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Learning Experience 13- Stone Age to Iron Age

We will begin this history learning experience by looking at the timeline from before the Stone Age to the end of the Iron Age. Following this, we will look in more detail at each of the parts of the Stone Age (Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic) including the daily life and living conditions in each era. We will then move on to each of these aspects in the Bronze and Iron Ages. For more information on our learning, check out our knowledge organisers below! 

Learning Experience 12- Roarsome Rocks! 

For this learning experience, we will begin by looking at the three types of rock, and how they are formed. We will then look at the properties and uses of rocks before trying to classify them. We will then move on to how fossils are formed and made and finally, take a closer look at soil. We will also support our learning by an exciting trip to the Natural History Museum in London! Check out our knowledge organiser below for more information. 

Learning Experience 11- R.E.S.P.E.C.T

For this learning experience, we will be looking into respectful relationships. We will explore what stereotypes are are how we can respectfully challenge them within ourselves and others. We will then look into bullying (including cyber-bullying) to work out what it is and how we can address it in a range of scenarios. To finish this experience, we will look into self-respect, making promises as to how we can show more respect to ourselves and those around us. Check out our knowledge organiser below for more information!

Learning Experience 10- Way of the Land


We will begin this learning experience by looking at types of settlement: hamlet, village, town and city. We will then identify the key features of each before focussing on our four key settlements, Hucking, Harrietsham, Whitstable and Canterbury. We will look into the land use of each settlement, their key landmarks and population as well as locating them on maps. We will finally visit these settlements to put our learning into practice as we complete fieldwork in the real world. Have a closer look at the knowledge organiser for this learning experience for more information.