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Superheroes! Term 1 

For our first topic, we are going to be exploring everything about Superheroes. First of all, we are going to look at some real life superheroes, who were ordinary people that did some extraordinary things. We are then going to explore a wide range of superheroes, thinking carefully about their appearance, personality and powers. Using our drawing skills, we are going to be doing some detailed sketching of different superheroes. Then we will move onto what superheroes might need to eat be strong and healthy. Lastly, we will finish off the term with some RE, looking at Jewish people. 

Have a look at our knowledge organiser for this term!

Superheroes are extremely strong and powerful in order to save people. We realised that for superheroes to have the strength to save people, they must eat a varied and healthy diet. We began our learning by sorting healthy and unhealthy foods. We discussed how some foods are okay for us in small amounts and that we can eat foods in moderation. A varied diet is healthy for us. 

Here are our final comic strips! We used an app on the iPads to add speech bubbles and other details. We discussed how we are creating algorithms and when a problem occurs and we fix it, we are debugging.  

We joined in with a song and dance called ‘Superheroes Unite’. We have loved it so much!

Oak Trees love our reading room! 

Miss Ashwood gave us some speech bubbles and we had to draw the pictures to match. We tried to make sure that the speech bubbles were coming out of the characters mouths and to add detail to our drawings. 

Oak Tree’s were given a comic strip with no caption boxes to tell the story. Their task was to use the pictures to then write sentences to match. Miss Ashwood and Mrs Armstrong were so impressed! 

We identified the different features of comic strips. 

We explored lots of different comics. We made sure we looked after them really well. We learnt comics have panels to show different scenes in the comic. We enjoyed looking at the detailed images and we notices that when the characters speak, speech bubbles are used. We discussed that there are also action words, or onomatopoeia. 

We have been learning to count in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. We have enjoyed lots of different activities to practice this! 

We designed and created our very own superhero masks! We tried really hard to use our design sheet when using a range of materials and drawing skills to make the masks. 

Oak trees sketched a detailed picture of a superhero. We used a grid to think carefully about the proportions of our drawing. 

Oak Trees practiced their drawing skills by sketching some superheroes. We discussed how to hold a pencil when drawing and how we can press harder or lighter when shading. Mrs Armstrong and I were super impressed! 

Oak Trees were so excited to go into our reading room and choose a book. Below are some pictures of them reading their books in the reading room and in the classroom. They can't wait until they get to choose another book!

To learn more about superheroes, Oak Trees labelled and read about some superheroes.