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Glorious Growing!

During this learning experience, the children will explore the school ground for different types of plants.  They will examine them closely and discuss the similarities and differences between them before considering their needs to survive.  They will have opportunity to carry out tests and record observations so that they can identify the best conditions for plants to grow healthily.  Once they know what plants needs to survive, they will observe the growth of different plants and use life cycle diagrams to show how a seed or bulbs grows into a plant.  As we explore lifecycles, we will compare the how different plants reproduce and look at each stage in more detail to enable us to create an explanation text about how plants grow.

Outstanding Owls!

Throughout this experience, Oak trees will have opportunity to develop sculpting skills by moulding and joining clay to create a unique pot in the style of an owl.  They will also explore how to mix primary colours to create secondary colours and have chance to experiment with adding lighter and darker areas using tints and tones.   Alongside this, the children will share the story 'Owl Moon' by Jane Yolen and developing their descriptive language by creating similes to use in a short setting description based on the book.


We practiced our painting skills on our pots. We used white to create tints and black to create shadows.

We created parts of our owls from clay and learned how to join them to our pots.

We explored different ways of creating texture in plasticine to make it look like diffrent animal furs and skins.

We have learnt how to create a clay pot by making coils and using scoring to attachthe m to a base. We then smoothed the coils to create a smoother surface on our pots.

                           Fantastic Filters

During this learning experience, Oak trees will discuss how we can access water in the UK and how that might be different in other countries.  With the challenge of creating a filter to remove particles from water, the children will explore the properties of materials and use these properties to explain why certain materials are used for specific jobs.  We will them begin to look at how to carry out an experiment whilst making sure we are performing a 'fair test'.  We will use our observations from these experiments to answer questions and to help us identify the best materials to filter water. Alongside this, in our English lessons the children will be retelling the story of the Tin Forest and writing a diary entry for Niri, an 8 year old child from Madagascar who walks miles every day to collect water for her family from a hole in the ground.




We tested materials to identify which were water proof and which were semi-permeable.

Today we learned about Niri, an 8 year old from Madagascar who walks miles every day to collect water for her family.  The water is from a dirty hole in the ground and there are insects in it.  We carried buckets of dirty water around the field to understand what Niri goes through each day. The buckets were so heavy and we kept spilling it.  We were lucky that we had a team to carry the buckets but Niri has to do the journey alone!

Creative Cards!

During this experience, the children will be able to celebrate the festive period by exploring existing seasonal cards and identifying popular themes.  To add a fun twist to their own cards, they will explore a range of mechanisms before having a go at building a lever and linkage mechanism of their own.  When the children have mastered building mechanisms, they will have the opportunity to design their own cards and consider how they can incorporate their mechanism before creating their first draft.  To ensure their product is the best it can be, they will evaluate their own work and the work of their peers and use this feedback to adapt their designs and create their final moving card!


Check out our amazing cards! We have dancing snowmen, angels with moving wings and even reindeers with wiggling antlers!

We've been busy learning how to build different types of lever and linkage mechanism. This is what will make our cards move.

Playful Poetry!


Over the next few weeks, the children will learn about the 4 seasons and events that take place during them.  We will then focus in on Autumn and explore all the physical changes that happen in nature and the exciting events that take place such as Halloween and Bonfire Night.  During our English lessons, the children will have opportunities to explore exciting vocabulary used to described all the fascinating things that make Autumn special.  In preparation for writing our own poems, we will analyse existing poems and  play around with poetic devices such as alliteration and onomatopoeia to make fun combinations of exciting words.  Once the children have created their own poem, they will have opportunity to add actions and perform it to an audience!



Check out the link below to see what we will be covering!




We created firework pictures with onomatopoeia. We also created some acrostic poems.

We had a great time exploring Autumn in Mote Park!

Oak Trees had a great time watching an indoor fireworks display.  Then we went out to the bonfire where Miss Marshal helped us roast marshmallows! 

Oak Trees are enjoying the new classroom layout. The beanbags are big hit!

We've been learning about chronological order by ordering events in Queen Elizabeth II's life. Then we tried to put different types of transport in chronological order.

Some of our 'To the Moon and Back...' Cold Tasks