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For our final Learning Experience, we will be creating games. We will learn how to use a program to create a game with a specific goal. We will be learning how to use code to create an algorithm which will make a character follow instructions using different inputs. We will learn how to identify bugs and errors which we will correct. 

In our new learning experience we will be learning all about electrical circuits and components. We will look at different types of appliances and see if they are electrical or non- electrical, we will find out what an insulator and a conductor is and make simple circuits with different components. Finally, we are going to use our understanding to build a structure which contains a mechanical system based on Beauty and the Beast. 

For our new learning experience we will be learning all about sound. We will find out how sound from the vibrations of objects and how the volume and pitch of sounds can be changed. We will also learn all about how our ears hear sound. We will also find out how sound waves travel through different mediums such as air and water. 

We experimented with different instruments to see how we could change the pitch and volume. 

We finished off our learning experience by making our own panpipes!

To start our new learning experience we learnt how coastlines we formed and the affects of erosion. We can explain how headlands are eroded away to create caves, arched, stacks and stumps. 

We performed an experiment to see how water carries materials such as the eroded rock, sand and debris to form the spit. 

We learnt about waves and how they are formed. Did you know waves are created mostly by the power of wind?

We learnt about methods that prevent coastal erosion and can reduce the affects of longshore drift. 

After learning about erosion prevention methods we used natural materials to build our own coastal barriers then tested them out against hydraulic action. 


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Our next Learning Experience will be all about healthy eating. We will be finding out where food comes from, how it is processed into food we can eat or turned into ingredients that we can use in cooking. We will be taste testing and making pizzas, thinking about how the toppings and base can create a healthy meal. We will be able to explain the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and will use this knowledge when we are planning our very own pizza recipes.

We started our Learning experience by making margarita pizzas with Chef Andrews. We learnt how to knead dough and then spread our toppings on which we later shared with our families, they then told us what we could do next time to improve our pizzas. 

Before we plan our own pizzas we tried different ingredients that we could use for toppings, we were brave and tried everything, some of us even found new foods we like! 

As part of understanding how to eat a healthy, balanced diet we went to a restaurant where we had the choice of lots of different foods. We ordered our own food and drinks and enjoyed the experience of eating out in a restaurant. 

We created mood boards for our pizza designs, we looked at different toppings, bases, flavours and shapes. This helped us to explore our ideas so we could create our final design which we will be making from scratch. 

We learnt what a balanced diet and identified the 5 food groups. We found out why it is important to eat a balanced diet and how that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. 

We learnt about how food is processed from the earliest stages of being harvested or reared to becoming food we can consume. 
We then looked up where the toppings for our pizzas come from in the world and why some foods can only be grown in certain places. 

Finally, we made our very own pizzas and chose toppings we thought would contribute to a healthy diet.