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Term 3

Earth without art is just... eh!

During this Learning Experience, we will be exploring the colourful world of Yayoi Kusama. We will begin by analysing her style, practicing our pencil and painting skill and create out own designs. Finally, we will complete our Learning Experience by creating our own piece of art in the style of Yayoi Kusama.


For more information on the curriculum objectives we will be covering, click on the links below.

Today we explored the style of Yayoi Kusama, identifying her patterns and colour palette. 

Today, we learnt about Yayoi Kusama, her life and her art

Out of this World!

In this Learning Experience, we will be learning all about Earth and space. We will begin with a visit from a planetarium. We will then learn about the different planets and how they move around the sun. Then, we will zoom in closer and look at the relationship between the Sun, Earth and moon and how day and night and seasons occur. We will complete the Learning Experience with a RAF STEM experience creating our own rockets.


To find out more about the curriculum points we will be covering, click on the link below.

We completed our Learning Experience by building rockets!

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We used oreos to represent the different phases of the sun

We recapped on how the planets orbit the sun before moving on to acting out the moon orbiting the Earth while the Earth orbits the sun.

Today, we learnt how the planets orbit the sun

Today we learnt about the order of the planets in the solar system and made mnemonics to help us remember.

Today we had an exciting visit from the Astronomy Roadshow Planetarium!

We learnt lots about the planets and the constellations!

Term 2

12 Days of Christmas!

Taskmaster Lanyard Treat

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Christmas Fair

Santa Trail

Parent Shop

Rest in peace boiling water... you'll be mist!


During this Learning Experience, Elm Trees will be learning all about reactions. We will begin by grouping materials based on their properties Then, we will use our knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide whether we should filter, sieve or evaporate to separate mixtures. We will conduct fair experiments to discover more about solutions and reversible and irreversible changes. Finally, we will complete the experience by creating an irreversible change by making bath bombs!

Today, we carried out an experiment to test reversible and irreversible changes

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We tested if different substances are soluble and whether we could recover them

In today's lesson, we experimented using different separating methods to discover the most effective way of separating mixtures.

Today, we explored different materials and began grouping them based on their properties.

Welcome to India

During this Learning Experience, we will be doing a country study on India. We will begin by locating continents, oceans and countries on a world map. Then, we will learn about lines of longitude and latitude. Next, we will be focusing in on India, locating major cities, physical features and human features (and even trying out some Indian dancing!).


To find out more about the curriculum objectives we will be covering, click on the links below.


Elm Trees have been making presentations about physical features of India. Click on the links below and navigate yourself around to learn more...

Indian food tasting, yum!

Thank you Miss Marshall for bringing in your sari for us to look at! It is beautiful!

Elm Trees had so much fun learning some Indian Dancing!

To begin our Learning Experience, we used atlases to locate the seven different continents, 5 oceans and some countries on our world map.

Term 1


During this Learning Experience, we will be developing our design and technology skills to create our own bug hotels. We will begin by analysing existing products, then, researching into which materials would attract different bugs and what styles different target audiences would want. Then, we will move on to practising out cutting and joining skills. We will then design our bug hotel using everything we have covered so far, create a prototype to test our design and finally, make our finished product.


If you would like to know more about the curriculum objects that we will be covering, click on the links below.

Our final products!

Everyone has worked so hard!

Everyone has been working so hard on their final bug hotels. I can't wait to see their finished products!

The children who took part in Bikeability this term had so much fun!

Well done to everyone who took part in the staff v year 6 football match which ended in a 2-2 draw!

The children have been collecting their natural resources for their bug hotels. 

Over the last couple days, we have been making our prototypes, testing our designs before we make our final products. We measure our cardboard, cut it and joined it to make our bug hotel (half the size of our final product). Next step... evaluate ready to design our final product!

We evaluated the techniques we tried and thought about how we could apply the skills we developed when we make our product.

Today we practiced joining materials. We tested with selotape, glue stick, glue gun and string.

Today, we tried out different cutting techniques. We found that using a saw was quicker but using a Stanley knife was more precise.

Before we practice our cutting and joining techniques, we looked at the most effective ways to do the techniques as well as how to keep ourselves safe!

Today, we thought about different target audiences and what they would want from a bug hotel. What bugs would you want to attract?

We researched which bugs are attracted to different materials

We began our Learning Experience by analysing some existing products especially functionality, target audience and aesthetics

Makes you Sphinx


For our first Learning Experience, we will be learning about Ancient Egypt. We will begin with an Ancient Egypt workshop and then build on this learning through a range of lessons focusing on the chronology of the civilisation, religion, the importance of the River Nile, hierarchy and their beliefs on the afterlife. We will conclude our learning with an exciting trip to Maidstone Museum where we will learning more about the mummification process and make our own canopic jars.


If you would like to know more about the curriculum objects that we will be covering, click on the links below.

We had a great time at Maidstone Museum! First, we looked at artefacts and replicas from the mummification process. Some were over 3000 years old!!!

Then, we made canopic jars from clay. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians stored organs in these to take them into the afterlife?

Finally, we had time to explore the museum!

Elm Trees had lots of fun in their first ukulele lesson

We researched Ancient Egyptian religion and some of their gods

To further our understanding of dairy entry features, we have looked closer informal language, past tense and first person

Today, we looked the the Ancient Egyptian timeline

We began our English this term by looking at the features of a diary entry

I am so proud of everyone who gave a speech today to be house captain. The voting was so close! Congratulations to Ivy-Mae, Kaelen, Filip, George, Izzy, Ayaan, George and Kaleb!

We had a great Ancient Egypt workshop

First we made Egyptian necklaces to look like royalty

Then, we learnt more about the Ancient Egypt timeline

Next, we explored some artefacts which tell us about life during the time of the Ancient Egyptians

Then, we learnt about hieroglyphics and wrote our names

We played the Ancient Egyptian game Mehen