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And Sow It Begins...

With Spring blooming round the corner, what a great time it is to take a look at some wonderful plants! Our Lovely Limes will be getting to the root of the plant life-cycle and will be creating an explanation text which will leaf you astonished! We will be exploring plant features, how they are similar and different, observe and record plant growth, investigate what conditions are needed for various plants to survive, identify the stages of plant growth and use all of this knowledge to put into our explanation texts! Stay tuned to see our little seeds blossom into extraordinary plant experts!

After 12 days of Lime Tree's love and nurturement, our little seeds are growing! Our experiements are displaying some very interesting results too!

We've been busy-bees today; we planted 9 flower experiements to test the conditions plants need to grow. We've got pots in the sunlight, in the dark AND even in the FREEZER! We wonder what will happen... In additon to this, we had a go at planting our own.

Our Lovely Limes had their observation goggles and thinking-caps on; we explored outside to observe plant features. Come and take a look at what we saw!

Globe Trotters!


Lime Trees are preparing to take a trip around the world! We will be identifying various locations on a United Kingdom and World map, identifying countries, 7 continents and 5 oceans and learning about the differences between a city, country and continent. In addition to this, our Globe Trotters will be learning about the local area, learning facts about the United Kingdom and describing and comparing the characteristics of various places. Get ready to explore with Lime Trees!


Don't worry; we didn't forget to identify the 5 oceans!

We explored the World Map! We used music to help us to identify the 7 continents. They are all so different!

We took a close look at London and used lots of adjectives to describe the city. These fabulous posters will definitely tempt you into going!

We even compared the cities! Did you know the national animal of Scotland is a unicorn?

We identified what countries are in the United Kingdom. We worked so hard, we can even tell you capital cities of those countries!

We explored Google Earth to identify how the school is in a town, which is in a county and so forth... Take a look at what we have identified; we were shocked at how big the world truely is!

Marvellous Materials!

Get your lab coats on! For this Learning Experience, Lime Trees will become scientists studying and investigating a variety of marvellous materials! We will be looking at the properties of materials, classify them into groups, compare their similarities and differences and investigate why certain materials are better suited for particular uses. We will then apply this knowledge to test and record which materials will best prevent an egg from cracking when dropped from a height.

(WARNING: things may get very egg-stremely messy!)



During Literacy, we have worked super hard to write diaries from one of the Three Little Pigs. We are very proud of their work! Here is an example of a diary and how they have considered particular materials within their writing.

We have begun to write about our experiment; fantastic writing so far from all the scientists! Here is a sneak preview...

Test 1: egg-streme protection! We took part in a class experiment to investigate which material will best protect the egg. Turns out felt is an egg-cellent material to protect an egg. Not long now until we design and create our "shells" for our eggs!

Our scientists have been extremely busy experiementing with materials and equipment to learn about different material properties... Unfortunetly we were so busy having fun, we didn't take photos of us experimenting with the torches, magnets or water but here are our results!

Lime Trees have been learning the difference between objects and materials! We have been very observant scientists!

Crafty Cards!

During our Learning Experience, we will be designing, making and evaluating Festive cards. We will be using collage to bring our stunning designs to life! Firstly, we have to think carefully about what designs we could draw. Next, we have to think about what materials we will use and how we can use them. Finally, we will need to think about how we could improve our Crafty Cards to make them even better! (Which will be hard to do with so many creative minds in Lime Trees!) Keep watching to see our Creative Crafty Cards!

Here are our beautiful group christmas cards we made for people around the school! Lime Trees worked together to create these cards and demonstrated some absolutely fantastic teamwork!

Take a look at our FANTASTIC crafty cards!

Here is just a few of our fantastic designs! Also, we thought about materials we could use on our crafty collage cards, take a look...

Lime Trees have been practicing their cutting skills in preparation to make their collage cards; here's just a few examples!

Playful Poetry!

Over the next few weeks, the children will learn about the 4 seasons and events that take place during them.  We will then focus in on Autumn and explore all the physical changes that happen in nature and the exciting events that take place such as Halloween and Bonfire Night.  During our English lessons, the children will have opportunities to explore exciting vocabulary used to described all the fascinating things that make Autumn special.  In preparation for writing our own poems, we will analyse existing poems and  play around with poetic devices such as alliteration and onomatopoeia to make fun combinations of exciting words.  Once the children have created their own poem, they will have opportunity to add actions and perform it to an audience!



Check out the link below to see what we will be covering!

Here is a mix of some of our masterpieces! We thought carefully about all the amazing autumn features and created some great artwork! (We will let you into our little secret; we didn't use any paintbrushes!)

Our autumnal walk through Mote Park was a huge success! We saw some colourful trees, huge mushrooms and slimy bugs! We also collected autumnal objects to create a collage! We can think about all these features when creating our perfect playful poetry.

To kick start our Playful Poetry, we enjoyed some very tasty biscuits and marshmallows around a toasty bonfire! After, we watched some beautiful fireworks with our friends!

We looked at maps and their features; we then created some beautiful maps for our bee-bots to travel on!

Here we are, hard at work using algorithms to programme our buzzing bee-bot!

Lime Trees went on a journey around the school. Here are our class directions on how to get from our class to the school hall. No need for a map!

Cold Task: to program a bee-bot to reach a given destination. Who knows where the buzzing bee-bot will end up...

Hot Task; our wonderfully colourful cakes. Super tasty too!

Practising our decorating skills...We were very tempted to eat the chocolate chips!

Attempt 2: more successful this time! We will soon be mini bakers!

Cold Task: We had a go at making some colourful cakes... It may have gotten a little bit messy!