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Term 5 - Sports 

This term we are learning all about sports. We will be look at all the different sports there are including gymnastics, running, diving, cycling and the Olympics,

Simone Biles

This week we are learning all about Simone Biles. We did not know anything about her, so we thought the best way to find out information about Simone was to research her. We thought of our own questions to ask and then used an iPad to find out the answer. This is what we found out ...

Using the information we found out on the internet about Simone, we created a fact file about her. 

Layla, Florence, Jessica and Elsie really enjoyed dancing with Oti.

We wrote about Simone Biles in our learning time. 

We practised some of Simone's moves in PE.

Happy half term Apple Trees. Well done for an AMAZING term, you have all been fantastic. Enjoy your week off and we will see you back and ready for term 6. 
Love from 

Miss Elphick and Mrs Webb 

Term 4 - Julia Donaldson

Our topic this term is all about Julia Donaldson. We are going to read a range of her books and base all of our learning about her. Watch out for some AMAZING learning!




The Everywhere Bear

We was able to write a diary entry from the bear’s perspective. 

We were able to draw each stage of the bear’s adventure from the story. 

We really enjoyed our last PE session with Mr Borg for this term.

Well done to this week's Greenfields Greatness winner, Lleyton!

The Detective Dog

We read 'The Detective Dog' in the new library. We were very excited to choose a book to read from the library. 

After reading the story, we decided to be detectives in Apples and Cherries. We had to hunt to find Julia Donaldson quotes from her stories. Once we found the quote, Miss Elphick read it and we had to guess what book it came from. We did a very good job!

We wrote and drew our favourite book character. We worked really hard to remember our phonic sounds, finger spaces and full stops. Can you guess any of our characters?

We used our writing in a different way to write a book review of the story 'Detective Dog'. We gave the story 5 stars, we really enjoyed it. 

We have a a lot of fun in our learning time (even in a card board box!!)

Well done to this weeks Greenfield Greatness winner, Jack. 

Follow the Swallow

After reading the story, we decided to see if we could pass a message on better than the animals in the story. Do you think we did a better job? 

We decided to write the message in a bottle as we thought the message would get to Apollo correctly. 

We were able to use a range of tools such as, cotton wool, forks, lollysticks, cars, string and bubble wands to create an animal from the story 'Follow the Swallow'. Once we had finished our creations, we came together and picked our favourite piece of art work.

In maths this week, we learnt about capacity. We were able to fill the containers up with water and explain whether it was full, half full or empty. 

For reading this week, we focused on the story 'What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday'. We created a wanted poster to catch the baddies Hefty Hen and Lanky Len. We then wrote a postcard from the ladybird to explain what she had been up to on holiday. Lastly, we acted out the story using puppets. 

We have some amazing performers in Apple Trees! 

Well done to this week's Greenfields Greatness winner Daniel!

Well done to this week's Greenfields Greatness winner Florence!

The Smeds and Smoos

This week we focused on the story 'The Smeds and Smoos'. After we read the story, we designed our own alien and wrote captions about it.