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All About Me - Pets and Animals


This week your little superstars have been learning all about pets, animals and where they live.  We have spoken about pets we might have at home, who knew some of you had dinosaurs and lions as pets, as well as dogs and hamsters and cats. We even looked at what Mrs Randall's snake and chameleon looked like, the children were fascinated!

We did a matching activity, where the children had to guess what animal lived the home, they were all very good at this and really impressed us with what they knew.

We have also been learning the days of the week this week and about the weather, something we will be continuing over the next few weeks

Peaches enjoyed PE outside this week too, which they really enjoyed, racing with Mr Borg is always fun, especially when we beat him!

The construction area has been very popular too this week, the children have built a castle, a house and race track. We went for a walk to the woods and we were lucky enough to find the frog living in the pond and started to spot the changes in the season too.

We were so lucky to have a story read by Mrs Prebble and then go outside for a paper Airplane race too

Another busy week blush



All About Me - Our Favorite Things


This week we have been thinking about what our favorite things are.  We spoke about our favorite food, favorite toys, favorite books and favorite people.  There were lots of lovely answers from teddy bears to blankies, chocolate to chips and, of course, Mummies, Daddies and grandparents! 

We looked at foods and did some fantastic art using cauliflower, broccoli and carrots as our brushes.  We spoke about the different patterns each vegetable made on the paper.

We enjoyed some music and movement this week too, singing along to our favorite nursery rhymes, playing instruments and dancing to the actions, the children really impressed us with their moves!

We also had our first PE lessons with Mr Borg and Miss Neal too, the children were so good! We had a go to see if we could stop and go when asked, we then tried being our favorite animals, snakes and lions were very popular!

There was, of course, lots of other learning done during child initiated, lots of construction, play-dough, cups of tea in the home corner, reading, outdoor play and we even went to the reading room with Mrs Prebble to enjoy a story!  What a treat smiley


Term 1 

All About Me


A big welcome back to our existing Peach Trees and a very arm welcome to the new members of the class.  We are so excited to have you with us smiley


We have had a very busy week and you have all enjoyed exploring the classroom and the outside area.  There has been lots of building, painting, dancing, music and role play in the home corner.  


We introduced our topic of All About Me and we have discussed a few things we like and dislike and who we live with.  We can't wait to learn all about you over the next few weeks