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Term 4 - Growing 


For the rest of this term, we are going to be focusing on growing. We have already looked at how we grow and what we need to grow. We looked at different animal lifecycles. We will learn about how plants and food grow. Then we will finish the term off with spring and Easter. 


Home Learning- Term 4

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Home Learning- Term 3

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Thank you, Miss Elphickblush

Apple Trees have had an amazing term. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Love From,

Miss Elphick, Mrs Webb and Mrs Turner x

 Apple Trees really enjoyed the bonfire with their milks and cookies.

We really enjoyed watching our Christmas performance!

Click on this link to watch our Virtual Christmas Performance. We hope you enjoy it!

Our construction area is always busy and full of wonderful creations!

Jacob, Elsie and Michael were able to write a list of what they wanted for Christmas for Santa!

Apple Trees have designed their Christmas cards. 

Apple Trees was able to use lots of different types of media to create their own Christmas tree decoration.

Jacob, Lily, Michael and Lleyton demonstrated amazing resilience when making their Christmas paper chain.

Apple Trees really enjoyed visiting Santa and our Christmas fete!

Apple Trees have worked really hard making their own Santa hats for their virtual Christmas performance. 

It's Christmas!!!!!

Daniel and Jacob were able to use the care bears to help them with their adding sums!!

We were able to sequence the pictures from the 'Story of Christmas'.


Apple Trees are really enjoying their reading for pleasure time. 

Apple Trees are really enjoying different ways of writing and reading in their learning time. 

We are getting very confident in PE, climbing all the way to the top of the climbing frame!!

Apple Trees have finished their first ever chapter book 'The Twits'. Apple Trees really enjoyed the story, once we have finished we draw a picture of our favourite part of the story. 

Apple Trees are loving our new phonics and maths 'Working Wall' in their learning time!

Then we got to eat the Latkes!

We put all the ingredients together, added flour and then all had a turn mixing. We then greased the trays to stop the mixture sticking and then spooned the mixture into the trays ready for the oven!

Then we had to cracks the eggs and whisk!

This week Apple Trees have been focusing on the celebration of Hanukkah. We made Latkes, first we had to peel the potatoes.


Apple Trees have loved exploring with the tools and nails in learning time. 

Our dance/music workshop with Miss Gibson and Mr Minton read us the story of 'Rama and Sita'. 

Apple Trees dressed up in Sarees' and had a dance/music workshop with Miss Gibson.


Apple Trees were able to recognise the number and select the right quantity in our maths lesson!

Apple Trees are really enjoying a chapter book we are reading at the end of every day 'The Twits' By Roald Dahl. 

This week Apple Trees are focusing on Remembrance Day. The children were introduced to why we celebrate Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. The children learnt what each colour of the poppy represents and they were able to use a range of resources to decorate their poppy.

Remembrance Day

During our music lesson we recreated the sounds of fireworks using lots of different musical instruments. We watched fireworks on the screen and thought about what sounds they make, we then got into our family worker groups and make our own firework sounds with the instruments. Once we had practised we performed to the class. Miss Gibson and Miss Marshall came to watch :-)
We went on a number walk around our community. We found numbers on buses, cars, doors, bins, speed signs and lots more!
This week Apple Tree's learning was all about Bonfire Night/Fireworks. We used different media to make our own firework pictures. We made sure that we used different colours and went in different directions with our media to create our fireworks. 

Term 2 - Celebrations 

Term 2 Apple Trees are focusing on different celebrations, we are going to be look at Bonfire Night/Fireworks, Remembrance Day, Diwali, Hanukah and Christmas!


Halloween Week!

The children have had a fun week this week as part of our Halloween Week!


We started the week by practicing our cutting and sticking skills by creating a witch using shapes. Haven't we done an amazing job?


On the last day of term we had a Halloween Dress up day! The children looked absolutely brilliant. A massive thank you to the parents for your support and fantastic face painting skills so early in the morning :-)