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As we couldn't go on our trip to the park, Mrs Jessop and Mrs Tritton thought it would be a nice idea for the children to still get to go on the mini buses! On Monday we went in small groups up to the mini buses, sensibly put on our seat belts and then Mrs Tritton took us for a ride around the area. We spotted Mote Park, lorries, traffic lights, motorbikes and most importantly Greggs where Stanley rightly said "that's where you get doughnuts!!"

This week we are learning about trains. We have learnt that a very long time ago (when Mrs Jessop was little wink) trains ran on steam but now they run on electricity. The children were really good at naming other things which use electricity, kettles, TV, lights, Ipads, and cars!

We made our own steam trains using toilet rolls, pegs, paint, paper and cotton wool. This was a long process and it took us two days to complete!!

Train preparation in full swing!

The finished product!

The trains turned out so well we used them to create a border around our transport display board! Doesn't it look fantastic?? smiley

For PE we made the most of the sunshine and had our PE lesson outside on the playground. We got out our PE trolley and the children were given free reign on what they wanted to do. They were really sensible in their choices with many of them going off into groups to do their activities together.

Term 6 topic is transport.

The children will be learning about all different types of land, air and water transport.

When we introduced the topic we asked the children "What is transport?" They had some great ideas, cars, buses, taxis, helicopters, boats, submarines, hot air balloons, horses, trucks and bikes!

Week 1 we are thinking about cars and lorries. We made our own cars using paper plates, wooden wheels and tissue paper, we did a brilliant job smiley



During half term 4 out of the 5 butterflies had emerged from their chrysalis' Mrs Swift had fed the butterflies and Monday we were able to release them. The children really enjoyed this and were very sensible whilst the butterflies were coming out of the net. Some of the butterflies were a little shy so needed a gentle helping hand from Mr Mitchell.

Road Safety

As a group we discussed safe ways of how to cross the road. The children were able to say that we should stop before we cross the road and we need to look to see if anything is coming as well as listen. Aidan added "we need to keep looking both ways as we are crossing the road". As a fun activity afterwards we decorated biscuits as traffic lights. We had a slight supply issue with the correct colours but the children were very good at compromising! laugh

We have been incredibly busy during our child initiated learning time this week. We have borrowed Year R's boat which we have in the garden which the children have loved! We have been fishing and searching for sharks. We have been getting creative with the playdough, making our names out of phonics Lego, all of the children have loved having the babies outside, we have been dressing them, taking them for walks and having picnics with them.

What a brilliant week of learning!!

To finish our week we were thinking about size. The children were able to say a pushbike is smaller than a car, a truck is bigger than a motorbike, a speed boat is smaller than a helicopter and an aeroplane is bigger than a hot air balloon. For our activity the children has some vehicle pictures which they had to cut and stick in size order from smallest to biggest.

Happy Half Term!

Wishing all the children and their families a happy half term. Hope you all have a great week, and enjoy the sunshine. Stay safe smiley

This week we are going to be recapping everything we have learnt this term. We will be re-measuring ourselves to see whether we have grown (or shrunk depending on our measuring skills laugh) we will be seeing what we can remember about life cycles and looking at the seeds we planted at the beginning of term, as well as enjoying our last few days with the ducklings!

Our caterpillars have completed their final shed of their exo-skeleton and are now turning into chrysalis'. Mrs Coombes will be taking them home over the half term in case they hatch into butterflies during the holidays! 

We re-measured the children to see if they had grown over the last 6 weeks. Some haven't grown, some have grown a little bit and some have had massive growth spurts (mainly due to the fact we let the children help during the first measuring session!!! laugh) The children have really enjoyed this activity.

The children have had a fantastic week during their learning time! They have been obsessed with superheroes so we put the characters on the art table for the children to look at while they draw them, they did a brilliant job, we definitely have some budding artists in Pear Trees. We have been making tea and coffee in the water tray and the farm shop is still as popular, this week we have been selling rhubarb, potatoes, parsnips, onions and carrots!

Outside we have been getting dirty in the mud kitchen, digging for treasure in the sandpit, having a brilliant time with the pirates and building buses to take us to the beach.

Pear Trees had a brilliant last PE lesson of the term with Mr Borg. They absolutely loved the parachute and listened really well to Mr Borg's instructions.

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This week we are learning about ducklings and other animals. We have discovered that animals are the same as plants and people as we all need food and water in order for us to grow. The children matched the babies to the mummies. Mrs Jessop tried to trick the children with caterpillars and tadpoles as they do not look like their babies, but the children remembered what they had learnt previously and easily identified the mummies!

Rain does definitely stop play in Pear Trees! We had a great time being in the rain, splashing in puddles, filling up buckets and just enjoying the great British weather laugh