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Magnet madness! 

We had a search around the classroom and outside to see if we could find anything magnetic. 

Quick yoga session for Maples! 

We had a go at ordering the parts of the human skeleton. 

We were lucky enough to have an animal man come in to share his animals with us. He told us lots of information about animal muscles and skeletons! 

Even the adults in Maple Tree were brave! 

We tested the permeability of the different types of rocks. 

We tested the hardness of each rock to see what we could discover. We found that sedimentary rocks are the softest rocks. This meant we could group and compare the rocks we used. 

We have been doing some discrete learning about rocks. We started by observing rocks and describing their appearance. 

In literacy we wrote twisted fairy tale versions of Jack & the Beanstalk. We grew our own beanstalks in Learning Experience. 

We used our knowledge of the parts of the plants to think about the life cycle of a flowering plant. We ordered the parts. 

We started looking at the parts of a flowering plant. We dissected flowers to find and identify the parts. 

We discovered the plants grew in most of the materials we used but soil gave us the tallest cress! 

Maples collecting the results! 

Maples kicked off their new plant Learning Experience setting up an experiment to see whether plants only grow in soil. 

Maple's had a go at creating Stone Age houses from the different periods in the era. 

Fire starting and bow & arrow demonstrations. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Dressing up and looking at skins & skulls. 

Maples created a history timeline. 

Mrs Baker modelled Stone Age clothing. 

Maples ready for their Stone Age day! 

Maple Trees had a fantastic time at the Warburtons healthy sandwich workshop. 

 Maple's used Smarties to help them solve some fraction problems today. 

They love chocolate maths! 

Pillar five

Hajj- pilgrimage 

Pillar four

Sawm- Fasting 

Pillar three

Zakat- Charity 

Pillar two

Salat- prayer 

Pillar one

Shahada- belief 

Examples our of cold tasks 

Our new Learning Experience is all about the Five Pillars of Islam. 

Maple Trees playing the ukulele


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Comic Relief 2019

We came into school dressed in red & took part in some activities. One of these activities was a treasure hunt with lots of other classes. 

We took part in some yummy food tasting. 

Our new Learning Experience is all about London & Mexico City. 

Check out our cold tasks! 

Creating our hot task

We then had a go at layering different colours. 

Maples had a go at trying some different printing techniques using one colour. 

The children applied their knowledge of colour mixing to creating a picture in the style of Matisse. 

The children spent some time mixing colours and putting them on a colour wheel. 

Matisse Makers

Maple Tree Class were asked to create a print in the style of Henri Matisse for their cold task. 

Year 3 trip to KidZania 

Having lots of fun at the Christmas campfire with Cherry Tree Class. 

The Year 4s have been enjoying working in the new area outside the classroom. 

We showed off our times table skills by making the times tables using different resources. 

We learnt about the God Janus. He is the God with two-faces. 

We had our parents in for a Roman banquet. We made our own Roman costumes & props to wear for it. 

Our fantastic fact files! 

We researched our favourite Gods using the iPads and wrote notes about them. 

We looked at the different Gods that the Romans worshipped. We matched pictures of the Gods to descriptions of them. We also discussed where they came from. Most Roman Gods had a Greek name as the Romans borrowed a lot of Gods from the Greeks. 

We spent a lesson looking at a timeline of history to discover when the Romans lived. We then ordered the key events of the Roman Empire. 

Examples of our hot task

We had a fantastic time visiting Lullington Roman Villa. 

Our finished poppies.

We are incredibly proud of what we have created. They look beautiful! 

Our fantastic hot tasks!

We had a go at using the 'score and slip' technique to join clay. We then though about creating texture on our clay using clay tools. We created a portrait of ourselves to practise these techniques. 

Using the ideas we gathered from watching the video, we had a go at making similar shapes as the people who made the Tower of London poppies. 

We watched this video to understand how they made the poppies for the Tower of London installation. 

We spent some time playing with the clay. We had a go at some techniques to change the shape of the clay. 

Super Sculptors

Cold task

The children had to make a poppy using clay!


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We had fantastic fun on Harvest art day. We created portraits of ourselves and then collected leaves for our hair!

Our fantastic hot tasks!

We spent a lesson investigating shadows to test how the change size and shape. 

We then used all of our knowledge to practise creating shadow puppets. 


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Still image for this video

Today we tested reflections using mirrors and torches. First we tried to reflect the light around a maze and then we tried to use our mirrors to write messages to each other. We used our knowledge of light travelling in straight lines. 


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We had a go at testing how much we could see inside a box when using a torch in different positions. We discovered that light travels in straight lines!

Puppet Performance


We kicked off our new learning experience about light by completing our cold task. We had to create a puppet show using light. 

Hot task!


Look at how amazing our hot tasks were!

We had a go at following our scone recipe independently today. This was to get us ready for our hot task. Everyone managed to create a beautiful scone and some children experimented with some different flavours such as cherry. 

Today we tasted and evaluated the scones we baked using the recipe. We thought of some ways to improve for our next bake.