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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

For reading this week we have been focussing on Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have read the story and completed lots of different activities around the story. We absolutely loved role-playing the story, pretending to be caterpillars and eating lots of food to make us fat! 

We also had to use pictures to sequence the story. We showed great physical skills, cutting out each picture and did a great job of putting them in the correct order!

As part of our Getting to know you topic, this week we have been thinking about friendships and what makes a good friend. The children drew a picture of their friend and explained why they are friends.

This week we have started Phonics lessons! We will be learning three sounds each week. This week we have focussed on s, a and t. We have been practising our letter formation in lots of different ways. Please remember to ask your child what sounds they have learnt so far, they should be able to say the sound and show you the action :-)

We have been practicing our physical skills in the garden during our learning time. 

We made a photo frame for our family photo, we used glitter and pens to decorate our frames.


We did our first PE lesson with Mr Borg!

We have been busy exploring our new environments during our child initiated learning time.

Look at our fantastic self-portraits! We thought really carefully about our features and what colours we should use. We have a display board full of these paintings in the classroom as they were so amazing.

We have started doing the mile run everyday! At the moment we are running for 15 minutes. Next week we will introduce cubes. For each lap the children complete they collect a cube. 7 laps of the playground equates to 1 mile. Remember to ask you children how many laps they have done each day.

For our first circle time we took it in turns to hold a teddy. When we held the teddy we told our new friends our name and a little bit about what we did during the summer. When our new friends were holding the teddy we all listened carefully to what they were saying.

Term 1 - Getting to know you

As part of our topic this term we will be getting to know all about your wonderful children. We are looking forward to talking to the children about their families, pets, friendships and learning many other facts about them!


Welcome to all our new Apple Tree children. 

We look forward to our year ahead with you, you had a great first couple of days.