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Learning Experience One- Artful Anglo-Saxons

This learning experience will take us on a journey through the Early-Ages of British History to 449AD, the start of the Anglo-Saxon Era. We will start by looking at the Anglo-Saxon timeline, highlighting all the key events that occurred before, during and after this key Era in early history. We will look at their invasion, where they came from and how that shaped the organisation of Anglelund. We will then move on to how their society was arranged and key elements of culture including housing, religion, laws and language and its influence today. We will also begin and end this topic with exciting experiences including a workshop and a trip to Canterbury Cathedral. To finish, the children will make their own news report/ documentary on a part of, or event from Anglo-Saxon life. For more information about the things we will be covering, why not take a look at our progress grid or knowledge organiser below?

For our final learning outcome, we created an Anglo-Saxon News report, detailing all events that occurred throughout the Anglo-Saxon Era. Click on the link below to check out our hard work!

We have really enjoyed singing our six times table song… It’s a bit of an earworm!

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We have explored a range of artefacts and evidence, discussing how we know the Anglo-Saxons lived the way they did.

We had the BEST time at Canterbury Cathedral on our school trip. We dressed up and acted out the history of the cathedral, learning all about St. Augustine, Ethelbert, Bertha and Alphedge (who, fascinatingly, was killed by the Vikings with ox bones!!). We then had a chance to create stained glad windows, Canterbury crosses, write in runes using quill and ink and even try our hand at stonemasonry! We also realllllyyy enjoyed the gift shop!

We acted out battle tactics of the Anglo-Saxon Fyrd! They relied on surprise, created a shield wall with spears poking over the top and used battle cries to scare their enemies. 

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We are LOVING our swimming lessons. We have gained so much confidence and are improving every week!   

We described the gruesome, green, grotesque monster Grendel from the Anglo-Saxon legend Beowulf.  

The reading rooms are one of our favourite times of the week! We are loving exploring a range of books.    

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Sycamores have loved learning all about Anglo-Saxons. We created the timeline, mapped out where the Angles, Saxons and Jutes migrated from, how they fought  and their organisation in society.

We had an amazing time taking part in our Anglo-Saxon workshop! At the start of the day, we acted out the Anglo-Saxon timeline as a phase. Then, we split into our classes and moved between the classrooms, completing a range of activities. In Sycamores we played an Anglo-Saxon board game called nine men’s Morris. After we went into Maples and completed an Anglo-Saxon quiz before looking at artefacts in Chestnuts. After lunch we looked at the runic alphabet as part of a codebreaker before acting out the legend of Beowulf in the hall with Chestnuts and Maples.