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Sports Week!!


What a busy week we have had for Sports week.  We have been lucky to try out all kinds of sports from running races, rugby, ball skills, yoga, dancing and much more.  We enjoyed using our physical skills to run, jump, balance, throw and catch.  


We were lucky to have some of the older children in KS1 design and build obstacle courses for us too, this was really fun!!

Emergency and Construction


Over the last 2 weeks we have been looking at Emergency vehicles and Construction vehicles. It's been very busy!


First we discussed what Emergency vehicles we knew, the children were very lively throughout this.  They spoke about Police, Ambulance and Fire as well as the life boats and a recovery truck.  Some knew who drove these and what they might do to help us.

We made a junk modelling fire truck and built a Fire truck in the garden.  We had dress up Drs to, who worked very hard to help the poorly children get better and even managed to make some sick dinosaurs feel better!!


During construction week we have discussed what the large construction vehicles are used for, how they managed to move such heavy loads and roughly how big they are! The children were amazed about how big the wheels were, some where bigger than ourselves!! We have had diggers in the sand, had a digger wash in the water tray an had workmen in the playdough


We have done lots of singing and music too, read some lovely stories and been enjoying the sunshine in the outside areas around nursery.  


Well done Peach Trees blush

Up, up and away...All about Air Travel


This week the children have enjoyed learning all about air transport.  We have had lots of discussions about aeroplanes, rockets, hot air balloons and helicopters.  The children enjoyed watched videos of hot air balloons and loved seeing all the characters and colours of them all.  They also couldn't believe how high up the went or how big they were.  Whilst out in the garden the children were very excited to spot planes and helicopters flying over and guessing where they were going.  Some of the children were very confident in telling us they had been on a plane to go on holiday and were able to share their expierences of this. 

As the weather has been so lovely the children have spent a lot of time in the outdoor areas around nursery.  We have had lots of water exploring to keep cool, there has been tipping, pouring and transporting the water.  We made meals in the mud kitchen, chalked on the floors, made a rocket and plane out of the large construction blocks.  

Mr. Andrews also popped in to try our obstacle course, he did very well!

We tested our physical skills on the play park, the children are challenging themselves all the time with the climbing, balancing and swinging.

We created some lovely art work for our display, collaged hot air balloons, finger painted planes, made streamer rockets.

Another exciting experience this week was that we got to see a real life production of The Gingerbread Man!!  The children (and the adults!) found this so funny, they sat beautifully and joined in with the singing and clapping along!



Transport - Jubilee and Roads


Welcome back everyone, we hope you have had a lovely half term.  This term we are looking at Transport and celebrating the Queens Jubilee.


Over the last 2 weeks we have been very busy.  We focused on the Jubilee and all things Royal for the first week back.  We decorated biscuits in red, white and blue icing, these were eaten very quickly!  There was a large Union Jack to decorate and we made some crown jewels using bright paints and cardboard tubes. We even had a Royal tea party on the play dough table.  All the children looked beautiful in their Red, White and Blue clothes and we all enjoyed spending time together for a shared picnic and play.  It was lovely to have you all here with us. 


This week we have been looking at Road Transport.  The children told me all about the various vehicles they see on the roads, we had them all, from lorries to bikes and cars to super fast motorbikes!  Some children shared what colour cars they have at home and even told us that that some Daddy's have motorbikes, it was all very exciting! 

We looked at traffic lights and what the colours meant before making our own to go on our display board. The children have enjoyed having lots on transport in the environment too, we have rescued cars from ice, boats whizzing down the ramps into the water tray, built a lovely train track and done some beautiful sharing with the trains.  There has been cars in the paint to make tracks on the road too. 

As it was so warm on Friday, we cooled down with a lolly in the shaded wooded area, what a wonderful start to the term! 


Under the Sea Week!


For a last week of term we focused on all things under the sea!  


We started by talking about what lives under the sea, lots of answers here, from crabs to sea horses, dolphins to mermaids and of course good old baby sharks!  We obviously had to have a dance along to the song.

The children played a game of "Guess the sea animal", they were, of course, amazing.  Some of them got the answers before the adults! 

The books we read this week were "Sharing a Shell", "The boy who unplugged the Sea" and we sung songs such as "1,2,3,4,5...", "Baby shark"

We had real seaweed in the water tray, which the children loved, although it did get a bit stinky, they didn't care, they loved finding what was hiding in there. 

The rain certainly added to the watery theme, the children had a wonderful time jumping in the puddles and splashing about, so much fun!

When the sun finally came out we were about to continue the construction, imaginative play, building friendships, finding the sea creatures and cooking up a storm in the mud kitchen.

The children made jelly fish and even pretended to be jellyfish and other sea creatures in an under the sea themed PE lesson!


