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Art and Design Learning Experience

Sewing Me, Sewing You


In this exciting practical Learning Experience, Sycamore Class will be diving into the world of Textiles, learning about different types of stitches, methods of fabric modification and product design skills. 


Sycamores will first test out different types of textile work on T-shirts and other fabric, learning to sew, dye, decorate and change the appearance of this fabric. 

They will also be learning about the applications and properties of different types of fabrics and researching historic and current designers and textile artists. 


All of this knowledge will then go into a final project which, with any luck, every child will be able to successfully design, make and use. 

Keep checking on here and on SeeSaw to see how we get on. 


The progression grid for this Learning Experience is available here:


Here are some of our designs for our final project. We are all very proud of how they are shaping up!!!!

e-Safety Standalone Week

(28th September - 2nd October)


This week in Sycamores, we are learning all about how to be safe on the Internet. 


We will be looking at the different ways that the Internet is used in our lives, thinking about how to ration screen time and how to improve our digital footprint through kindness and responsibility, discussing the impact of social media and online gaming on our lives and learning about cyber-bullying. 


By the end of the week everyone in Sycamore class will be experts on online safety and responsibility.





Here are some of the impressive pieces of work that Sycamore class have been doing during our e-Safety week. The children have been thinking carefully about what the best uses for time on the Internet are, and what impact overuse of the Internet might have on a person’s life. They have also reflected on their own screen time and online footprint. 

We also had a brilliant debate together as a class, discussing whether or not social media and online gaming was a good or a bad thing in their lives and in the lives of other children. Everyone made excellent contributions and had really interesting thoughts to share. 

Geography Learning Experience

Passport To Europe

In this Learning Experience, Sycamore class will be exploring the exciting continent of Europe. 

At first, we will be finding out where Europe is in the world, and what interesting and diverse countries there are within it. 

Next, we will focus in on our home, the United Kingdom. We will be learning about the countries that make up our nation, the counties of England, some important cities in the UK.  

After this, Sycamores will be investigating the landmarks, culture, tradition and even foods that make the UK the country that it is. 

Then, we will be jetting off to Italy and finding out how it compares to the UK, again exploring cities, landmarks, foods and culture. 


Our final outcome for this learning experience will be an exciting travel guide from the UK to Italy, including an illustrated map and lots of information about what to do while we are there. Keep checking here to see how we get on!


Our progression grid for this Learning Experience is available here:

Here are some photos of the brilliant work that Sycamore class have been doing during this Learning Experience, from labelling maps to comparing the development of settlements across more than 200 years. All of this knowledge has meant that our ‘From London To Rome’ travel guides have come out full of amazing information. Well done everyone!!

Here are some of the travel guides that Sycamore class worked on for their final outcome: