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This term, our English will be based on the book Wonder.

For this Learning Experience, Silver Birch Trees will be learning all about the artist Yayoi Kusama. She is well known for her use of dots, line work and colour blocking. She is currently collaborating with Louis Vuitton! To start, we will analyse her work and have a go at creating a picture in her style. We will then go on to practise creating dots and lines using different items to show texture. Then we will investigate the colour wheel, looking at primary, secondary and tertiary colours. We will also look at contrasting and complimentary colours. We will then begin drafting our design that we wish to create in the style of Yayoi Kusama before evaluating and creating a final design on canvas.

For our next Learning Experience, Silver Birch Trees will be learning about Earth and Space. We start by having a planetarium visit whereby the children will learn fascinating space facts and experience our solar system. Throughout the topic, we will discover how the Earth and other planets move in relation to the Sun, the movement of the Moon in relation to the Earth, explain the different phases of the Moon and finally, how the day and night appear due to the rotation of the Earth and the Sun's movement. 


This term, all of our English will be based on the book Malamander!

During this Learning Experience, Silver Birch Trees will investigate and discuss why some people belive God exists. Another question we will be exploring is, if God is everywhere why go to a place of worship? Finally, we will look at Christians at Christmas time.

For our next Learning Experience, Silver Birch will be comparing and grouping materials based on their properties. They will be looking at their hard-ness, solubility and transparency. We will then be using our prior knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated through filtering, sieving and evaporating. We will be conducting experiments to investigate reversible and irreversible changes. Finally, we will be investigating the properties of bath bombs and creating our own to test!


Silver Birch's next Learning Experience is 'Welcome to India'. We will start by locating the different continents and oceans before zoning in on India. We will also locate and understand the significance of longitude and latitude as well as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). We will then discover the capital of India and the main cities whilst looking at the human and physical geographical nature of the land. During the Learning Experience we will be tasting indian food, trying out Bollywood dancing and understanding the culture and religion of the people of India!


For our next Learning Experience, Silver Birch Trees will be designing and creating a bug hotel. We will start by analysing existing products so we can understand what consumers we want too appeal to. We will be developing our knowledge and understanding of the design process so we have a clear purpose of why and how our product will work. Silver Birch Trees will also develop skills by learning how to use tools accurately and confidently to create our final product. Throughout, we will be evaluating our ideas to ensure we improve our design continuously. 

To start this Learning Experience, the children will enjoy an Egyptian workshop. They will learn about the chronology of the Ancient Egyptian timeline, discover artefacts, learn and play a game, write hieroglyphics and witness the mummification process! During lessons, they will learn about the different aspects of an Egyptian life such as: religion, hierarchy, gods and goddesses and the afterlife. They will also discover why the River Nile was so important to the Egyptians. We will end the experience by visiting Maidstone Museum to experience a hands on workshop!