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Savage Saxons!

To kick off our first learning experience of the year, the children will discover when the Anglo-Saxon era happened and what happened in England before and after this era.  We will have an exciting workshop that will enable the children to explore real Anglo-Saxon artefacts and reenact significant events that made the Anglo-Saxon era so savage!  The children will find out where Anglo-Saxon settlements were and what they would have looked like, as well as having the opportunity to research what daily life was like during this period. We will even get find out all about brutal punishments inflicted on those who broke laws and how the Anglo-Saxons developed their warfare strategies throughout their reign! To end our experience, the children will create a short news broadcast, reporting on events they have learned so much about.


Check out our progression grid and knowledge organiser to see what we will be learning!

We created timelines to show the important events in the Anglo-Saxon era

During our workshop, we dressed up, played Nine Men’s Morris and looked at Anglo-Saxon artefacts.

We had a great time at Canterbury Cathedral. We dressed up as Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and looked at how religion changed over time. We even had a go at writing in runes and creating our own stain glass windows.