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Road Safety!

Today we had a Road Safety Talk, informing us of all the steps we should take to be safe when walking near and crossing roads. We were also introduced to the opportunity to become a Junior Road Safety Officer which, many of us were very interested in being a part of. 

May The Forces Be With You

Our next Learning Experience is all about Forces. We will begin by identifying the different types of forces (Gravity, Friction, Water Resistance, Air Resistance, Magnetic Force). We will then be testing each of these forces through various experiments. 


For more information on the curriculum objectives we will be covering, click on the link below. 


Water Resistance!

Magnetic Force!


Coronation Celebrations!

Go With The Flow

For our first Learning Experience this term, we will be learning about rivers and mountains. We will begin our Learning Experience by noting famous UK rivers and mountains on a map and analysing where in the country these are found and why. We also have and exciting trip to Horton Kirby to explore rivers. Then, we will continue our learning by developing an understanding of how rivers and mountains are formed, and how they are used in different areas of the country.


For more information on the curriculum objectives we will be covering, click on the link below. 

Human Geography of Mountains and Rivers

The Formation of Mountains!

The Journey of a River!

Today we identified different Rivers and Mountains within the UK. 

Palm Trees News

Our next Learning Experience is Movie Making. Palm Trees will be planning and creating and report on a historic event from WWII focusing on and using cutaways. We will be creating storyboards outlining each scene of the reports, as well as putting together scripts. We will then be recording our own theme tunes using the skills we learnt from our previous Music Learning Experience. We will also be creating voice overs to play over any imagery we use within our reports. We will then start recording each of our segments that we planned on our storyboards. Finally we will piece all these components together to create our final news reports.


For more information on the curriculum objectives we will be covering, click on the link below. 

This lesson, we began creating our storyboards for our News Reports.

World War I and II Composers

This week, Palm Trees have been looking at WWI and WWII composers. We began by analysing Supermarine by Hans Zimmerman, and The Night Window by Thomas Newman. We then used this information in our next lesson to plan and rehearse our own compositions. In our last lesson, we had some more rehearsal time before performing our compositions to the rest of the class. 

Take a look and listen to some of the performances!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video



This term how to play Quidditch!we had the opportunity to learn

World War II

1939 - 1945

To begin Term 4 we will be learning about World War II. We will begin by looking at the events of World War II and formulating a timeline. Then we will learn about significant people and how countries grouped into the Allies alliance and Axis alliance. To expand on the events of World War II we will look closely at events such as air raids, the Blitz and evacuations. We will end our Learning Experience with a trip to Dover Castle, where will explore the tunnels and learn how our local county of Kent played a crucial role within the war.


For more information on the curriculum objectives we will be covering, click on the link below.

To end our Learning Experience we created our own 'Evacuation packs' with everything we think we would need as a child in WWII. 

Year 5 took a visit to Dover Castle. We got to explore the tunnels below the castle, as well as the grounds and castle itself. 

Today, we looked at some of the items people in WWII owned and used in order to stay healthy, safe, and sometimes have a little fun. 

In this lesson we looked at the Blitz and the 3 main types of shelter used during this time. 

Next, we looked at the opposing sides of WWII. The Allies and Axis alliances. We also researched some of the important people that were in power during this time and the effect they had on the war. 

We have started our Learning Experience by creating timelines noting some of the most important events of WWII. 



For our next Learning Experience we will be learning about and exploring a new artist, Yayoi Kusama. We will begin by analysing her work so that we can practise some of the pencil and painting techniques that she uses. Using what we have learnt, we will create our own designs inspired by her work. To finish our learning experience we will bring these designs to life by creating our own pieces of work. 


For more information on the curriculum objectives we will be covering, click on the link below.

Our Final Designs!

Take a look at some of our designs!

Our next Learning Experience lesson focused on the colour wheel and colour blocking. 

Today we began painting! Using what we had learnt about Yayoi Kusama's work we tried out multiple methods for forming dots and lines, which we could possibly use when we come to create our own paintings. 

Today we recreated some of Yayoi Kusama's work focusing on the different shapes she uses. As well as trying out some drawing techniques and exploring different types of pencils. 

We began our Learning Experience by exploring and analysing the amazing work of Yayoi Kusama. 


For our first learning experience of term 3 we will learning about Earth and Space. On our first day back we have a visit from the Astronomy Roadshow where we will learn amazing new facts about our solar system. Throughout our learning experience we will investigate the movement of Earth as well as other planets around the Sun. We will also investigate the movement of our Moon in relation to Earth. Finally we will learn how and why we have day and night and our different seasons. 

If you would like to know more about the curriculum objectives that will be covered, click on the link below. 

To end our Learning Experience, we had the opportunity to take part in the RAF STEM day. We built Rockets!

We used our knowledge from our previous lesson to explore how the seasons occur and what this looks like for different countries around the world. 

Today we explored why and how we have night and day. 

Today we were learning about the movement of the Moon around Earth and how this can impact how much of it we see. We used Oreo biscuits to create our own Phases of the Moon and show what parts of the moon we see during the Lunar Month. 

We explored the planets in more detail and drew the solar system!

For our first two lessons we were looking at our Solar System, the planets within it, and how the movement of Earth effects our days and years. We also looked at what makes a planet roughly spherical and how some are more spherical than others. 

We had an amazing visit from the Astronomy Roadshow!