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During this learning experience, Lime Tree Class will have the opportunity to learn about changes within their living memory by exploring different family trees. The royal family and the Queen’s coronation will also be explored so that children understand more about events which have occurred beyond their living memory.


Also, children will develop their knowledge that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults, as well as understanding the basic needs of humans for survival. In addition, the importance of exercise, food and hygiene for a healthy lifestyle will be explored.


Attached below is the knowledge organiser for this term. 


The Queen's Coronation

Today we made props out of junk modelling for when we act out the Queen's coronation. We made the Orb, the Sceptre with the cross, the St. Edward's crown and the Purple Robe of Estate. 

Reading for Pleasure

Everyday we get the chance to sit down and enjoy a book of our choice. We have really enjoyed sitting in the book corner and getting comfy on the beanbags! 

Timeline of the Queen's life

Today we ordered pictures of the Queen's life, from the day she was born, all the way to her 94th birthday!


We learnt that ordering chronologically is sequencing from the first event to the last!
We discussed important dates that events took place!