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Home Learning - Term 3 

From Monday 4th January, please find below the daily home learning documents.

If you have any questions, please contact the class email address.

Thank you, Miss Duffin 

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This term our learning will be focused around where we live! We will start the term by concentrating our learning all around Shepway, taking walks, picking out features, analysing maps and creating our own ones. As the weeks go on, we will move further afield and get the chance to explore what London has to offer - from our point of view and Paddington Bears! We may even take a magical bus tour through London itself! Boarding the plane, we will fly across the world the the deepest darkest Peru, where we will look at their way of living and compare them to our way of life! What did Paddington live in? What did he get up to? We can't wait to find out!



We have been learning about the United Kingdom. We have learnt to four countires and their capital cities. We have used this knowledge to create a poster about each country! we displayed amazing team work when making these!




We spent the week exploring and researching different London landmarks. Each lesson, we completed a different activity - 


Activity one – IPAD research 

Activity two – research via videos

Activity three – information sheets - reading to gather information 

Activity four - Paper model building

Activity five - Junk model building


Come back next week to see our writing about the diifferent London Landmarks 

Virtual London Bus Tour


Today we travelled to London and boarded an open top bus! We looked carefully to find different landmarks along the way. We saw: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben (Houses of Parliment), The London Eye and St Pauls Cathedral. We wrapped up warm, but still needed hot chocolate to warm us up - we even had cream and marshmallows. 


Creating number fact houses (addition and subtraction) 

In Maths, we have developing our understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction. We have learnt that when we add it can be done in any order, but the answer is always the highest number in the number sentence. When you subtract the biggest number has to be at the beginning of the number sentence. 

We used sticks and stones to help us create our number sentences.

Paddington Writing 


This week, we are writing from Paddington's point of view. To help us get into character, Miss Duffin and Mrs Bradley created us our very own mask - we use these each time we want to get into role.

Postcards to parents 


We have been practising our postcard writing skills by writing home to our parents - we learnt that postcards have a short message to a friend or family member. You must have their addresses and a stamp on them as well! We told them all about our wacky day at school (see pictures below) and let them know what we have imporved on at school. We cannot wait for them to recieve these in the post!

Paddington Setting description


We completed different, exciting activities to support us with our post card writing - 

  • we completed each lap of the mile run in a different way. We loved running backwards and jumping around all over the place :) 
  • We worked in teams to see who could build the biggest and strongest tower out of just paper and selotape
  • For topic, Miss Duffin allowed us to choose how we would represent our knowledge of Physical and human features of the world
  • In Maths, Miss Duffin let us record our work in variety of ways: in sand, in shaving foam, on foil, paint on larger paper and writing upside down! 
  • In Guided reading, we got to eat cake!


What Physical and Human features can we find in our local area?

Physical and Human Features

What is in the local area? We sorted photographs to show what is and what isn't in our local area.

What type of house do you live in? After learning all about differnt types of houses, we describe what type of house we live in and how we know.

All About Me


During this learning experience, Oak Tree Class will have the opportunity to learn about changes within their living memory by exploring different family trees. The royal family and the Queen’s coronation will also be explored so that children understand more about events which have occurred beyond their living memory.


Also, children will develop their knowledge that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults, as well as understanding the basic needs of humans for survival. In addition, the importance of exercise, food and hygiene for a healthy lifestyle will be explored.


Attached below is the knowledge organiser for this term. 




Today, we concentrated on what our chicks are going to grow in to. We learnt that female chickens are called Hens and male chickens are called Roosters. We looked carefully at different pictures of them and made comparisons. We noticed similarities and differences and then used this knowledge to sort a range of pictures. The best part of the afternoon was getting to draw our own pictures of them! How amazing are they! Miss Duffin and Mrs Bradley were really impressed at how carefully we followed the drawing steps!

All about chicks!


Throughout this week, we have been looking further into the chicks growth cycle and what they need to survive. We watched a video which showed us how the chick changes and grows whilst it is still inside the egg and learnt what the different parts inside are called - video link below if you would like to watch it

We used this video, to draw scientifically and then label these diagrams using scientific language. 


We then looked at the needs of both animals and humans. We found out that all animals need air (to breath), water (to keep hydrated), food (for energy) and shelter (to keep warm and safe). We used this knowledge, to help us design a new chicken Coop for our chicks. 

Chick growth inside an egg



On Monday, the chicks were finally big enough for us to hold! We all took turns to gently take them out of Miss Duffin's hands. We had to hold them carefully and low to the ground just in case they tried to jump out! They were very calm but very noisy! Look how happy and excited we were!

Eggsciting News 


On Monday, Key Stage One had a special delivery! We came in from breaktime to find 10 eggs inside an incubator! We were not told what was inside! We guessed lots of different animals: snakes, birds, chicks, ducks and turtles. Miss Duffin and Mrs Bradley were really impressed that all our guesses were animals that could hatch out of an egg! We also made predictions about when we thought they were going to hatch. We observed them throughout the week and recorded the changes in the temperature, the number of eggs that had hatched, similarities and differences and what we thought was going to happen next.

We waited and waited and when we came in on Wednesday morning we had 6 live chicks and one chick was in the middle of hatching!!!! By the end of the day, we had 9 chicks! Some of us got to help Miss Duffin set up their brooder box - this is now their new home.  On Thursday morning, we arrived in school to find out that the 10th chick had hatched! 

We asked lots of questions: when can we hold them? what do they eat and drink? Are they male or female? Miss Duffin explained how to tell if they were male or female - look at the pictures and ask us to tell you whether they are a hen or a rooster?

Little Red Riding Hood

In English lessons, we have been learning about different fairy tales. One of the tales we have been looking at is Little Red Riding Hood. We were asked to rewrite the story. To help us remember the order of the story, we sequenced it by drawing pictures of the key events. 


Queen's Coronation 


We learnt about the Queen's coronation day. We started by watching a video to find out the events of the day. Miss Duffin then lets us make Crowns, Orbs, Scepters and robes. The next day we used these items to help us act out the coronation day.

Here are some of our role plays.


Queen's life timeline


We have been learning all about the Queen's life. Some the events we have learnt about include: her marriage, her coronation day, her children, her great grandchildren and what she is in charge of. Ask us some questions about any of the above and see if we can give you some information.

Reading for Pleasure 


Every day, after lunch, we get the opportunity to sit with our friends and share books or quietly read to ourselves. This us enjoying our reading for pleasure time. Even the teddies join in!

Royal Family

We then moved on to finding out about our Royal Family and looked carefully at one part of the Royal Family Tree. We concentrated on the Queens first born son Charles. First, we were quizzed about the Royal Family and used the family tree to answer the questions. Then we were asked to recreate the Royal Family Tree. 



Family Tree

We looked at different Family Trees and unpicked the features. Once we understood how one was created, we used this knowledge to recreate one for the Green family. Ask us question about the family and see if we can answer them from looking at the family tree. 


During Literacy, we were given the chance to discuss our family and the people we live with. We worked together to create a word bank of adjectives that could be used to describe our different family members - we then used these to write sentences about them.




Once we had drawn portraits of ourselves, we used photos of our families to help us draw family portraits. Some of us even including our pets :)


Self Portraits 


We started our 'All About Me' topic with thinking about ourselves. We drew self portraits - Miss Duffin took pictures and cut our faces in half for us to copy. This helped us to draw to the correct size and remember all of our features.