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UnbeLEAFable Plants

During this Learning Experience, we will be learning all about the life cycle of a plant. We will be investigating what a plant needs to flourish by planting our own seeds. Then, we will be looking at the purpose of the different parts of a flower before learning about the role these play in the life cycle of a plant. Finally, we will apply all of our knowledge when writing an informational LEAFlet.


If you would like to read about the curriculum objectives we will be covering, click on the link below.

Blinded by the Lights

During this Learning Experience, we will be looking at all things light and shadow. We will begin by looking at examples of a light source and begin to categorize these by the way in which the light is created. Then, we will be discovering what happens when their is an absence of light. We will learn how light travels and investigate how it reflects off of different objects. Finally, we will use our knowledge of light to create a sundial.


If you wish to see more about the curriculum objective that we will be covering, click on the link below:

In class, we have been looking at objects with different transparencies. We have explored our learning environment, conducted a scientific experiment (with a write up) and used all of our knowledge about opaque, translucent and transparent objects to draw carefully constructed diagrams.

Today, we looked at how light travels from different light sources. Light travels in straight lines.

Did you know that darkness is the absence of light?

Below are some of our diagrams showing how the sun’s light is reflected by the moon.

In our first lesson, we learnt about different ways in which light is emitted.

Ingenious Innovators!

During this Learning Experience, we will be making iPad stands. To help us make the best iPad stands for our target audience, we will begin by analysing the design, appearance and effectiveness of preexisting products. Then, we will be using our findings to help inform a questionnaire which will be sent out to help us gather research to find out what our target audience wants from our product. Next, we will investigate different materials and joining techniques. Finally, we will be using all we have learnt to create our ingenious innovations.

If you would like to know more about curriculum objectives we will be covering during this Learning Experience, click on the link below.

WE DID IT! Look at Maple Trees' amazing final products. Everyone ended up with a functional (and beautiful) iPad stand.

Well done!

We designed, created and evaluated our first prototypes.

We had so much fun testing our cutting and joining techniques. And no one got hurt!!! Well done Maples!

Did you take part in our market research questionnaire? Here is the data we analysed!

We began our Learning Experience by researching and testing existing products.

Hunters, Gathers and Woolly Mammoths.

During this Learning Experience, we will be learning all about the Prehistoric Era. We will be looking at the chronology of this era ranging from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Our Learning Experience will begin with an exciting workshop, which will be followed by class lessons to develop our knowledge.


To learn more about the objectives we will be covering, click on the link below.

Our final step through the Prehistoric Era.

The Iron Age!

Now that we are experts in all things Stone Age, we have been researching the Bronze Age to see how society developed over the next time period.

In this lesson, we looked at the four different types of Stone Age dwellings.

Who knew that a woolly mammoth was so useful?

Today, we looked at all of the different ways Stone Age people would use every part of the animals they hunted.

Today, we had a great time creating out own cave paintings!

Did you know that Stone Age people sometimes used things like their own spit to make their paint stick to the walls?!

During today's lesson, we explored some of the interesting Stone Age tools and weapons.

Here are just a couple of our brilliant (and very useful) instructions on “how to wash a woolly mammoth”. 

What is the Stone Age?

Have a look at some of the facts Maple Trees have found in today's lesson.

Today, we looked at the main events that occurred during the Prehistoric Era and placed the on our timelines.

To begin our Learning Experience, LKS2 has an exciting workshop! We had an interactive timeline, examined Stone Age poo, competed in a quiz, explored artefacts and made our own Stone Age houses.


For the final week of term, we will be learning all about Christianity. We will be looking at what faith is, how Christians view God, the purpose of the Bible and asking our own questions.

Sculpt A Pose

During this Learning Experience, we are going to become master sculptors! We will begin by using recycling to create human figures. Then, we will learn about sculptors Rick Kirby and Antony Gormley; we will analyse their sculptures and use what we see to help us create our own. We will use wire to sculpt a human figure and then use clay to focus more on the details of a human face. Keep checking back on this page for pictures of the Maple sculptors' work.


Click on the link below to look closer at the curriculum objectives that we will be covering during this Learning Experience.

Here are some very proud Maples with all of their finished products.

We completed our clay faces by adding paint and PVA glue to create a glaze effect.

To begin our final product, the children have been using all of the clay techniques that they have learnt so far to make their face. They all started with a clay slap and have used their knowledge to effectively join pieces of clay, add detail and add texture.

Today, we used wire to create armatures of the human form! Every child in Maples showed a lot of resilience and ended with a great product!

In our first lesson, we used recycling to create human forms. We also presented them to the class explaining the different materials we used, how we joined them together and more!

May The Force Be With You!

During this Learning Experience, we will be learning all about forces. We will begin by looking at push and pull and exploring how we use them in our day to day lives. Then, we will move on to looking at friction, which works in the opposite direction. Finally we will be investigating magnets, creating our own experiments to test.

Click on the link below to see the curriculum outlines on our progression grid.

We had a brilliant last couple days of term! We had a campfire, played pass the parcel, watched Christmas films and ate our Christmas dinner.

Our final outcome was to create our own experiment with magnets.

We had a great time at the Christmas fair!

Today's experiment question was "Which materials does a magnetic force pass through?" We found that it passed through every material we tested including our hand!

Today, we learnt about magnets and how they attract and repel.

In English, we have been using our descriptive techniques to describe Hector Rivera from Coco.

We created an fair test to investigate whether different materials created a different amount of friction.

After learning about push and pull, we ventured into the playground to see them in action.

Romans on the Rampage

During this Learning Experience, we are going to be learning all about the ruthless Romans! We will begin with a workshop, during which we will take part in different activities including a re-enacted timeline of Roman events, a Roman numeral code breaker, a quiz, board game, exploring lots of artefacts and acting out the play of Romulus and Remus. Then we will be looking at the chronology of the Roman Empire and look more in depth at the way they lived their lives. We will finish our Learning Experience by presenting all of our knowledge in a non-chronological report.


If you would like to know more about the objectives we are going to cover, please click on the progress grid below.

As we cannot sing at the moment, Maples have been singing through sign-language.

Just Like a Roman

Still image for this video

LKS2 have been working very hard every Thursday lunch time perfecting their speed stacking.

Maples have really been enjoying their Reading for Pleasure time.

Which book would you choose?

We explored the reasons why the Romans wanted to invade Britain, the successful and unsuccessful invasion attempts and the equipment the soldiers used to do this.

We did research into some famous figures who had a large impact on the Roman Empire.

Julius Caesar, Emperor Claudius, Boudicca and Emperor Hadrian.

Wow! Bang! Pew! Kaboom!

Here are some of our brilliant firework poems! Maple Trees used lots of amazing onomatopoeia!