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Air Travel and Bikes


The children have had a lovely last 2 weeks.  We have learnt all about aeroplanes, hot air balloons, space rockets and all things that help us travel through the sky, with some children trying to convince us they have traveled on a kite!

We then moved on to bikes, the children told us all about bikes they have at home, if they have balance bikes (some having unbalance bikes!), whether they need stabilisers, whether they wear a helmet (lots of them do, so well done!) 

We enjoyed a very sporty sports day, the children showing off all the skills they learnt over the year in PE


We really enjoyed Summer Fun Day, we jumped, bounced, flipped on the inflatables and had a yummy ice lolly and a lovely cool drink too.

To celebrate the end of term we enjoyed a picnic on the field, with bubbles and stories and lots of yummy food!


Thank you Peach Tree class for being such superstars, I hope you have a really lovely summer blush

Buses and Boats


A busy 2 weeks in Peach Tree class, we have looked at all kinds of Buses and Boats.  First we looked a bus travel.  The children loved learning about buses, spoke about their own experiences of going on buses and they loved seeing Mrs.Wades pictures and videos of her journey too and from school on the bus. We enjoyed hearing all about where the children went on their bus rides.

We completed a number activity where the children had to roll the dice, count the spots and add the correct number of passengers to their bus, they all did incredibly well and we were very proud of everyone.

We also had a look at colours and how they change to other colours if mixed together. The children were facsinated by how 2 colours make another and we have some beautifully painted buses on our display.

Next up we looked at boats.

Some of the children shared their experiences of going on boats and where they went. We watched a short film about the life boats and how it rescues people from the sea, the children loved this and they thought the brave men and women did a very important job.

We investigated floating and sinking.  The children really enjoyed this activity and enjoyed filling up vessels that floated until they sunk. We had some good use of language like 'too heavy' 'light' 'on top' 'sunk under' etc.  The children picked up quickly that if something was too heavy it would probably sink.

We worked on our cutting skills too. The children had to cut out some simple shapes and see if they could make a boat. They did so well at this and tried so hard. Very proud of you all.

During PE, we worked on our ball control and listening to instructions too, all of us thoroughly enjoyed having an outdoor PE lesson and the children did so well

We had some fantastic learning during child initiated time too. We had boats and buses made from construction resources, sensory play dough, a ticket office, the children built their own obstacle course, we went on a couple of sound walks around the field too!

What a class of Superstars! 



Train Week.....Choo choo!


Another fantastic week in Peach Tree class.  We have been talking all things trains.  We looked at how trains moved and why they couldn't go on the roads.  The children impressed us with their knowledge of shapes and colours, they enjoyed spotting the different shapes that made up the train pictures. 

The children shared their experiences of going on trains and were they traveled to.  

We enjoyed a nature walk in the lovely sunshine too, we walked through Mr. Minton's garden area and went right up to the top of the field!  What an adventure and we found lots of different things including sticks, feathers and saw some really big tress! 

We also had fun in the garden, reading, feeding the dinosaurs and using the play-dough to create figures.  

We managed to squeeze in some yoga and keep fit too!

What a fun week!



Welcome back for Term 6!  We hope you all enjoyed you half term smiley


The children were very excited to see that over half term the butterflies had arrived!  We enjoyed taking them over to Mr Minton's garden area to release them on to the flowers over there


This term we are looking at Transport


The children have had a busy week in Peach Trees.  We have been thinking about all different modes of Transport, but this week we have been focusing on Cars and Trucks.  The children have enjoyed looking at all different types of cars, comparing size, colour and speed.  We looked at how Trucks help us, but transporting all different loads, from food to animals and rubbish to building materials.  We did some number and shape matching to see if we could park the cars in the correct spaces, we were very impressed with the children's ability to match some of these so fast!  

We also built a truck using basic shapes, although they had an example, they children did their own designs and adapted their trucks to exactly how they wanted them to look.

Alongside this we also learnt about Road Safety!  The children learnt they had to Stop....Look.....Listen by a roadside and we then went onto the schools driveway (this was a big adventure!) and put what we had learnt into practice.  We are so proud of how well the children did, they were absolute superstars and behaved very responsibly!  They all crossed the road safely and earned their certificates.

As well as all this learning, we also manged to fit in a trip to the wooded play area, PE and a trip the large play park!  We also had a car wash, a cafe, a shop and we did some amazing construction and art work!!  We enjoyed some singing in the sunshine too.

Well done Peach Trees on another fun filled, busy week!

For our last week of the Growing topic, we revisited all the things we learnt about this term.  We enjoyed another trip to the pond, unfortunately no frogs this time, however the children enjoyed dipping their nets in and seeing they could catch anything, we had lots of little shrimps and a few water fleas too and a lot of weeds!! 

