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Chips and Crocodile Clips!

In our new learning experience, we will be learning all about electrical circuits and components. We will look at different types of appliances and see if they are electrical or non-electrical, we will find out what an insulator and a conductor is and make simple circuits with different components. Finally, we will use our understanding to build a structure that contains a mechanical system based on Beauty and the Beast. 


Coasting Along!


For this learning experience, we will be learning about coasts and the water cycle. To begin, we will look into how the water cycle works, then create our own explanation text about it in our English lessons.

After this, we will then move on to learning about the types of coasts and how they are formed. We will then look at how humans use and impact the coastal areas of the UK, Finally, we will be carrying out some fieldwork in Broadstairs! Check out our progression grid and knowledge organiser below!

A Slice of The Good Life!


To end term four, we will be looking at healthy eating in PSHE and cooking in DT. We will be learning to make pizzas and adapting recipes to make them healthier! We will begin by exploring where our food comes from before learning how to make a basic pizza recipe with Chef Andrews. After this, we will look at a healthy balanced diet with the eat well plate before we will evaluate popular pizza toppings. Once we know how to make a pizza and what makes a healthy diet, we will explore the impact of a poor diet!Furthermore, we will be visiting Frankie & Benny's restaurant to experience what it is like to go out for lunch with friends and how to order a meal!