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Gene there, done that!

In this Learning Experience, we will be learning all about evolution and inheritance. We will begin by looking at what evolution is, how we know it has happened and why it occurs. We will be looking at how humans, animals and plants adapt to their habitat and how this leads to natural selection. We will then discover how traits are inherited from parents. We will complete our Learning Experience by creating a presentation about animal adaptation.


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In this week long Learning Experience, we will be looking to answer the question "What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?" We will be exploring the key beliefs in Islam, reflecting on the significance of the Qu'ran, describing the forms of guidance within the religion and making connections between the key functions of the mosque and the beliefs of Muslims.


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Why are programmers so good at dancing?

They have great algorithm!


During this Learning Experience, we will learn all about programming! We will begin by looking at what algorithms, code and programs are. Then, we will start investigating how algorithms work, using our logical reasoning to identify patterns and then creating our own. Next, we will explore scratch and begin making our own program. We will finish by using all of our new knowledge to design, create, evaluate and improve our own games.


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Final outcomes!

Have a go at playing some of Elm Tree's brilliant final outcomes.

Elm Tree's really enjoyed a relaxing breakfast bagel and book this morning!

Today we discussed how we created our maze and began to think more carefully about the different types of processes we needed to include.

We had a lot of fun today exploring with Scratch! We even learnt how to make a maze game where you can direct the sprite and fail when touching the edges of the maze.

Today we looked at algorithms in the style of a flowchart. We were very careful with our choices to ensure that anyone following our algorithm could make a perfect cup of tea!

To begin our Learning Experience, we learnt some of the technical vocabulary that we will be using throughout.

Mysterious Maya!


During this Learning Experience, we will be learning all about the ancient civilisation Maya. We will begin by fully immersing ourselves within a Maya workshop. Then, we will complete more in depth lessons about how life was like during this time including: food, culture, religion, maths, astrology, language and architecture. Finally, we will collect all of our new knowledge into a non-chronological report about the Maya.


If you wish to read more about the curriculum objectives we will be covering, click on the links below.

Final outcome - Elm Trees’ magnificent Maya non-chronological reports.

Year 6 had a great time in the arcade and bowling for their first lanyard treat!

We have been recreating the Maya calendar.

Did you know that the Maya had their own writing and number system? They were the only civilisation in the ancient Americas to create a number system including a zero!

Today, we enjoyed experimenting with flavouring our chocolate like the Maya, with chilli and honey!

Today, we looked at the Maya hierarchy.

Did you know that Maya had at least 166 gods which all had their own speciality?

We researched how people in the Maya would have grown, foraged and hunted their food.

We explored what life would have been like in the Maya. Did you know that children wouldn't have worn clothes until they were 5?!

Just a couple of our brilliant suspense stories. More coming soon…

We reflected on our Maya workshop and all of the impressive facts we learnt

We looked at some main events that happened during the Maya civilisation and other eras which happened in the UK during this time.

We looked at where Maya was and what countries are there now.

We had a brilliant Maya workshop!

The sacrifice

Still image for this video

Today, our house captains collected items from each class to go into a time capsule which will be buried under the new nursery building. It is so exciting to think about when it will be found and who by?


Watt an idea!


During our first Learning Experience of the year, we will be learning all about electricity and light. We will begin by discussing what light is and identify whether a light source is natural or manmade. We will continue by learning about how light travels, reflects and how we see colour. Then, we will begin exploring how we can generate light by creating our own electrical circuits. Once we have made effective circuits, we will use our DT skills to make a light house! To keep up to date with the brilliant work produced in Elm Tree class, check back to this page.

If you wish to read more about the curriculum objectives we will be covering, click on the links below.

Our final products!

Preparing for our final product, we researched lighthouses learning about their designs and purpose.

Today was all about how to make the most effective circuit. We found that when we added more components, we needed more power.

Instead of drawing what the circuit looks like, we draw diagrams representing the components using symbols like the ones below.

What is electricity? Read these pieces of work to find out.

Today, we have been exploring with circuits. Our aim was to create the most effective circuit. We found that the more components we added the more batteries and power we needed.

I am so proud of everyone who gave a speech and voted responsibly today. Please meet our new house captains and vice captains (bar one). I am sure they will make their houses proud.

Elm Trees have been working really hard on their amazing setting descriptions.

Elm Trees have been loving learning about light. We have learnt how light refracts (bends) revealing all of the colours within light and how the placement of a light source and an opaque object affects the shadow formed.

Today we learnt about how light refracts. Here are some pictures showing us making the sunlight refract using water which created our own rainbows!

Elm Trees have been enjoying the lovely weather while generating some brilliant examples of metaphors and personification. The burning fire in the sky was smiling on us.

Today, we carried out an experiment to investigate how light travels. Did you know that light travels in straight lines?