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We had our first PE session with Mr Borg in the hall. We are learning how to find a space, follow instructions and move around the space carefully. We had lots of fun using the cones on our heads whilst travelling in different ways. What a brilliant first session.
This week we have introduced daily exercise into the routine of each session. This means the children run 3 laps of the playground. During the year this will slowly increase to challenge and develop  the children's fitness levels. Lots of the children are already very speedy.
Peach Tree class have been enjoying their school lunches in the dining hall. They have a dedicated area with their own dining furniture to encourage early independence  skills. The children have a choice of food options every day and they are encouraged to try a wide range of meals. They are already excellent at using cutlery and they have their own school water bottles which help to keep them hydrated. There are lots of empty plates at the end of dinner time and lots of requests for second helpings!
Exploring the sand allows opportunities for scooping and filling.
Completing a puzzle develops mathematical thinking.
"Look i can see you. You are blue now"
Balance bikes can be tricky when exploring the outdoor area for the first time.
Riding a scooter develops gross motor co-ordination.
Making a cup of tea in the sand tray.
" I am mixing it all up!"
Drawing develops hand and eye co-ordination.
Testing out cars to find out which ones are the fastest.
"  Look i am a builder. "
Exploring and making sounds.
"A cake for you."
Conker treasure!.
Exploring glue on paper.
Exploring nature more closely.
Welcome to all the children and families in Peach Tree class. We have an exciting journey ahead to share with you on our class page. The first few weeks of the term have been all about getting to know each other and exploring the learning environments. During this term our learning will be around "All about Me".
Term 1