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Home Learning - Term 3 

From Monday 4th January, please find below the daily home learning documents.

If you have any questions, please contact the class email address. 

Thank you, Mrs Garner smiley

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                            Where We Live
Counting in 5s - We looked around the classroom to find the perfect resource to help us count in 5s and the answer was right at our fingertips... literally! We use paint handprints to count from 0 - 50.
Posting a surprise postcard to our parents! Did you all receive them? Willows loved seeing the full journey of the post from writing, getting stamps, walking to the post box and seeing them arrive! mail
Being more Paddington! We were learning about sending postcards as Paddington so Mrs Garner said we had to have the signature Paddington red hat. Don't we look great smiley
As we couldn't visit London, Mrs Garner brought London to us! She turned our classroom into an open tour bus, gave us tickets, hot chocolates and we all wrapped up warm to travel around London. It was so fun seeing all the sights!yes
As we've been reading Paddington and learning about where we live, we thought it was only right to be more Paddington! In the story, Paddington draws a map of Peru in dad's shaving foam... so... we used shaving foam to learn about maps and keys! What fun and what a lovely smelling classroom we hadlaugh

A walk around Shepway

All About Me

During this learning experience, Willow Tree Class will have the opportunity to learn about changes within their living memory by exploring different family trees. The royal family and the Queen’s coronation will also be explored so that children understand more about events which have occurred beyond their living memory.


Also, children will develop their knowledge that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults, as well as understanding the basic needs of humans for survival. In addition, the importance of exercise, food and hygiene for a healthy lifestyle will be explored.


Attached below is the knowledge organiser for this term. 

Bear Hunt pictures - We've started taking pictures for our Bear Hunt stories. Who knew there was a snowstorm is Maidstone this week?

Learning about what animals need to survive. Can you believe animals don't need chocolate and Peppa Pig?!

Practical maths - subtraction

Learning Bear Hunt spellings!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt books. Everyone got their own copy to use during the learning experience and KEEP at the end!!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Learning Little Red Riding Hood story - designing the puppets and masks for the scary wolf!

Superstar maths, finding 1 less!

Designing new Crowns and Orbs for our future King.

Fantastic imagination and role play during Willow's re-enactment of the Queen's coronation!

Willow's first PE lesson with Mr Borg!

The Queen's Life...