring Space...

We cut out planets
We used marble painting to create galaxies
Cotton buds and paint worked well.
We even painted our own planets.


Term 3 

Christmas treats.

We made Santa hat biscuits!
and mince pies!

Christmas Crafts

we made snowmen from marshmellows
We made paper plate trees
We made a Christmas reef using our hands.
We created Christmas stockings using fabric.


Large equiptment in PE. We showed great resilience.

Amazing den making!

We thought about how to look after our teeth!

The children loved roleplaying doctors in learning time.

We created Emergency vehicles from a range of different materials.

Emergency services

We looked at pictures and then drew our own
We cut out 999!
We role played Emergency services.
We created emergency vehicles using 2D shapes.

People Who help us topic

Camouflage creating!

We used green tones of paint.
We cut out different paper shapes.
We used tissue paper.
We painted our faces!!

We role played war in the outside woodland area. Can you spot us?

War scenes! We are joining in the whole school WW1 learning experience. We created our own war scenes. They are brilliant.

Poppies with parents! Our parents came in to create Poppies with us.

One more. We have been learning how to add one more.

We created Harvest baskets.

We weaved paper to create baskets.
We then cut out items to place inside.

Harvest fun!

we hit golf tees in to pumpkins.
we drew vegetables.
we moved between all the Early years classrooms
We had natural resources in playdough.
We grated vegetables.
We cut out fruit and vegetables.

Autumnal Art. We used the findings from our walk to create some lovely art pieces.

Signs of Autumn! We went for a walk to see all the signs of Autumn.

Amazing word building.

Some fantastic child initiated learning!

Practising our letter formation. We are doing so well.

Using shaving foam.
We wrote on tin foil.
PaInting our letters on the floor
Using our smart table.

We ordered Gruffalo characters by size... we do love the Gruffalo!

WOW! look how well we are doing at phonics.

We created repeating colour patterns.

Working on our scissor skills.

We followed different shaped lines.
We cut out the pictures on the large paper.
We created spiralling snakes.
We chopped mint leaves.

We created houses from 2D shapes.

Our first phonics session.

Creating our houses.

We drew our houses on large paper.
We built houses from wooden blocks.
We painted houses, using water colours.
Look at some of our houses.
We used TapTap.

Exploring our environment!

Thank you to all our parents. The summer books are amazing. The children have loved sharing them.

The children's fantastic family trees that they did as home learning.

Our Home Learning tree is ready to have lots of parents voice on it. Let us know if you see your child doing anything amazing at home.