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It has been an absolute pleasure to teach you this year in Apple Trees. You are all such superstars and have made us so proud. Enjoy your summer and stay safe. We will see you all in September. 

Love Miss Elphick and Mrs Webb x




Term 6 - Sports 

This term we are learning all about sports. We will be look at all the different sports there are including gymnastics, running, diving, cycling and the Olympics,


While reading 'The Frog Olympics', the children spotted the frog holding a torch with fire. Once explained it's purpose and it is called the 'Olympic Torch'. The children decided to make their own Olympic torch in their learning time. 

We wrote about our favourite Olympic sport and whether it is a part of the summer or winter Olympics. 

Mrs Webb brought in a real 'Olympic Torch' for us to look at and have a picture with!


We are working really hard to add capital letters to our writing. Read our letter to the Queen!

Bradley Wiggins 

This week our focus has been on the cyclist 'Bradley Wiggins'. We watched a video of him cycling and noticed that he had protected clothing on. We was able to identify the protective clothing and give reasons to why he was wearing the clothing. We designed our own protective cycling suits. 

We look at the different parts of a bike such as a saddle, handle bars, wheels, brakes and bell. We designed our own bikes and labelled them. 

This week for reading, we read the story 'Dream Big, Little Mole'. The story is all about Little Mole finding his own talents but also having his own dreams. We drew our dreams in a dream jar and we wrote about our favourite part of the story.

We had a great time on our trip this week to 'The Climbing Experience'. We were very brave!!!

Lleyton and Theo climbing!

Still image for this video

We wrote about our favourite part of the trip. 

Well done to this week's Greenfields Greatness winner, Lleyton!

Tom Daley

We watched a video of Tom Daley performing and then we used exciting words to describe how he was moving before he went into the water. We came up with lots of good words!!!

We thought about what foods Tom Daley might eat to stay healthy and strong to be able to be successful with his diving. 

This week in maths we learnt about time and why we need time. We was able to identify and sequence our day from morning to evening. 

Well done to this week's Greenfields Greatness winner, Neriah.

Mo Farah

We completed a timeline of Mo Farah's success. He was born in Africa, he then moved to England to go to school. He then completed his first race and loved it. Then we won his first gold medal. 

After learning about Mo Farah, we wanted to compete on our own races. 

Here our Apple Trees 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Well done!!

We completed self portraits in Term 1, we decided to put all of our skills together that we have learnt in Apple Trees do redo them. 

Haven't we done a good job? 

Amazing learning Oliver, Daniel and Lenny!!!

Well done to our Greenfields Greatness winner, Jessica.

Simone Biles

This week we are learning all about Simone Biles. We did not know anything about her, so we thought the best way to find out information about Simone was to research her. We thought of our own questions to ask and then used an iPad to find out the answer. This is what we found out ...

Using the information we found out on the internet about Simone, we created a fact file about her. 

Layla, Florence, Jessica and Elsie really enjoyed dancing with Oti.

We wrote about Simone Biles in our learning time.