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Maisie-Jane says she is missing all of her teachers and friends, we miss you too!

Maisie-Jane's caption writing.
Maisie-Jane's rainbow.
Maisie-Jane and Gary-John.
Daily exercise.
Some sorting and counting.

Some photos of home learning, completed challenges and just good fun from Luke and his family.

Cherries Home Learning.

Alex placing toppings on his pancake.
Beautiful rainbows.
Alex and his sister being creative.
This brought a smile to my face!
Wow Alex! taller than you!
Jack and George baking.
Of course you have to lick the bowl!
George being as helpful as always.
Enjoying the sunshine.
George doing a bit of DT.
Love the matching onesies.
Challenge: write using your feet.
Staying safe and happy :)
George's daily exercise.
Well done Oscar, so proud of you.
Oscar has written captions, great work!
Family bike ride in the sun.
You're very strong Oscar!
Beautiful rainbow Oscar.
Wow, amazing number work Oscar.
Addition and subtraction, clever boy!
Oscar making good use of Busythings.
Oscar's time capsule.
Brilliant work boys!
Oscar's gratitude diary.
Oscar is grateful for his family :)
Great work Oscar.
I love this photo!
Tea bag challenge.
Aww thank you Oscar x

The Smed and the smoos by Julia Donaldson.

Imani's Smed.
Alfie made a whole family of Smeds and Smoos.
Imani's 'scissor holder'.
Junk model space rocket.
Thomas using the glue gun carefully.
Being creative again Imani.
We learned to programme the Beebot.
In maths we learned about sharing.
Enjoying our weekly P.E. session.

This weeks story... Zog and the flying doctors. We discussed how we are kind to others.

World book day.
A visit from our resident author.
George working on 2D shapes.
Fantastic pyramid Luke.
We are learning 1 more and 1 less.
Carousel activities 1 more and 1 less.
Great math work Cherries!
Developing our balance skills.

This term we are sharing stories written by Julia Donaldson. This first week we are reading The Gruffalo and the Gruffalo's child.

Watch out its the Gruffalo!
Imani drew some owl ice-cream.
Imani's Gruffalo painting
The Gruffalo's cave
Gruffalo foot prints
Thomas made some owl toast
We learned about 3D shapes.
Oscar found a cylinder.
Maisie-Jane found a cube
The children found cuboids.
This week in P.E we worked on balance skills

For the last two weeks of term we have been very busy learning about sea and arctic animals as well as the savannah and the animals that live there.

Our trip to Minnis bay for crabbing
In maths we learned about capacity.
We explored dead fish and tasted sea food.
We created Savannah pictures.
We also learned about 3D shapes.

This week we have been learning about Jungles and the animals that live there.

Welcome back to term 3, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the new year. This term we will be learning about Dinosaurs and animals in our animal planet topic. The first two weeks will focus on dinosaurs. Here are some of our learning experiences from the last two weeks.

Our Dino dig.
Alex uncovered some dinosaur bones!
Reggie found a Apatosaurus neck bone.
Archie carefully excavating a dinosaur bone.
Tommy the paleontologist.
We have been learning addition.
Reggie writing some number sentences.
Excavating dinosaur bones to piece together.
We identified different dinosaurs.
Wingham wildlife park!

Our last week of Christmas... still working hard... hope you all have a good rest... a wonderful Christmas and happy new year! See you for the start of term 3 on the 6th of January!

Thomas made a Christmas bauble.
Lovely paper plate robin Luke.
Ordering numbers up to 20 in the maths carousel.
The children working hard forming their numbers.
Another one of our math carousel activities.
The children drew pictures using 2D shapes.
Monica and Raeed making ginger bread.
Decorating biscuits to sell.
The children enjoy baking.
Alfie shows his skills in th kitchen.
Joe mixing the ginger bread ingredients.

This week we started to celebrate Christmas...

Julie-Rose made Christmas cookies.
The children made ginger bread.
Aflie mixed all the ingredients together.
Imani and Sasha adding the butter.
The children rolled out their dough.
Cruz cut out Christmas shapes.
The children acted out the Christmas story.
George made a fantastic Gabriel.
Zofia and Imani wrapping parcels.
Fantastic snowman Oscar.
Cruz using 2D shapes for his snowman.
Luke's paper chain.
Brilliant paper chain Imani.

We learned about the Jewish fesitval of light 'Hanukkah'.

Maisie-Jane adding the eggs for our Latkes.
Freddie-Joe mixing the ingredients.
Grating the onions made our eyes water.
The children made dreidels.
Making paper dreidels was tricky.
Dreidel making.
Raeed demonstrated good cutting skills.
Maisie-Jane adapted her dreidel design.
Cruz made a skull cap using tin foil.
The children enjoyed learning about money.
Oscar wrote out his own price tags.
Imani counted out the correct amount of pennies.
Monica and James working together counting money.
Buying Hanukkah artefacts. Learning about money.

