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During this experience, we will explore the different states of matter and their properties.  We will do this by conducting fair tests to discover what happens to certain solid materials when added to water of varying temperatures.  We will also investigate reversible and irreversible changes to identify which objects can change their state of matter. Drawing all of this scientific knowledge together, we will then begin investigating the best ingredients to create our very own bath bombs! 

Elm trees have been exploring the states of matter and their properties

We have been added solid particles to water so find out which are soluble and which are insoluble

We conducted an experiment to identify reversible and irreversible changes

We looked at a range of existing bathbombs and discussed their appearance, scent, reaction and how they left our skin feeling. We then thought about how they could be improved.

To kick off our new geography learning experience, the children will have the opportunity explore Nepalese culture (including food!) before starting to explore its vast geographic features.  During the experience, we will explore the countries and oceans that surround Nepal  and discover how its human and physical features have generated an economy dominated by tourism! We'll also be exploring the town of Lumbini (birth place of Buddha) and comparing life there to life in Maidstone!

To kick off our experience, we had a Nepal afternoon with food, dancing and a quiz! We all tried each of the food items ( the Lime Pickle was a little hotter than we anticipated!).

We began our geography learning by identifying and location the continents and oceans. We then located Nepal, England and lines of longitude and latitude.

We explored the human and physical features of London and Kathmandu, discussing how the cities had changed over the last 100 years and then thinking about what they might look like in 100 years time.

When comparing the topography of the UK and Nepal, we found that Southern Nepal is flat land, Central Nepal is covered in hills and valleys, while Northern Nepal has vast ranges of mountains like the Himalayas.

We identified key tourist features in Maidstone and Lumbini. We added symbols to maps to represents these features and then created a key.

We researched the average monthly temperature in Maidstone and Lumbini and used this information to create graphs. It was clear that Lumbini has a much warmer climate than Maidstone!

Check out our informative videos, all about Nepal, using the link below!
Our second Learning Experience this term links to our first one as it is still based on the Ancient Egyptians.  We will be delving into the world of design and creating our own artefact fit for a Pharaoh's burial chamber! Be it a mummified cat (or person!), a piece of grand furniture, a pot to hold water or even a canopic jar so the Gods can look after the mummies' organs, this Learning Experience explores the treasures found by many a tomb raider of Egypt. Watch this space for some updates on our designs and products!

Check out our Ancient Egyptian Knowledge Organiser

We kicked off our learning with an Ancient Egyptian workshop. To start with we looked at the events before, during and after the Egyptian period and created a human timeline!

The mummification process was great fun to learn about and very gory!!