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All About Me


During this learning experience, Oak Tree Class will have the opportunity to learn about changes within their living memory by exploring different family trees. The royal family and the Queen’s coronation will also be explored so that children understand more about events which have occurred beyond their living memory.


Also, children will develop their knowledge that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults, as well as understanding the basic needs of humans for survival. In addition, the importance of exercise, food and hygiene for a healthy lifestyle will be explored.


Attached below is the knowledge organiser for this term. 

Queen's life timeline


We have been learning all about the Queen's life. Some the events we have learnt about include: her marriage, her coronation day, her children, her great grandchildren and what she is in charge of. Ask us some questions about any of the above and see if we can give you some information.

Checking it is in chronological order
Looking at the photographs to help
Using the ages and dates to help us
Which one comes next?

Reading for Pleasure 


Every day, after lunch, we get the opportunity to sit with our friends and share books or quietly read to ourselves. This us enjoying our reading for pleasure time. Even the teddies join in!

Royal Family

We then moved on to finding out about our Royal Family and looked carefully at one part of the Royal Family Tree. We concentrated on the Queens first born son Charles. First, we were quizzed about the Royal Family and used the family tree to answer the questions. Then we were asked to recreate the Royal Family Tree. 



Quiz questions
Quiz answers
Recreation - placing names and faces in the correct places

Family Tree

We looked at different Family Trees and unpicked the features. Once we understood how one was created, we used this knowledge to recreate one for the Green family. Ask us question about the family and see if we can answer them from looking at the family tree. 


During Literacy, we were given the chance to discuss our family and the people we live with. We worked together to create a word bank of adjectives that could be used to describe our different family members - we then used these to write sentences about them.





Once we had drawn portraits of ourselves, we used photos of our families to help us draw family portraits. Some of us even including our pets :)


Self Portraits 


We started our 'All About Me' topic with thinking about ourselves. We drew self portraits - Miss Duffin took pictures and cut our faces in half for us to copy. This helped us to draw to the correct size and remember all of our features.