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Welcome to Plum Tree Class.

On this page we will be sharing some of the exciting learning happening during our day.

Here is a sneak peek of our brand new class room!

We can't wait to welcome you next week.

Term 5 - Animals

This term we will be finding out about different types of animals, such as farm, jungle, cold weather animals and reptiles. We will explore these through art, music, PE and fact finding activities.

We have had so much fun using the new play equipment, look at our amazing climbing and riding!

We have been matching the print to the correct animals. We have also become very good at animal sounds.

Our cutting skills are really improving, we all love to practice.

Being a vet is a very important job, we have also enjoyed dog grooming and taking pets for a walk. Poppy and Austin even made giraffes from blocks.

Term 4 - Growing.

This term we are looking at 'growing', including how flowers, trees and people grow, as well as what they need to be able to grow,

This week, we have enjoyed exploring our brand new classroom and trying out lots of exciting learning.

As part of our 'growing' focus, we have been for a nature walk to see what photos we could take. We found flowers, plants and grass, which we all took our own photos of, using iPads.

What better way to brighten a wet and cold day, than by making these beautiful flower themed sun catchers.

The children worked really hard using the sticky back plastic and coloured cellophane to fill in the flower shape. Some children asked to finish them off and help stick them on the windows too. They were very proud of the end result and excited to see the sun soon started to shine on them.

We have been very busy in Plum Tree class during learning time. Constructing, drawing, painting, doing number work and working with dough.

As part of our growing topic we have looked at food, what is healthy for us to grow and how we cook. Plum Tree class have been working had with their sequencing.

This week we have been exploring the outside, as part of the start of Spring. Plum Tree class have practiced their cutting skills on the grass, looking for bugs and trying out mark making on tree bark and wood.

Spring walk time for Plum Tree class. We took our clipboards, pencils and tick sheets with us to see what we could find. 

Plum Trees have been exploring maths around them. Today we tried different ways of making repeating patterns. 

Amazing work!

We had a brilliant time on our school trip to 'Little Street'. First we went in the minibus and then we got to try out lots of jobs that we might like to do when we are older.

Everyone behaved beautifully and had a lovely time.

Look at our yummy Easter treats we have made.