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Learning Experience 7- Totally Rubbish Sculpture! 

We will begin this art learning experience by looking into two famous sculpture artists, Emily Motto and Antony Gormley. We will then have an incredibly exciting workshop day with Emily Motto herself, learning about her process for creating artwork before creating some artwork with her.  We will then combine the styles of Antony Gormley and Emily Motto to then plan our own sculptures using wire and recycled materials, exploring a range of joining techniques. We will then create our final sculptures in groups to have Emily Motto judge. Check out our knowledge organiser for more detail on what we will be covering. 

Learning Experience 6 - Christians

We will begin by looking at fingertip knowledge, the key strands of Christianity. We will then explore a range of 'ways of knowing' looking at multiple sources to decide what different Christians may believe about God. We will move on to looking at how these beliefs link to our own beliefs about the world before discussing why the Holy Bible is important to many Christians. Check out our knowledge organiser below for more information. 


In groups, we explored how different Christians may think of God using a range of sources. 

Last term, we achieved our TT Rockstars goal set by Miss Gibson. As a treat, she bought us an ice cream! :)

We had an amazing time learning how to read maps in our orienteering workshop. 

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Learning Experience 5 - Bones are Humerus, I'm Patella-ing You! 

For this learning experience we will be looking at all things skeletons and muscles. We will start by looking at types of skeleton that animals can have before exploring the human skeleton in more detail. We will then explore types of muscle before looking at how they support us to move. We will end by discussing how humans and animals need the right nutrition to help these vital parts of our bodies grow healthily and function effectively. Check out our knowledge organiser below for more information. 

Next, we used our knowledge of muscles and bones to create joints and explore how they moved. 

Don't we look amazing? We labelled the muscles and put them in the right places. 

We then created the muscular systems on a member of our group. 

Look at our incredible human skeletons!

We worked in groups to create our own skeletons, labelling the bones and whether their main roles were movement, protection or support. 

We sorted which animals were vertebrates and invertebrates using our knowledge that vertebrates have a spine and an endoskeleton. 

Learning Experience 4 - Use the Force!

For this learning experience, we will begin by exploring a range of forces that exist in the world, including gravity, friction, air resistance and water resistance. After that, we will look at friction in more detail, applying our scientific knowledge to create a friction experiment. We will then explore magnets and the forces generated by them including how they act on objects from a distance and how the poles interact with each other. We will use this knowledge to create our own magnets experiment in groups. Check out the knowledge organiser below for more information! 


Merry Christmas from Maple Trees! 

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To finish our learning on forces, we created our own experiments using magnets in groups. Among our investigations, we explored how many paperclips a single magnet could lift, how many sheets of paper or rulers a magnetic force could travel through and how far a magnetic force could reach. 

Snow Day! We had great fun in the snow! 

We worked really hard to create our own comics based on 'Pugs of the Frozen North'. We added speech bubbles and onomatopoeia to make them more exciting! 

We created an experiment to see which materials are magnetic. We found that all magnets are metal but not all metals are magnetic! 

Welcome to the Yeti Noodle Bar at The Lost Hope! 

We took turns to serve each other as yetis and eat strawberry lace noodles as customers. After, we reviewed the noodle bar on 'trip advisor' and rated our service!