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May The Force Be With You!

During this Learning Experience, we will be learning all about forces. We will begin by looking at push and pull and exploring how we use them in our day to day lives. Then, we will move on to looking at friction, which works in the opposite direction. Finally we will be investigating magnets, creating our own experiments to test.

Click on the link below to see the curriculum outlines on our progression grid.

We had a brilliant last couple days of term! We had a campfire, played pass the parcel, watched Christmas films and ate our Christmas dinner.

Our final outcome was to create our own experiment with magnets.

We had a great time at the Christmas fair!

Today's experiment question was "Which materials does a magnetic force pass through?" We found that it passed through every material we tested including our hand!

Today, we learnt about magnets and how they attract and repel.

In English, we have been using our descriptive techniques to describe Hector Rivera from Coco.

We created an fair test to investigate whether different materials created a different amount of friction.

After learning about push and pull, we ventured into the playground to see them in action.

Romans on the Rampage

During this Learning Experience, we are going to be learning all about the ruthless Romans! We will begin with a workshop, during which we will take part in different activities including a re-enacted timeline of Roman events, a Roman numeral code breaker, a quiz, board game, exploring lots of artefacts and acting out the play of Romulus and Remus. Then we will be looking at the chronology of the Roman Empire and look more in depth at the way they lived their lives. We will finish our Learning Experience by presenting all of our knowledge in a non-chronological report.


If you would like to know more about the objectives we are going to cover, please click on the progress grid below.

As we cannot sing at the moment, Maples have been singing through sign-language.

Just Like a Roman

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LKS2 have been working very hard every Thursday lunch time perfecting their speed stacking.

Maples have really been enjoying their Reading for Pleasure time.

Which book would you choose?

We explored the reasons why the Romans wanted to invade Britain, the successful and unsuccessful invasion attempts and the equipment the soldiers used to do this.

We did research into some famous figures who had a large impact on the Roman Empire.

Julius Caesar, Emperor Claudius, Boudicca and Emperor Hadrian.

Wow! Bang! Pew! Kaboom!

Here are some of our brilliant firework poems! Maple Trees used lots of amazing onomatopoeia!

In today's lesson we looked further into the key events that happened before, during and after the Roman Empire.

During this lesson, we discovered how the Roman Empire grew over time.

Our Roman learning has now continued into our maths! The children have really enjoyed learning about Roman numerals. Here is some of their work.

Today we learnt about chronology and put some events from the Roman Empire on a timeline.

Some photos from our Roman workshop.

Sewing Me, Sewing You!

We will begin this exciting Learning Experience by looking at different types of stitches (running stitch, back stitch and cross stitch). We will then look at modifying threads and dyeing and printing fabrics. Then, we will be exploring different materials and designers. All of this will be evidenced in our creative sketch books. Next, we will be using all of the things we have learnt to design our own pencil case. We will complete our Learning Experience by making our planned pencil cases, showcasing all of our new skills.


If you would like to see our main focuses for this Learning Experience, please look at our progress grid below.

Our amazing final outcome pencil cases. Everyone worked so hard and should be very proud of themselves!

Some photos of the skills we used when making our final outcomes.

We have designed our final outcomes.

We practiced and evaluated our printing before applying it to our final outcome.

We have analysed the work of two designers: Sophie Allport and Smiggle.

Today we investigated different materials, learning their names, describing the different properties and thinking about what they may be used for.

We have been exploring different ways that threads can be modified. We have knotted, plaited and twisted our thread.

We have been learning how to do running stitch, back stitch and cross stitch. We have also used these new skills to attach buttons and beads.

During this lesson, we looked at how we could make sure we leave behind a positive digital footprint.

Today, we looked at how other people could have a negative presence online.

In today’s lesson, we looked at how search engines work, why some game and websites have age restrictions and how having too much screen time can be bad for us.

For our first e-safety lesson we looked at how the internet is an integral part of life. We also looked at what fake news is, why people make it and how to recognise it.

We have been loving gymnastics this term!

Passport to Europe


During this Learning Experience, we are going to explore the continent of Europe! We will begin by looking at the continent as a whole. Then, we will look at the different counties, cities, landmarks, traditions and foods in the United Kingdom and be comparing these with those found in Italy. Our final outcome will be creating a travel guide from the UK to Italy, including an illustrated map, modes of transport, places to visit along the way and a plan for the stay. Make sure to keep looking back at this web page for photos and updates!


If you would like to look further at the objectives the children will be covering, click on the progress grid link below.

Final Outcome

Here is just a few examples of Maple’s brilliant final outcomes to present all of their learning from this Learning Experience! A travel guide from London to Rome.

Here are some pictures of our work comparing the United Kingdom and Italy. Did you know that in Italy they believe their Christmas presents are delivered by La Befana (an old woman on a broomstick)?

We have been looking at some of the human and physical features that can be found in Rome. Did you know that the Pope holds most of his masses in St. Peter’s Basilica?

Here are just some examples of Maples’ brilliant play scripts.

Today, we used atlases to locate cities and regions in Italy.

We analysed how human and physical features in Shepway have changed over time. We enjoyed learning how where we live has developed over the years.

We investigated different human and physical features that can be found in Kent.

During this lesson, we planned an imaginary school trip to London. We planned which landmarks we would want to visit and how we could get there on the tube.

Today we challenged ourselves to recall the facts we have learnt so far. All Maples did very well!

In today’s lesson we located the different countries, some counties and cities in the UK.

In our first Learning Experience lesson we located the seven continents and five oceans of the world. Then, we identified some European countries on our map.

In the first Spanish lesson of the year, we learnt how to greet people and give a little bit of information about ourselves. Below are some example videos. Can your child teach you any?


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Buenos tardes.

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Me llamo...

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