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For our next Learning Experience, Silver Birch will be finding out all about the Mayas! We will discover where they were from and what they ate (including their love for chocolate). We will also find out what great mathematicians they were and how their calendar works. As well as that, we will learn about their religion and the gods they worshipped! 

To start this experience, we held a workshop where we got to experience Mayan food and artefacts. We also spent the afternoon learning about the brutal game Pok-A-Tok! The losers of the game would be sacrificed to the gods!

To understand the origins of the Maya, we looked at the world map to identify Mesoamerica and the countries that are apart of it. Once we located Mesoamerica, we will able to locate the cities of the Maya. 

We spent a couple of lessons investigating the different Maya periods, this included: Pre-Classic, Classic, Post-Classic and Colonial. We also linked this to the chronology of British history that was happening at the same time. Take a look at our amazing timelines!

For our first learning experience, Silver Birch Trees will be learning about light and electricity. We will be conducting experiments to find out how light travels and how objects reflect it. We will also be investigating the components of a circuit and how each element works. To conclude the experience, we will be using our knowledge and skills to create a working lighthouse!

We had great fun creating our final product of a working lighthouse using all our knowledge of electricity to create a circuit to go inside the structure.

As part of the electricity area of our learning, we were given the opportunity to investigate how circuits work depending on the components involved. We were able to change the brightness of a bulb, control a bulb using a switch and successfully make a motor spin. 

Silver Birch Trees have thoroughly enjoyed learning about light! We have investigated how light refracts (bends) to create a 'rainbow', we were amazed to find out how objects absorb colour and reflect the colour we see. Ask your child why grass is green! 

Look at the amazing work we have produced! We have discovered light travels in a straight line, how it is reflected depending on the surface of an object and what is classed as natural or man-made light.