We all really enjoyed meeting the very cute and very fluffy ducklings.  I was very impressed by the children and how sensibly they walked down to Pear Tree class and how careful and calm they were around the ducklings, they didn't want to scare them.

We kept an eye on the plants we grew too and I hope they have grown some more now they've been taken home.

The children loved making their binoculars and I hope they have been using them to look for all things that grow.

The children had great fun in PE, Mr Borg got the parachute out!  The children demonstrated brilliant listening and we had such a fun time hiding under it, running through it, seeing if we could get the balls through the hole and spotting all the different colours!


What a fun and busy term!  



This week we have been looking at Animal growth.  We have learnt that some animals are born looking like their Mummy and Daddy and some animals look very different, like the ducklings, caterpillars and frogs.  We have size ordered animal families, the children were all very good at this and used lots of size language such as biggest, smaller, middle sized and we even had an enormous!!  Such a clever little bunch!

We decorated some animal biscuits too, the children picked either a sheep or a pig to do, they listened so well and were very controlled and we only had a few nibbled biscuits and missing marshmallows.  I think you will agree that the biscuits turned out pretty fabulous and I hear they were delicious!

We have had lots of fun in the outside area, the children got very creative with the large blocks, we had the builders in to help and a very keen foreman, who helped supervise the building of the slide and the house!

We had a very busy shop, selling all kinds of goods, at a very reasonable price.

The children who stay for dinner had a special Pirate themed lunch and made some very cool hats to celebrate

The caterpillars are now very large and hairy and have made lots of mess in their little home, I don't think it will be long before they turn into cocoons!

Miss Parkhouse tested the children's drawing skills too and got them to draw there faces, they were very good at this and really enjoyed the activity and since used it in their mark making during child initiated. We have had lots of pictures of Mummies and Daddies and siblings

What a wonderful week!


We have had some very exciting Duck news this week.  The eggs all arrived and the children have enjoyed regular updates and hatching news from Pear Trees.  We have 4 very fluffy and very cute ducklings and hopefully Peach Trees will get to meet them this coming week smileyheart 


This coming week we are very excited to be having some hatching ducklings to support our learning about animal families and growth!  They will be in Pear Trees classroom, but we will be able to visit them and Mrs Jessop will be able to send us photos and keep us posted on any hatching!  How exciting!!


Back to this week, we have been learning all about the Life Cycle of the Caterpillar.  I have been so impressed with the children's knowledge already and they have loved adding to this.  We have been lucky to have some real life caterpillars to look after and hopefully these will turn into butterflies ready to release before half term.  We read the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and then enjoyed a themed snack, which was very delicious! The children especially enjoyed the cake! No one wanted to try a 'nice green leaf' though!

The children enjoyed making caterpillar pictures using various materials and techniques, they had very impressive results. 

We also experimented with symmetry printing to create some amazing butterfly pictures, the children really loved opening them up to see what they had created.  

There has also been lots of building, dancing, PE, running in the garden, playing superheroes and we even had 2 princesses pop in, Ana and Elsa! 

What a fun filled week!

Although this week has been a short one, we have been very busy!  This week we have looked at the Life Cycle of the Frog.  The children had a really exciting trip to the pond and were lucky enough to see a real frog!  We did some pond dipping and found some water shrimps, water fleas and quite a lot of weeds!  

We had a discussion about how the Frogs evolve from tadpoles to frogs.  The children thought the spawn looked like eyes and loved the name of the froglet!  They listened really well to the discussion and were able to complete their own life cycles, some did this completely independently, what superstar learners!

We planted up some flowers in the garden for us to look after, we are looking forward to seeing what colour flowers these grow into.

There has been lots of mark making going on this week, the children have loved using the big white board and pretending they are teachers.

We did some frog themed dancing and enjoyed very lively PE lessons, where we practiced our hoop and ball control!


This week we have been focusing on Plant Growth.  The children enjoyed listening to the story 'Spots Garden' and learnt what an important job the scarecrow does! We all planted a sunflower seed of our own and are learning how to look after them and what they need to grow, I was very impressed with the knowledge of some of the children, who knew that the seeds would need sunshine and water to grow. 

We watched the Bing episode "Eggy Head" to learn about cress and then we made our own cress cups too.  A different planting as we needed cotton wool and water, rather than soil.  The children found this very interesting. 

Some of the children had a really good try at size ordering some animal or plant pictures, they were superstars at this. 

We had a lively dance lesson, where we 'Shook our sillies out', had a go at 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' and played a game of Simon says. 

As well as all this learning, we had fun in the garden, creating art pieces, dressing up, building, reading and sharing books and making friends

Well done Peach Trees, what a fantastic week blush