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We celebrated World Book Day sharing stories with Mrs Parkhouse who read some of the stories she has written. We also had a visit from Gerald the Giraffe who came to read his favourite books with the children.
This term the children have been developing their physical skills during their PE time in the hall. They have been rolling and catching balls, throwing bean bags and travelling with control, negotiating space and speed.
The children made pancakes at the beginning of the term and worked hard to flip them before eating them all up for their snack. They were delicious!
Term 4
At the end of our learning about animals Pear Tree class visited a local farm to meet the animals. The children were able to hold the chickens, feed the horses and goats, say hello to the donkeys and the llama.  
Our learning at the moment is all about dinosaurs. Thea and Gianna-Mai went on a dinosaur hunt using the magnifying glasses. During adult-directed learning the children were asked to draw a picture of a dinosaur by looking at the toy dinosaurs. They had to pay close attention to the different details and characteristics of the different dinosaurs.
We have begun the term by exploring creative materials and different ways of using them in our learning. The children have found different ways of applying paint using a range of resources.
Term 3
During our Christmas craft workshop the children and their parents were able to make hats, cards and decorate festive biscuits. There were some fabulous creations.
We visited The Reindeer Centre and enjoyed trying all the different activities such as throwing snow balls in the snow room. We also met Father Christmas.
As part of our outdoor learning the children explored the puddles in the playground, discovering that some were deeper than they thought.
This week we have been developing our number knowledge, especially number recognition and number order.
As part of our preparation for snack we have been making chocolate swirls. Spreading the chocolate on the pastry was very tempting!! We are developing our fine motor skills and use of tools.
When we use the use the PE equipment in the hall we learn how to climb, balance and jump.  We also learn how to use the equipment safely.

Firework Fun.

We used a range of different paint techniques and materials to create a firework picture which represented the colours and sounds of fireworks. 

Term 2

Happy Halloween learning.

We celebrated Halloween in Pear Tree class by dressing up and exploring different activities which helped us learn new skills.

This term we have also been developing our collaborative learning and finding ways to work togtether.
We have been exploring the outside areas of the school and developing all our gross motor skills and our resilience.
Ted the school dog came to say hello to the children in Pear Tree class. He has made some new friends.
We have been learning how to use the wheeled vehicles in the playground. We are practising using the pedals, negotiating space and managing speed! 
Having lunch at school is fun and delicious.
We have been exploring our new environment and learning inside and outside.
Term 1