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A Night at the Saxon Museum


This term, we will be learning all about the Anglo-Saxons! We will begin with an exciting Anglo-Saxon workshop looking at what life was like as an Anglo-Saxon. During this Learning Experience, we will be looking at invasions, clothing, lifestyle, artifacts, houses and much much more. In English we will be retelling the gripping Anglo-Saxon myth "Beowulf". We will end the Learning Experience with an interactive museum exhibition including lots of the information and skills that the children have learnt.


To find out more about the curriculum objectives we will be covering, click on the link below!

Well done to the first FIVE children who have been awarded responsibility badges! Many more to come!

We explored the Anglo-Saxon hierarchy.

Did you know that they owned slaves who were treated like animals?

We looked at what an average Anglo-Saxon village would have looked like.

Did you know that some of the Anglo-Saxon place names still exist today? They all have their own meaning!

Then, we looked deeper into Anglo-Saxon warfare.

We looked at how the Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain.

We began with an introduction into the Anglo-Saxons.

We kicked off our Learning Experience with a brilliant Anglo-Saxon workshop!

Heading into Battle!

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During this Learning Experience, we will be learning all about states of matter. We will be focusing on the changes within these states throughout the water cycle. To help us understand the different stages of the water cycle, we will be carrying out different experiments ensuring they are fair tests. We will collect all of our learning together in a detailed explanation text about the water cycle.

In order to find out more about the curriculum objects we will be covering, click on the link below.

We carried out a freezing experiment. We found that not all liquids take the same amount of time to freeze!

We recreated the condensation and precipitation process.

We carried out an experiment to investigate which temperature increases the speed of the evaporation process.

We found that the water evaporated quickest when it was heated.

We have been using actions to help us remember the stages of the water cycle!


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Moving Monsters!

During this Learning Experience, the children will be learning all about creating a product and using pneumatic systems. We will begin by analysing existing products and their purpose. Then, we will begin experimenting with pneumatic systems to find out which one is most effective for us to use. Finally, we will use this knowledge (along with feedback gathered throughout) to create our own monster - made out of recycled materials - that has a working pneumatic system to make it move.


In order to find out more about the curriculum objectives we will be covering, please click on the link below.

Our finished monsters!

If you look in the mouth you will see our very effective pneumatic systems. But don't get too close! Some monsters may bite!

This is just a few examples of Sycamore Tree's brilliant monster stories! Everyone used excellent descriptive techniques including: superlatives, power of three, similes and alliteration. Ask any Sycamore if you would like them to explain what these are (they are experts).

We designed the different parts of our Moving Monsters. They are going to be amazing!

We have been investigating different types of pneumatic systems to decide which one to use for our Moving Monsters.


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We have had great fun exploring different items that use a pneumatic system.


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The Christmas Story

During this Learning Experience, we will be learning about Christianity. We will be learning about Jesus' significance to Christians, the main beliefs of Christians, Christian festivals and symbols, the Christmas Story and the work the local churches do in the local community. We will complete our Learning Experience by creating an advent wreath.


To see the curriculum objectives we will be covering during this Learning Experience, click the link below.

Our amazing final outcomes.

We created our own paper advent wreaths.

Here is just one example of our amazing and emotional apology letters from Edgar to the villagers in the John Lewis advert.

We learnt what each part of the advent wreath represents to prepare us to make our own.

We learnt all about the Christmas Story.

Thank you to the Year 6s who gave us excellent service in their café! We had a lovely time!

Thank you to all of the parents who came and ran with us for our Santa Dash!

Some of our amazing work on Christian festivals.

Some of our work on Christian symbols.

We have learnt about two of the main beliefs of Christianity: the Holy Trinity and the Ten Commandments.

We have learnt who Jesus was and his importance to Christianity.

To begin our learning, we wrote a brief explanation on Christian beliefs.

Thank you to Esther from St Martin's church, who came in to teach us about the work they do in the local community.

Some pictures from our debate 'Is it better to be a child or an adult?' The children worked very hard on being persuasive and after our vote the winner (by just one point) was being a...


To begin our Learning Experience, we decorated some festive ornaments.

Creepster Regular

During this Learning Experience, we will be learning all about the digestive system. We will begin with an exciting, gross,interactive activity where we will be mimicking some of the processes food goes through during digestion.  Then, we will be learning about the different stages of the digestive system starting with our mouths. Finally, we will create an interactive information poster that will teach other people about the gut wrenching digestive system!

Keep a look out for some great photos of the work Sycamore Trees will be doing!


To look at the curriculum objectives they will be covering, click on the link below...

We all enjoyed creating an interactive model of the digestive system (even if it did make some of us feel sick!)

Picasso Painting

During this Learning Experience, we will be learning all about cubism, Picasso, drawing, painting and mixing colours. We will then apply of our new knowledge to create a self-portrait in the style of Picasso.

Here are some pictures of the children practicing for their hot task. They look amazing already!

This is just one of many brilliant examples of Sycamore Tree children drawing facial features!

Every Sycamore was amazing during our mixing colours lesson!

We had lots of fun learning different techniques to use when creating texture within our drawings.

Thank you Mrs Tritton for creating our amazing Sycamore family portrait in the style of Picasso!

In today's lesson, we analysed different cubism paintings.

Just two of our creative cold tasks!

Letter Lands

During this Learning Experience we will be learning all about land use, land development and land patterns.

We will be using all of our new knowledge to create our own developed islands in the shape of our initial.

Look at the collection of just some of the amazing work we have completed during this Learning Experience!

These are just some of our amazing character descriptions of "Lou". We used lots of descriptive techniques including: similes, power of three and alliteration.

Then, we used the information we learnt to write the definition of human and physical geographical features.

We sorted pictures into physical and human features.

Cold Task

Can you create a map - in the shape of your initial - including human and physical features and specifying land use.