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Well done to everyone in Cherry Tree Class for all of your hard work this year. You are all absolute superstars! Hope you all have a lovely summer and see you in September! Love from Mrs Hanratty

Term 6
Our topic for this term is 'Sports'. We will be doing lots of fun sporting activities and making the most of the sunshine outside! We will be focusing on a different sport each week and we will choose a famous person from each sport to research and learn about. We will be creating fact files, timelines, designing our own sports kits and much more! We will also learn about the Olympics and hold our own Olympic competitions. In the final week of this term, we will begin to think about the move to Year 1 and set goals for the future. 

We have loved learning about the Paralympics this week. We decided to try some simple challenges to help us imagine what it might feel like to have a physical disability. We tried writing and colouring with the hand we don't usually use, walking around our classroom blindfolded and putting our coats on using only one arm! We found all of the tasks really challenging and now we are even more amazed by the paralympians!

We had so much fun on our Year R Sports Day! Well done everyone for taking part.

We had an amazing day on our trip to 'The Climbing Experience'. Everyone was so brave and did brilliant climbing! Well done, Cherry Trees!

George has been busy buying items in our new sports shop role play area!

We have been learning all about Mo Farah! We have created our own timelines of his life.

We wrote some top tips for how to run like Mo Farah! Our tips include 'don't give up', 'practice every day' and 'stretch your legs'.

We watched clips of Tom Daley diving and worked in groups to think of descriptive words to describe his movements.

After reading 'The Everywhere Bear', we decided to end Term 5 with our own Teddy Bear's Picnic! Hope everyone has a lovely half term and see you in Term 6!

Term 5- Julia Donaldson

This term we will be focusing on a range of Julia Donaldson books. We will be completing lots of story related activities including writing, role play, performances and character descriptions. We will be comparing different Julia Donaldson books and sharing our opinions on them.

Look at our amazing writing! We wrote apology letters from the Go-Away bird. We have been working really hard to remember our finger spaces and full stops!

This week we have been thinking about relationships and kindness. We wrote thank you letters to our friends and then gave them to each other. It made us all feel very happy!

We are continuing to really enjoy our PE lessons with Mr Borg! We are doing so well with our throwing and catching skills.

We enjoyed learning all about capacity. We were comparing water bottles, identifying if they are full, empty, half empty, nearly empty or nearly full. We then put our containers in order from full to empty.

Happy Easter, Cherry Tree Class!
Well done for another fantastic term in Year R!

Term 4- Back to School!
It has been so lovely to see all of Cherry Tree class return to school so happily and eager to learn! Well done everyone.
For the rest of this term we will continue to learn about Growing. We will continue to discuss animal and plant life cycles. Then, we will learn about farming and where food comes from. We will also be thinking about different seasons and the growth that happens in Spring time. We will end the term by learning all about Easter!

Sunflowers! We learnt all about the life cycle of a sunflower. We discussed all of the things a plant needs to survive and then we planted our own sunflower seeds. We can't wait to take them home and watch them grow!

Spring Hunt! We have been learning all about the different seasons and thinking about changes that happen in each season. We went on a hunt around the school to look for some signs of Spring!

We really enjoyed learning about The Easter Story. We identified the key characters in the story and worked together to sequence the story.

Dress-up day! We had lots of fun celebrating the last day of term. We all dressed up as our favourite story characters. Well done everyone for making such a fantastic effort with your costumes!

Home Learning- Term 4

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Home Learning- Term 3

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Thank you, Mrs Hanratty 

Term 2

Our topic this term is Celebrations! We will be learning  about and celebrating fireworks night, Diwali, Hannukkah and Christmas! We will explore different religions and compare different celebrations. Keep an eye on this page to see all of the fun activities we get up to this term!

Click on this link to watch our Virtual Christmas Performance. We hope you enjoy it!

We have been having lots of fun learning about and celebrating Christmas. We loved meeting Santa at the Christmas fair!

Hannukkah! As part of our Hannukkah celebrations, we made and ate some Jewish latkes. They tasted delicious!

Diwali! We have had lots of fun learning about and celebrating Diwali. We dressed up in Sarees and danced to some Hindu music. Mr Minton told us all about the story of Rama and Sita.

Fireworks Night! We had lots of fun recreating firework sounds using musical instruments.

We really enjoyed learning about the story of Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. We worked in pairs to sequence the story and then we acted it out. Now we understand why Bonfire Night is celebrated on the 5th November each year.

We are learning to recognise numbers in maths so we went on a number walk around our local area. We really enjoyed it and found so many numbers on doors, buses, signs and wheelie bins!

Welcome to Cherry Trees!

Our topic this term is 'Getting To Know You'. We will be talking about ourselves and getting to know each other. We will be learning about our families, friendships and pets. We will also be talking about our favourite things and our likes and dislikes.
We will celebrate the fact that we are all different and unique!

We have had a fantastic first week in Cherry Tree Class! We have been really busy exploring the environment and getting to know eachother.