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Welcome to a new year in Palm Tree Class!

Motoring Mayhem!

For this learning experience, we are going to be making a motorised mode of transport for Harry Potter to get to Hogwarts.  We are going to explore the most effective methods of building our vehicle and evaluate which mechanical system makes it go faster and able to go uphill. Once we have designed and tested a prototype and evaluated it, we will create our final vehicle and race them to see whose is the quickest mode of transport for Harry Potter to use!


Click on the link to view the progress grid for this learning experience.

Accio Artists!

Our new learning experience is based around the magical world of Harry Potter.  We are going to be analysing the artist of the illustrated copies of The Chamber of Secrets (Jim Kay) and then learning different sketching techniques, including adding texture, movement and mood to pictures.  We will use all of these skills and new knowledge to do our own illustrations for The Chamber of Secrets.  

Click on the link below to see the progress grid for this learning experience.

We had a great time at the Harry Potter Studios in London!

Incredible Insides!

For our learning experience this term, we will be focussing on learning all about what happens inside the human body! We will start off by looking at all the major organs in the body, where they are in our bodies and what jobs they do.  We will then look at the circulatory system, what this means and why this is important. Then we will investigate our digestive system and the journey our food goes on after we have eaten it! Finally, we will look at the impact of lifestyle on our bodies, including diet, exercise and drugs.  To show how much we have learnt, we will be writing a series of factual texts about the human body.  


Please click on the link below for this learning experience's progress grid.

To kick start this learning experience, we identified major organs in the body.  We matched up pictures to their names and then had a go at putting them in the correct places on the body.  Some of our placing was a little off...but we got there in the end!
WOW! Look at some of our amazing explanations for the organs and the jobs they do! This research is going to help us write our non-chronological report about the different organs!
After we learnt about all of the organs in our body, we learnt about the circulatory system.  To help us with this, we dissected a heart! Not only was it fun, but we were also fascinated with seeing the different parts of the heart we had learnt about in real life!
We have started to learn all about the digestive system! To do this, we created a model of digestion of bread.  

Christmas Spark(le)

We are already on our fourth learning experience! For this learning experience, we are going to be learning all about electric circuits; what the symbols mean, how to draw circuits, how to make changes to circuits and how this affects other components of the circuit. We are then going to build our own working circuit.  As it is almost Christmas, to apply our learning, we have been set the task to design a working light up Christmas tree decoration which we will then pitch to be judged.


Click the link below to view the progress grid for this learning experience.

Symbol Matching!

We investigated how to make bulbs light up and thought about why they lit up, and why they did not light up when a piece of paper was a part of the circuit.  We then drew scientific circuit diagrams and explained what happened.


We investigated three different variations to circuits to see what would happen to the bulb each time. 

After making predictions, we set up three circuits; two bulbs with one battery, two batteries and two bulbs and one battery, one bulb and a switch.  We noted down what happened to the bulb in each scenario and then wrote up our findings.  Most of us found that the bulbs were very dim when there were two of them with only one battery which we concluded was because the voltage was not powerful enough for the amount of electrons in the current needed to make the bulbs bright!

Here are some examples of our experiment write ups

To end our learning experience, we are going to be making light up Christmas tree decorations.  Here are some of our designs!

We had lots of fun making our final decoration!

Here are our final light up Christmas tree decorations!

In English, we have been writing a Christmas poem about Excitable Edgar (the misunderstood dragon from the John Lewis advert).  We have been focussing on writing in free verse and using descriptive techniques, including similes, metaphors and personification.  Here are some examples of our finished work!

Extreme Earth!

For our third learning experience, we will be learning about different natural disasters.  We will be investigating the earths structure and how this links to the formation of earthquakes and volcanoes, exploring how earthquakes and volcanoes form and discovering their impacts on different communities by looking at real examples of natural disasters.  To finish our learning experience, we will be creating a video presentation on a chosen natural disaster.


Click the link below to view the progress grids for this learning experience.

We've been looking the causes and structures of earthquakes and volcanoes.  Here are some pieces of work we did to show what we learnt.
To understand the impact and responses to natural disasters, we have been looking at case studies.  Here is what we found out when we looked at a case study of Mount St Helens and Mount Etna.

Alongside our learning experience, we have also been writing a newspaper report about a volcano vanishing! Here are some examples of our work!

To finish our learning experience, we created a presentation using an app called Puppet.  We had a choice to create our presentation about one of four natural disasters; Lombok earthquake (2018), Mount Vesuvius eruption (79AD), Amatrice earthquake (2016) or Mount Eyjafjallajokull eruption (2010). Our presentations show what we have learnt over the 4 weeks, including information about plate boundaries, causes of natural disasters, a case study on our chosen disaster and we acted out a news report!  We hope you enjoy them!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video

Outstanding Orienteering!

And so, another learning experience begins! This time we are going to become experts in orienteering!

Our cold task was to create an orienteering course around Greenfields!

We have been learning about symbols on maps. Here are our first attempts!

We had a fantastic day at Bedgebury Pinetum! We loved becoming explorers and doing some orienteering (even when we got lost it was fun!), we got chased by some ducks, had a great time in the play area and built some amazing dens! 

Magnificent Mayan Masks

As a new year starts, so does a new learning experience...welcome to the land of the Mayans!

For our cold task, we had to create traditional Mayan masks.  Here are our fabulous creations!

We had a great time learning all about lives of the Maya when a workshop company came in.  Take a look at all the fun we had...

We learnt all about Maya food, and what better way to learn about it than to eat it?!

In preparation for our hot task, we had a go at using modroc, modelling different facial features.

And so, the Hot Task begins...

Hot Task: create a traditional Mayan mask

We have done some fantastic writing about the Maya! Here are just a few examples.