Such a fun and busy term, we hope you have a lovely half term break and we look forward to welcoming you back in Term 6!

Reptile week


So this week was a very exciting week, we learnt all about retiles and were lucky enough to have Rivers Reptiles and Rodents in to show us some of his lovely animals.  The children learnt how to look after them, some interesting facts, like a Rat controls its temperature through its tale and a tortoise loves a bath!  We had a reptile themed puppet show, which the children adored and it was a sell out everyday! 

The children learnt the song "I had a Tiny Turtle" and really enjoyed it when we changed up the rhyme to feature their own names.

During their child initiated learning the children collaged a giant chameleon, they learnt that they change their colour depending on their environment.  On the investigation table we had "lizards" in their natural environment and the children loved using the magnifying glasses to explore and take a closer look. 

Some of the books we have read and songs we have enjoyed this week are Superworm, Alans Big scary Teeth,  "Down in the jungle" and "5  little speckled Frogs" 



Discovering Dinosaurs 


What a fun week Peach Trees have had!  The focus has been dinosaurs and the children have loved it.  We discussed a few of the more popular dinosaurs and looked at pictures, spoke about how big they were and what they ate, when they lived and looked at their bones.  The children enjoyed a very fun PE session where they had to do different Dino poses and pretend they were various dinosaurs, the grown ups were impressed!  The children made some dinosaur skeleton pictures, decorated dinosaur eggs, made a stomping dinosaur picture using paints and dinosaur footprints. They also enjoyed an very noisy music session, where they demonstrated fantastic listening and played along to the directions given, we of course, di some free style too, which was so much fun!  

During child initiated we have had muddy dinosaur rescue, amazing construction, bike fixing, playing in the woods, cake and biscuit making with the playdough, singing and stories.  

Well done Peach Tree class, you are all amzing!

Arctic and Antarctic Animals


Although a short week, we have had fun learning all about the animals that live in the colder parts of the world.  The children enjoyed looking at pictures of polar bears, arctic foxes and hares, penguins, whales, seals, walruses and reindeers.  

They noticed very quickly that they were all white and we spoke about it was because then they could hide in the snow. 

We had a look at Igloo's and we even had a go at building towers and homes with sugar cubes to represent the ice blocks.  

During child initiated the children had a great time in the outdoor area, making a shiny cave and blowing bubbles, inside they had fun with the sea creatures in the water tray, with hidden shells at the bottom of the ocean and building towers.  The children had a go at using scissors and snipping paper, this is a skill they are developing well. 

They enjoyed the shady area of the woods and made daisy chains and enjoyed snack outside too!



Fun on the farm and Pets


This week we have been learning all about Farmyard Animals and Pets.  We focused on the book "What the Ladybird Heard" and the children loved joining in with the animal sounds and thought it was very funny when the thieves fell into the duck pond with a big splosh! 

The children enjoyed the sensory exploring of a shaving foam sheep, this got very messy! They have collaged chickens using feathers and card, rescued animals from the muddy playdough, been on a farm and pet animal hunt around the garden, having to match up pictures and see if they could name the animals as they went, they were very good at this.  

We had a very exciting visit from Ted, the school dog.  The children told me all about how to look after a dog, if they had a dog at home, what they like to eat and drink and also how soft Ted felt.  They all listened very well and were very sensible around him. We hope he comes to visit us again soon.

The children had fun with tractors in the sand, hand painted goldfish, chalked around each other and Mrs. Randall!  We also used the woodland play area too, the children enjoy this area and finding sticks and using all their energy running through the trees and over the bridges and it's great for a game of hide and seek!

Such a fun filled week of learning and exploring  smiley



Welcome to Term 5 - Animals


A very warm welcome back to our class and to the new children who have started and settled so well this week, it's lovely to have you all.  

This term we are looking at Animals and have focused this week on Zoo and Jungle Animals.  We have learnt what Animals we might see living in the zoo or jungle, we have discovered what sounds they might make, the monkey and elephant sounds being very popular! We made lion faces on paper plates, paper chain snakes and learnt the 'Down in the jungle' song. 


Lots of child initiated learning this week, to help the new children settle into the environment.  We have had exploring in water and sand areas, dinner making in the home corner (which was delicious!), exploring the playdough, using different techniques, such as rolling and cutting and squeezing.  Outside we have had some fantastic construction, the children built a fort and had a great time hiding from each other, in the water they used the rods to catch the fish and had a guess at the colour and number on them, there was tipping and pouring too, a firm favourtite!

The children enjoyed exploring the new playground this week too.  The climbed, swung, balanced and a great time pushing their physical skills to see what they could do.

What a brilliant week we have all had!  

Well done Peach Trees blush