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Learning Experience 1- Passport to Europe

During this geography based learning experience, Chestnuts will embark on a virtual tour around the continent of Europe! We will start by looking at the continent of Europe as a whole, testing our locational knowledge of various European countries. Next we will focus in more detail on The United Kingdom, including the countries, counties, cities, landmarks, traditions and foods associated with it. We will then compare these features of the The U.K. with those of Italy. Our final outcome will test both our locational and place knowledge of two contrasting cities, London and Rome, through the creation of a travel guide, outlining travel between the two cities, and including an illustrated map of key geographical features to visit along the way. 


Keep checking back for updates on the children's learning or for further information on what we will be covering, click to see our progress grid through the link below. 

We started our learning experience by looking at the continents of the world and then zoomed in to the continent of Europe. We then looked closer to home at The United Kingdom and the counties and cities we can find here. 

We enjoyed looking at London and discussing the famous landmarks you can see there. We had fun trying to travel between them using the tube map which was quite confusing but we enjoyed using our resilience and eventually finding our way (virtually of course!). 

We investigated a range of human and physical features in Kent, locating them on the map. We also located a number of other towns and labelled the Rivers Medway and Stour. 

We are loving gymnastics with Mr. Borg in P.E. Check out our new skills!

Look at those point toes!
Amazing work!
3, 2, 1, Presss up!
Great effort guys!
Amazing core strength!
Straight legs, pointy toes!
Can you roll from dish to arch?
Great job guys!
Good effort! Keep those legs off the floor!
Forward roll!
Amazing work!
Can you stand up from a forward roll?
What an amazing posture you have!
Let’s roll!