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Week 6 - Sports Week

We started off our sports week with Wacky Races! We had scooter races, dressing up races, water races and much more smiley

On Tuesday we had a go at yoga. We watched cosmic kids on you tube and chose 'Squish the fish'. The children really enjoyed it and followed the moves brilliantly.

Week 5 - Aliens

For our aliens week, we came to school wearing our pants on the outside. We designed our own underpants.

We made spaceships with aliens wearing underpants driving them.

Week 4 - Monsters

To begin our monster week we read The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. This is a lovely story about a monster who's colours have been mixed up. A little girl helps him to sort his colours and they realise that each colour is linked to his emotions and how he was feeling. The children were really good at predicting what each colour stood for, red for angry, blue for sad, yellow for happy etc.


We then created our own monsters! The children each had a ball of playdough and access to feathers, lolly sticks, and googly eyes. They were allowed to use whatever resources they wanted to create their monsters.

We made foot print monsters! The children had previously done their foot prints and once they were dry they could then add their own details to create their monsters. They came out incredibly well. The children thought really carefully about the details they wanted to add.

We made paper plate monsters!

Week 3 - Pirates

This week the children have been learning about Pirates. We have read 'Pirates Love Underpants' by Claire Freedman, which the children thought was very funny, we also read 'Ten Little Pirates' which the children enjoyed as they could practice their counting skills. They have made fantastic treasure maps and beautiful treasure chests full of all sorts of treasures.

We also made some amazing wooden pirate flags.


In their own learning time the children have all been very busy!

They have been sailing the high seas with the pirate ships, using the padlocks and keys to open the pirates treasure, making their own paper pirates, walking the plank with Mrs. Lawson, exploring the math puzzles, building roads for the cars, testing out the magnets, making very loud drum music and dancing like pirates.