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Home Learning Term 3.

From Tuesday 12th January, Pear Trees home learning will be uploaded here. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me on the class email: 

Thank you, Mrs Jessop


Brilliant home learning received today from Gracie, Logan, Stanley and Amelie. Keep up the good work smiley

Wishing our wonderful Pear Tree children and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a great Christmas break. 

Stay safe!

Mrs Jessop, Mrs Swift, Mr Mitchell and Miss Wade smiley

Yay its party time!! On the last day of term we had a Christmas party. We played pass the parcel, musical bumps, musical statues and even invented a new game, musical funny face statues and then enjoyed some party food altogether during snack time.

Milk and cookies at the campfire. We had a great time at the campfire, we enjoyed tucking in to milk and cookies and we all had a go at adding a stick to the fire to keep it burning!

Fun at the Christmas Fair!

The children have enjoyed exploring the new Christmas Post Office roleplay area. They have wrapped parcels, filled in forms, posted letters, taken phone calls, and bought stamps. The children have been very good in taking turns, always ensuring they are wearing a lanyard when in the Post Office.

As part of our Christmas topic we have been learning about why we celebrate Christmas. We read the Nativity Story and then we had to recreate our own Nativity scene. We did a great job and most of us could remember Mary and the Baby Jesus!

The dressing up clothes have proven very popular today! So much so we had to go and get more out of the shed so there was enough to go around :-)

For our music activity we played traffic light instruments. When Mrs Jessop held up the red card they had to stop and when she held up the green card they could go! We experimented with playing really fast and really slow as well as really loud and really quietly.

The children completed an exercise activity with Mr Borg instead of the mile run! They were fantastic and listened really well to the instructions given.

The children enjoyed exploring the new layout and did brilliantly at coming straight to the carpet for activities!

Pear Tree class has had a makeover this weekend! We are very excited to see the children's reaction on Monday. Photos to follow smiley

During our adult directed math lessons we have been working on counting. Rolling the dice and performing a given number of actions using an assortment of action cards. We also drew around each others feet and counted how many multi-link cubes long our feet are.

We will be having music lessons each week. This week we were exploring different instruments, their names and the different sounds that they make.

We have been talking about the importance of good hand hygiene. The children were able to tell me why we have to wash our hands and when. We practiced good hand washing technique together.

We had our first P.E lesson this morning with Mr Borg. We enjoyed moving around in different ways and balancing cones on our heads before stretching our bodies and seeing how flexible we are.

This week we have introduced daily exercise into the routine of each session. This means the children run 3 laps of the playground. During the year this will slowly increase to challenge and develop  the children's fitness levels. Lots of the children are already very speedy.
Pear Tree class have been enjoying their school lunches in the dining hall. They have a dedicated area with their own dining furniture to encourage early independence  skills. The children have a choice of food options every day and they are encouraged to try a wide range of meals. They are already excellent at using cutlery and they have their own school water bottles which help to keep them hydrated. There are lots of empty plates at the end of dinner time and lots of requests for second helpings!

Our first couple of weeks... 'getting to know you'

We would like to give a warm welcome to the new Pear Tree class children, we have had a fun first few days, the children have settled in really well. Our topic this term is 'All about me', the nursery team are looking forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks. Photos of our learning will be uploaded soon...


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