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Learning Experience 11-
CHIPs and Crocodile Clips

For this learning experience, we will be looking at electricity and structures and mechanical systems, covering both D.T. and science and combining this with our theatre show visit, 'Beauty and the Beast'. We will begin by looking at electricity including being able to identify how an electrical appliance may be powered. Then we will look circuits, including the components a circuit needs to work effectively. We will then combine this knowledge with our D.T. learning, applying an electrical circuit to a mechanical structure to create a 'movie' or 'film' prop from Beauty and the Beast! Check out the documents below for a closer look at what we will be learning! 

We explored how circuits could be complete or incomplete, making our predictions on whether a bulb would light, before testing them to see if we were correct. Some were easy to predict but some were much harder! 

Learning Experience 10-
SOUNDs like a plan! 

For our tenth learning experience, we will be looking at all things sound! We will begin by looking at what sounds are and how they are created before exploring how they travel and are heard by the human ear. We will then delve into pitch and volume, exploring how pitch and volume can be changed and in turn, how this affects the sound waves. We will also apply our knowledge on working scientifically to experiment how the vibrations created alter the pitch and volume. Check out our knowledge organiser and progress grid below for more information on our learning! 

We then created an experiment to test if the length of a straw, affected the pitch of the sound it created. We found that the shorter the straw, the higher the pitch. 

We had a fantastic time learning how to play the recorder, even if it was a bit difficult to work out where to put our fingers. 

We explored the sounds made by different instruments, investigating what made the vibration which caused the sound. Some were obvious while others were trickier to identify. 

Learning Experience 9-
Coasting Along...

For this learning experience we will be looking at coasts and the water cycle. To start, we will look into how the water cycle works, showing the processes through an experiment. We will then move on to coast lines including types of coast and how they are formed. We will then look at how humans use and impact the coastline of the UK, specifically focussing on Broadstairs where we hope to complete some fieldwork and practical study! Check out our planning documents below to get a better idea of what we will be learning! 

We have created some impressive diagrams of cracks, caves, arches, stacks and stumps. We labelled them and explained how hydraulic action causes erosion which creates and changes these landforms over time. 

In Maths, we measured the perimeter of shapes out on the paths, using the most suitable measuring tools. 

Learning Experience 8-
A Slice of the Good Life!

For our last learning experience of term four, we will be looking at healthy eating in PSHE and cooking in DT. We will be exploring if we can still eat one of everyone's favourite dishes- Pizza- whilst maintaining a healthy diet. We will begin by exploring where our food comes from before learning how to make a basic pizza recipe with Chef Andrews. After, we will look at the eat well plate before we will evaluate popular pizza toppings, based on their taste, texture and nutritional value. We will then look into the effects of poor diet before designing and creating our final pizza! As part of this experience, we will also be visiting Zizzi's to experience what restaurant standard pizza tastes like whilst enjoying a delicious meal out with our friends! Have a look at our progress girds and the knowledge organisers for this subject below! 


We carefully planned our final pizzas. applying all our DT and PSHE knowledge. I think they were enjoyed by all! 

Check out or Chair of Governors, Mrs Scott, being blown away by an amazing retelling of 'How to Train Your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell! 

Still image for this video

To cover our PSHE objectives, we looked at the Eatwell plate and discussed the impact of a poor diet on physical and mental health! 

Miss Gibson had fun encouraging us to sample a range of pupilar pizza toppings. Ham and Pepperoni were popular whereas onion and olives were not! We evaluated the flavour and appeal of each topping in our sketch books! 

We had the BEST time at Zizzi's for our trip out. We brushed up on our table manners and even got to ask the chef and the manager about the food and menu! 

We began our learning with a pizza making workshop with 'Chef Andrews' who put us through our paces, teaching us a basic pizza recipe. We invited our adults in to sample the pizzas before evaluating them ourselves! 

Learning Experience 7- 
Vicious Vikings

We will begin this historical learning experience with a Vikings workshop, where we will be acting out the Viking timeline, looking at artefacts, completing a quiz, learning about the gods and playing some Viking sports. We will then start our lessons by looking at the Viking timeline in more detail, before looking at where the Vikings came from, where they settled and why. We will then Visit Kent Life for a Vikings trip before looking in more detail at battle tactics, society, religion and daily life. For more information about what we will cover, have a look at our knowledge organiser or progress grid below! 

As part of our learning on how the Vikings fought, we looked in more detail at Viking longships and how they were instrumental in helping the Vikings efficiently raid and later invade England. 

Miss Gibson showed us some interesting research about Viking warriors. Initially, it was thought that Viking warriors were all male with the bravest being known as 'Berserkers', However, recently archaeologists have found evidence of female Viking warriors, known as 'Shield-maidens'. 

We looked at where the Vikings came from and where they eventually settled in England. 

We had a brilliant time at Kent Life for our Viking workshop. Stuart the Viking talked us through a brief history, how the Vikings travelled and then let us try out some Viking battle tactics. The adults then threw balls at us to see if our defences were safe from projectiles! After the workshop, we spent the rest of the day exploring the farm, feeding the goats and playing on the playground!