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Discovering Dinosaurs 


What a fun week Peach Trees have had!  The focus has been dinosaurs and the children have loved it.  We discussed a few of the more popular dinosaurs and looked at pictures, spoke about how big they were and what they ate, when they lived and looked at their bones.  The children enjoyed a very fun PE session where they had to do different Dino poses and pretend they were various dinosaurs, the grown ups were impressed!  The children made some dinosaur skeleton pictures, decorated dinosaur eggs, made a stomping dinosaur picture using paints and dinosaur footprints. They also enjoyed an very noisy music session, where they demonstrated fantastic listening and played along to the directions given, we of course, di some free style too, which was so much fun!  

During child initiated we have had muddy dinosaur rescue, amazing construction, bike fixing, playing in the woods, cake and biscuit making with the playdough, singing and stories.  

Well done Peach Tree class, you are all amzing!

Arctic and Antarctic Animals


Although a short week, we have had fun learning all about the animals that live in the colder parts of the world.  The children enjoyed looking at pictures of polar bears, arctic foxes and hares, penguins, whales, seals, walruses and reindeers.  

They noticed very quickly that they were all white and we spoke about it was because then they could hide in the snow. 

We had a look at Igloo's and we even had a go at building towers and homes with sugar cubes to represent the ice blocks.  

During child initiated the children had a great time in the outdoor area, making a shiny cave and blowing bubbles, inside they had fun with the sea creatures in the water tray, with hidden shells at the bottom of the ocean and building towers.  The children had a go at using scissors and snipping paper, this is a skill they are developing well. 

They enjoyed the shady area of the woods and made daisy chains and enjoyed snack outside too!



Fun on the farm and Pets


This week we have been learning all about Farmyard Animals and Pets.  We focused on the book "What the Ladybird Heard" and the children loved joining in with the animal sounds and thought it was very funny when the thieves fell into the duck pond with a big splosh! 

The children enjoyed the sensory exploring of a shaving foam sheep, this got very messy! They have collaged chickens using feathers and card, rescued animals from the muddy playdough, been on a farm and pet animal hunt around the garden, having to match up pictures and see if they could name the animals as they went, they were very good at this.  

We had a very exciting visit from Ted, the school dog.  The children told me all about how to look after a dog, if they had a dog at home, what they like to eat and drink and also how soft Ted felt.  They all listened very well and were very sensible around him. We hope he comes to visit us again soon.

The children had fun with tractors in the sand, hand painted goldfish, chalked around each other and Mrs. Randall!  We also used the woodland play area too, the children enjoy this area and finding sticks and using all their energy running through the trees and over the bridges and it's great for a game of hide and seek!

Such a fun filled week of learning and exploring  smiley



Welcome to Term 5 - Animals


A very warm welcome back to our class and to the new children who have started and settled so well this week, it's lovely to have you all.  

This term we are looking at Animals and have focused this week on Zoo and Jungle Animals.  We have learnt what Animals we might see living in the zoo or jungle, we have discovered what sounds they might make, the monkey and elephant sounds being very popular! We made lion faces on paper plates, paper chain snakes and learnt the 'Down in the jungle' song. 


Lots of child initiated learning this week, to help the new children settle into the environment.  We have had exploring in water and sand areas, dinner making in the home corner (which was delicious!), exploring the playdough, using different techniques, such as rolling and cutting and squeezing.  Outside we have had some fantastic construction, the children built a fort and had a great time hiding from each other, in the water they used the rods to catch the fish and had a guess at the colour and number on them, there was tipping and pouring too, a firm favourtite!

The children enjoyed exploring the new playground this week too.  The climbed, swung, balanced and a great time pushing their physical skills to see what they could do.

What a brilliant week we have all had!  

Well done Peach Trees blush



Animals and Easter


For the final week of the term we looked briefly at animals, something we are focusing on next term.  The children had a go at matching up the baby animal with its parent and did some size comparisons too.  We played a "Guess the animal" sound game, the children blew us away with the sounds they knew, some of them were really tricky, but they guessed them! 

We had some Easter Fun too, making head bands and Easter nests too, very yummy and great fun. 

For our last PE lesson, Mr Borg got the parachute out, always exciting!  The children listened really well and enjoyed it very much. 

