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Oaks were fearless on our trip to Clip 'N Climb!

Animal Antics - Michael visited us on Friday and brought some of his friends too!

We followed instructions carefully to build a scissor arm mechanism and then we tried to turn it into a dragon.

Our first attempt at building a dragon with a moving mouth.

We coouldn't believe our eyes when we saw the CCTV footage of a dragon in our playground!

Look at our incredible Easter Gardens. For a closer look visit St Martin's church where they will be displayed.

Challenge: Can you measure all the way around the outside of a friend?

We've been learning about the story of Easter and why it is so important to Christians. We even visited St Martin's church to find out more!

Our first attempt at creating Easter Gardens

We tasted a range of exotic fruits today. The mango and the passionfruit were very popular but the papaya not so much!

Look at our incredible symmetrical designs made with things from around the classroom

Check out this amazing teamwork in Oaks. We wrote acrostic poems all about what makes Greenfields so amazing!

Look at our brilliant repeating patterns made with objects from around the classroom

Check out our amazing multiplication work we did for our numicon drawings!

Oaks casting their votes for their favourite teacher

Crazy Hair Day in Oaks today! What a great effort from everyone!