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Health Guru's

For our new learning experience we have turned into mini personal trainers! We are going to find out lots about healthy eating and exercise so we can advise our clients on how they could change their lifestyle!

Food Glorious Food!

We've been discovering about living and non-living things and sorting animals into groups based on what they eat!

Next, we learnt all about skeletons! To learn about the human skeleton, we turned ourselves into skeletons!

We were visited by some creepy crawlies to learn all about skeletons and muscles!

And then...along came a spider...

Savage Stone Age

Cold Task:

Create a guide to the Stone Age!

We have been creating timelines of the Stone Age. We have learnt the three eras of the Stone Age are called Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic!

We had a fantastic time during our Stone Age day!  Look at all the wonderful learning we did:

We did some research on Stone Age dwellings and then built the different dwellings through the time periods!

Sensational Shadows

And just like that, we've started a new experience!

COLD TASK: make a working shadow projector

Let's make some shadows! Which light source shall we use?

On reflection...which surface does it best?

You have the power! Can you make this light source dimmer and brighter? Can you use reflection to make an even better shadow?

Matisse Masters


Create a print in the style of Henri Matisse

Let's learn how to MONO PRINT!

Now we need to design our print using Matisse's work as our inspiration...




Check out our final Matisse inspired monoprints!


We're going to work out what we want to be...and then work out how to get there! First stop? KIDZANIA!

Future Finders!

COLD TASK - Do you know what you want to be? Do you know how to achieve that?

Do you know your times tables?

We know that our times tables are really important - they seem to pop up in maths all the time! - and so we've been learning new times tables in all sorts of practical ways. Check out the pics below of us making Hi5 hands and using Numicon to deepen our knowledge.  You can see us ordering amounts and making arrays to find the commutative facts for these times tables. All of this is helping us get much, much quicker on TT Rockstars!


Our new learning experience takes us back to the Ancient Roman Empire and their Gruesome Gods!

We are currently finishing off our own versions of the Roman Myth about Romulus and Remus. We've been working hard on our story writing and even created our own mythical beasts to add a twist to the end of our Myths! We'll upload some extracts from our stories once they are finished no



Two, messy, crumbly, sticky weeks later...


We worked really hard on our models, making strong joints and textured parts. Then we spent time painting them neatly...

Our new learning experience is all about our modelling skills. We're going to learn how to make models from clay which will design, make, finish and sell. The profits will be donated to The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Check out our COLD TASK models below! 


Let's go and look for ourselves...

We spent the day visiting Canterbury for ourselves, recording the human and physical features we found. There were many different types of buildings in the city and naturally occurring features in the parks. Now we can use our own experiences as long with more research to create really informative and persuasive city guides for Canterbury. 

For our new learning experience we have been comparing the cities of Rio and Canterbury...including the food!

A taste of Rio...

Still image for this video

Wow! As if the FISH and CHIPS from Canterbury wasn't delicious enough...the Feijoada from Rio was AMAZING; Spicy meat with black beans...mmmm. Alongside that we tried a wonderful range of tropical fruits and compared them with sweet strawberries and crunchy apples. Our city guides are going to be even more impressive with our own personal food recommendations in! Well done to everyone for trying new foods and using so much powerful descriptive language. 

We've also been exploring how to locate places in the world using maps...

We used the index of the atlas to locate the correct pages and then discussed how to describe the locations of countries and cities.  

Prove it!

We wanted to see if we could prove that the stem transports water up to the leaves and flowers. So with red food colouring, water and some white carnations, we set about investigating. Three days later, the petals of the carnations were turning pink! Success!

Unfortunately the celery was less useful...we are still working out why? 

What a mess! All for a good cause though...

We took these plants apart and matched them to our diagrams to see if we could name them all. We then extended our learning by describing their function in the life of a plant! (Thank you to the adults for cleaning up afterwards :-))

Applying our number recognition skills

Numerals, Words and Picture dominoes!

Week Two - What are the parts of a plant? Let's take a look...

Week one - Setting up our first experiment

What are the essentials for plants to grow?

I wonder what our first Learning Experience is about?

We're looking forward to seeing you at our first Parent Curriculum Information Workshops next week. It is a great chance to find out what your child is learning and what you can do to help!