During child initiated we had a farm in the sand pit, hidden chicks to find, fun in the garden and lots more!

Have a lovely Easter break and we look forward to welcoming you all back for Term 5!


How We Grow...


This week for our topic we have been looking at how we grow as people.  We have spoken about what we might be when we grow up, how much we have grown already since we were babies, tried on a range of bigger clothes and shoes to see how big we might grow and compared how we differ in size from each other. 

There was a very exciting trip to Little Street in Maidstone!  Here the children were able to dress up and try out all different roles, including chef's, Dr's, builders, firemen, shopkeepers, policemen.  The children were very excited to go on the minibuses and were so beautifully behaved heart

During our child initiated learning there was much fun to be had.  There was lots of fun outdoors in the sunshine, we visited the wooded play area, enjoyed snacks in the sunshine, read books and built dens.  The children's imagination for construction as been fantastic, they have built cars, rockets, planes!  Indoors we had a very chilly water tray, threading and we cut the cress for the play dough and made some delicious cakes with it.

What a week!!

Spring is Here!


We have been looking at all things Springtime this week in Peach Tree class.  We have used our creative skills to make some fluffy sheep and beautiful daffodil pictures, created some blossom trees using finger painting, everyone enjoyed a walk in within the school grounds to see if we could spot some early signs of spring, including mini beasts!  

The children have really enjoyed being out in the sunshine this week and took full advantage of the warmer weather!  There was lots of water play, we have the gazebo moved into the garden and the children have loved helping to clean it up and it's been the home for lots of imaginative play, including a house for Spiderman!  We even enjoyed snack time outside this week, which was a real treat!

There has been ramp building in the construction area and colour mixing in the indoor and outdoor art areas.

Our very own growing area is in full bloom too and our cress is nearly ready to be cut and used in the mud kitchen! 




This week in Peach Trees we have been looking at seeds.  We  had a look at some real seeds, the children were amazed about how small they were!  We look at seeds inside some foods, seeds from packets, what the seeds may grow into and who could eat seeds.  The children helped to make a cosy place for our cress seeds, using cotton wool, we then carefully watered it and sprinkled the seeds on it.  The children have enjoyed checking in on the cress each day and helping to look after them, they are starting to sprout now.  We spoke abt birds eating and enjoying seeds, so we made some bird feeders, using a cardboard tube spread with lard and then rolled in the seeds.  We had so much fun getting sticky!!  We are going to hang these over in the woods this coming week and hopefully the birds will enjoy them.  

During Child Initiated we had such a busy time.  There was painting, building, bubble wand making and bubble blowing, jumping in puddles, tea and coffee making, fairy wand making, music and story reading! 

Another busy, wonderful week in Peach Tree Class blush

All Things Food!


This week Peach Trees have been looking at food and how it grow, where it comes from and why we need it.  We fed Alan the Alien and the children had to identify the food and decide if it was something would help Alan grow or if it should go in the bin.  The children loved doing this and they made some good choices, Alan was very well fed! It sparked lots of conversations about what we like to eat and what we had for dinner and breakfast.

We enjoyed Pancakes to celebrate Pancake day, the children were very good at choosing their topping and independently putting  their toppings on.

The children enjoyed a game of "What's in the shopping bag?"  We were very impressed by the conversations that the children started about what they saw, there was lots of describing language about the items and how they felt, smelt, the colour and even if they were heavy!  Well done children. 

During child initiated we explored ice, used the flour to mark make and the children insisted on having diggers in the flour as they have been watching the workmen with great interest! There has been some vegetable painting, picnics in the home corner, construction and PE and music!  What a week!!



Welcome Back Peach Tree Class!


We hope you have enjoyed your half term and are ready to learn all about Growing this term!  We will be looking at all aspects of Growing from plants and flowers to how we grow and what helps us.  We can't wait to see all the wonderful things you will achieve and learn.  We have new friends in Plum Tree class too, so please check their class page for lots of news too as we now have fun across the 2 classes.


We have been looking at flowers this week.  We have discussed how flowers grow, what they need, how we can look after them and all the different colours they come in.  We made a big flower picture using finger and hand prints, we used the play-dough to create flowers, designed watering cans, counted and glued flowers into a vase.

