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Well done George and Daniel D for winning our two rock, paper, scissors tournaments!

We had lots of fun meeting all of these animals and learning about their skeletal and muscular systems!

We had a great start to Sports Week!

Everyone tried their best at Record Breakers!

Well done Sycamores!

Thank you to Peter and Adam from Maidstone United Academy for coming in and encouraging us to read. We read together and then got to play football!

 We had great fun interviewing each other for our newspaper article on Magnet Man!

We began our new Learning Experience - May the Force Be With You! - by finding objects around the school which are magnetic.

What better way is there to learn about Stone Age housing than to make them?

We loved making our Paleolithic caves, Mesolithic teepees and

Neolithic wattle and daub dwellings.

Stone Age Workshop

We had an amazing day learning all about the Stone Age.

We looked at the timeline, clothing, cave painting, food, fire, archery, communication, skins and skulls.

We had a fantastic healthy eating workshop with Warburtons!

We enjoyed some lovely Easter activities!

The children are loving our new classroom layout where they get to choose where they sit!

Red Nose Day

The children used their small budget to create a refugee shelter for a family of 4-6. They needed to decide which rooms were essential and where the family members would sleep.

Sycamores' maths lesson today was to find out how many ways you could share a number equally.

And they got to use skittles!

Sycamores exploring flowers for their new Learning Experience

'Planting a Rainbow'

Look at our amazing hot tasks.

We created prints in the style of Henri Matisse using random, unique shapes and using contrasting colours progressing from lightest to darkest.

Matisse Masters

Our new learning experience is all about Henri Matisse.

We will be looking at his art and creating a print honouring his style.

We will also be learning about his life and writing his biography.

Please take a moment to look at our creative cold tasks.

Oh! The Places You'll Go!

We have spent a week exploring our career aspirations.

We have professional footballers, YouTubers, vets, a car mechanic, games designers, a pilot, teachers, chefs, police officers, an athlete, a horse and dog trainer and even a professional cliff diver!

We are all very excited about the places they will go!

We have had an excellent start to our new Learning Experience 'Rock Stars!'

Cold Task: Produce a virtual guided tour of a rock collection.

The videos made can be found at

Finding times tables facts in and out of the classroom

Our entertainment for our Roman Banquet.

The play 'Romulus and Remus'.

Our very own Gruesome Gods.

Our painted poppies!