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Learning Experience 7- A Night at the Anglo-Saxon Museum

We will hook the children into the experience with an exciting, interactive Anglo-Saxon workshop, looking at real life artefacts and reenacting some of the key events from the Anglo-Saxon era.  We will then look at the Saxon invasion of Britain and how they were key in opposing the Scots and Picts. Next we will look into Saxon warfare and how this evolved over their reign. This will be followed by learning about Anglo-Saxon lifestyle, including how they influenced many place names which we know and use today. We will move onto laws, jobs and pastimes of Saxon families and the food they would have eaten. We will discover what Anglo-Saxon clothing looked like, how their beliefs changed and and what their houses would have looked like. We will finish our experience by holding our own Night at the Saxon Museum for parents to share in and enjoy our learning. 

We had the most amazing time at our Anglo-Saxon workshop...

Learning Experience 6- Digestion Drama!

We will begin by looking at food chains and the associated terminology, applying this to a food chain of our own creation. We will then look at the different types of teeth, their roles and how animals with different diets will need different teeth. Next we will look at each part of the digestive system, the associated organs and what they do to food as it travels through the body. We will end our experience by creating our own films, documenting the story of food as it travels through the digestive system. 

Look at our informative work...

We completed a discreet week of learning on habitats. We went on a walk to see habitats around the school and recorded our findings in a classification key...

Learning Experience 5- Moving Monsters

The children will be hooked into the learning through watching the film “Monsters Inc.” to get them onto the mind-set of monstery mayhem. We will then explore different existing products, household items and toys, investigating how they work and what their purpose is. Next, we will take a closer look at pneumatic systems, exploring how they use air under pressure to operate. Using this knowledge, we will then plan and design our own monsters, using our own and peer evaluations to edit and improve them. From this, we will experiment with different materials and cutting and joining methods in order to assemble and build our monsters. After one last evaluation, we will create our final moving monsters using a pneumatic system. In English we will be looking at narrative poems, telling a story about a monster using rhyme, rhythm and onomatopoeia.

Don't our monsters look amazing?

We created a simple pneumatic system using a syringe and a balloon.

We began by investigating how existing products worked...

Learning Experience 4- The Christmas Story

We will hook ourselves into the learning by creating our very own salt dough decorations, getting into the spirit of Christmas. We will then first explore what Christianity is as a whole, looking into greater detail as to who Jesus was as the importance of him to Christians. We will then look at Christian symbols and what they represent in Christianity. After, we will identify the main beliefs held by those in the Christian faith, including the holy trinity and the ten commandments. As we draw closer to Christmas we will explore different Christian festivals including advent and the Christmas Story. We will complete out learning experience by creating our own advent wreaths which we will explain.

Our final learning outcome- Advent wreaths

More beautiful singing!

Still image for this video
We learnt ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ in guided reading this week.

For our final outcome we made advent wreaths...

Look at our amazing work!!

In PE we learnt a space themed dance.

Still image for this video

We sang Snowflake by Sia as part of our Winter themed guided reading.

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Isn’t it beautiful? These children bravely chose to sing in front of the class!!

Marvellous Maths!

Learning Experience 3- Let's Investigate the Matter!

In this learning experience, we will be learning all about the different states of matter. We will begin by grouping various day to day items into their state at room temperature. The children will then explore the three states of matter in more detail, through a number of exciting experiments including; reacting mentos with coke and making ice cream. Next, we will look more closely at water, and how it moves from solid, to liquid, to gas under different conditions, linking this learning to the water cycle. For our final learning experience outcome will involve the children making their own ice lollies from frozen squash and water. Look at our curriculum document below for more information. 

We invited our adults in to make ice cream!

We made juicy, ice lollies and then wrote instructions for others to follow. We included our knowledge of melting and freezing.

We learnt how to measure temperature and looked at what temperature ice melts and freezes at and what temperature water evaporates and condenses at.

We compared what happens when you add mentos to cola and