There has been lots of fun in and outside the classroom too, we have built dens for dinosaurs, painted ice cubes, counted with the Numberjacks, used diggers in the sand, made runs for the water, explored colour and light, made some wonderful music and made dinner in the home corner! 


Rainbow Fish and Jack and the Beanstalk


Over the last 2 weeks of term we have been learning about The Rainbow fish and Jack and the Beanstalk. 

We have listened to the stories, spoke about kindness and what made the Rainbow Fish a kind friend, how we can be kind to our friends, painted some beautiful fish using different techniques, the favorite being celery to make scales!  We had great fun looking at the colours on the Rainbow fish and then having a fun game of colour matching. 

For Jack and the Beanstalk we planted some magic beans, using egg boxes and soil, looked at sizes and how big the giant really could have been and we compared us to him.  We coloured in castles and spoke about all the different places people lived. 

During child initiated there was lots of fun!  Mark making in shaving foam, dough making, tea and coffee making, snack time, lots of outdoor learning, dinosaur swamps, construction with various resources and PE with Mr Borg.

What a busy bunch! 

The Little Red Hen


This week the Peach Trees have been learning all about the story of The Little Red Hen and they have loved it.  We started off by learning the story and then we spoke about whether we thought the Hen's friends were kind or not, as they only wanted to help her when it was time to eat the bread, we all agreed that they weren't very kind and they should have helped , as friends help each other.

For our Adult directed activities this week we have made our own little red hens, which were brilliant! The children added their own uniqueness to each /Hen and that was lovely to see.  We played a 'guess the animal'game, where the children had to tell me which animal, from the story, was which and also what sound it made, again they were brilliant, I even tried to trick them, but they were too clever!

We also had a go at making our own bread, which was very exciting, there was lots of mixing and some of the children described what the dough felt like and remembered parts of the story too. 

During child initiated, the children made some dough for use on the malleable table, enjoyed investigated how flour felt and moved, did some lovely art work and had a go at practicing pencil control. 

in the garden they were busy enjoying some of the huge cardboard boxes!  We have had a car, a fire engine, a house as well as other things!  They have been really using their imagination. 

We, of course, had our weekly PE with Mr Borg, this week we learnt all about bouncing balls. We had to see if we could bounce the ball on the spot, to a friend and also how high!!

What a fun filled, busy week, well done Peaches, you are Superstars! 



The Gingerbread Man


This week we have been looking at the story of The Gingerbread Man and the children have loved it!  We started off reading the story, the children were able to name the animals that appeared in the book and were soon joining in with the familiar "run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me....".  We then practiced some counting of the Gingerbread mans buttons and what a fantastic job the children did. 

The children also tried some baking this week with some fabulous results!  We had lots of enthusiastic mixing, tipping, egg cracking, pouring, rolling and cutting! And they smelt delicious when they were cooking and I hope the children enjoyed eating them on their way home heart

In PE, Mr Borg had us practicing rolling balls with control and seeing if we could knock over cones, which we all did very well.

The children have been enjoying the effect the weather has had in the garden and they have had to rescue the animals stuck in the ice!  They also enjoyed mark making in the frost and trying to dig in the frozen sand!  

Another wonderful week in Peaches blush



Welcome back Peach Trees and a very warm welcome to our new children who have started this week. You have all settled into our lovely new building beautifully and are enjoying getting to know the new spaces.

This week we have started our new topic of Traditional Tales and we looked at the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Some of the children knew the story already and could tell me a little about it, but those that didn't know were soon able to recall what happened and even had a go at pointing the biggest, medium sized and smallest pictures from the story. A few of the children were able to tell me what order Goldilocks investigated things in the bears house too.  Well done Peaches, you did amazing!!

The children enjoyed our first PE lessons of the term with MR Borg.  We are looking at ball skills this term and the children were learning all about throwing, catching and rolling balls and looking at how the balls moved about.  We played some musical games and had a fun game of musical statues.

We enjoyed a music lesson too where the children had to play with control and they had to listen to the instructions, which they did so well, they all loved playing their instrument loudly!!

During child initiated we have enjoyed lots of various activities around the new classroom and in the new garden, seen some wonderful mark making and role playing.

What a wonderful first week back children blush