This week we have been learning about Diwali. Take a look at some of our learning experiences.

Beautiful Rangoli picture Julie-Rose.
Lily-Rose created her own Rangoli picture.
Imani taking great care colouring in her Rangoli.
Cruz enjoyed making a Diya candle holder.
Lovely Diya George.
Good job Oscar.
Alfie worked hard on his Diya.
Diwali dancing during PE.
The children sampled some Indian food.
Reggie pointed out Jack Frost had visited.
Archie enjoyed exploring the ice.
Oscar playing 'ice' hockey.
James made some 'hot chocolate'.
Monica kneading her dough.
Thomas adding the tomato base for his pizza.

This week we have been learning about Remembrance day as part of our celebrations topic.

Luke painted a poppy picture.
Beautiful poppy Julie-Rose.
Imani made a poppy independently.
Maisie-Jane chose to make her own poppy.
Julie-Rose drew a picture of the war.
Lily-Rose cutting out soldiers for her picture.
George brilliant war picture.
Monica worked hard on her war picture.
Good work Luke.
Joe correctly order numbers 1-5.
Good work on your numbers Starla.
Starla correctly ordered numbers 1-5.
Raeed practising our new grapheme.
Reggie loves writing his graphemes.

This week we have been learning about Guy Fawkes night as part of our celebration topic. Take a look at some of our learning experiences.

Raeed used a fork and paint to create fireworks.
Fantastic fireworks picture Tommy!
Starla enjoying our craft carousel.
Fantastic fireworks Luke!
Freddie-Jo used chalk for his fireworks.
Lovely fireworks picture James.
Alfie created a firework rocket.
Cruz and Oscar enjoyed the sparklers today.
Lily-Rose and Alfie enjoying the sparklers.
Archie with his sparkler today.
Our first official P.E lesson, obstacle course.

Welcome back to Term 2. We hope you all had a frightfully good half term. The children have been enjoying learning about Halloween this week as part of our Celebrations topic this term. Have a look at some of our Halloween activities...if you dare...

The children looked amazing in their costumes.
Reggie and his friends enjoyed making bats.
I love your hanging bat Monica!
"This is a scary bat" - Luke
Maisie-Jane and Zofia making ghosts.
Thomas and Archie carving pumpkins.
James and friends carving pumpkins on the IWB.
Oscar creating a face on his pumpkin.

Cherry Tree's learning during the last two weeks of term 1

Lily-Rose expertly useing the peeler.
Thomas and Alfie chopping and peeling vegetables.
Practising counting and number recognition.
Friends together turn taking.
Oscar practising his letter formation.
Cruz practising the grapheme u
Oscar's slimy sand cakes.
Julie-Rose busying herself in the garden.
We discussed healthy balanced diets.
Zofia used natural resources for shape making.
"We're making a bonfire!"
Archie created a fishing rod.

Come rain or shine we love learning in our outdoor area.

Raising money for our chosen charity Macmillan cancer research.

The children decorated cakes to sell tomorrow.
Alfie was very particular about his presentation.
Your cake looks very appetising Freddie-Jo.
Maisie-Jane helped to bake some fairy cakes.
Team effort from brothers Jack and George.

We learned about 2D shapes and their properties.

The children drew pictures using the 2D shapes.
Tommy drew a house with his 2D shapes.
Raeed drew a house using 2D shapes.
Lily-Rose even added a loft to her house.

The children are working hard in our phonics lessons.

Julie-Rose practising her graphemes.
Luke practising his letter formation.
Raeed perfecting his graphemes.
Good job Tommy!
Well done Lily-Rose.
Raeed worked hard with his letter formation.

We are learning to become independent.

Lily-Rose, Monica, Freddie-Jo and James.
Zofia taking care to pour her own milk.
Freddie-Jo is quite handy in the kitchen.
Snack time with the neighbours.
Cruz and George busy sorting snack.

Welcome to Cherry Tree Class of 2019! The children are off to a fantastic start to the year, here are a few photos to show you what we have been learning...

Alex has drawn a self-portrait.
Archie enjoying junk modelling.
Cruz's expressive art and design.
George demonstrating confidence balancing.
Imani creating a self-portrait
James is making a maraca.
Julie-Rose being imaginative in the malleable area
Monica exploring mixing colours.
Oscar Z's  phonics work.
Starla creating a vehicle using duplo.
Tommy and Archie enjoying eachothers company.