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Take a look inside Peach Tree class

Bird nests

To finish our topic on birds, some of our children made a birds nest out of a plate and hay. They enjoyed the independence of applying the glue and adding the hay. They look superb πŸͺΉπŸͺΊ

Bird role play 

Our creative Peach πŸ‘ and Plum trees used the environment to create birds nests that were just the right size for them. Look at their ideas and the smiles on their faces as their imaginations ran wild. 

Outside learning

This week has seen us all dodging the rain to learn in our garden. We have been building obstacle courses with the children working together to get the planks where they wanted them. Plus lots of water experiments happened on the art board with hand prints. How creative!
 A really valuable learning experience for us all was seeing 
the friendship building between children, with social skills coming on leaps and bounds. 

Wow we have another Peach member who has completed all of his reading challenges!

Excellent work, our second super star ⭐️ reader completed his challenges, got a certificate and a book to keep forever. Amazing 🀩 

Making πŸ¦… πŸ¦† birds 

This week Peach have been making birds with circles, a choice of coloured feathers and glue. They enjoyed the independence of using the glue and counting out the three feathers. Take a look at our wonderful chirpy creations 

Reading Challenges 

Today saw our first Nursery child complete all of his reading challenges. He got to go to the Head Teachers office and collect a very special golden coin. This coin allowed him to choose his very own book to keep FOREVER! 
Well done β­οΈπŸ“šβ­οΈ


This week has been our first week on our bird topic. We have been talking about the features on birds and immersing our room learning around them. Peaches have been looking out for birds in the garden with our bird feeders in place. 
For our first bird themed activity this week we chose to make our own feeders. The children used a loo roll as their base, they painted it with syrup and then independently rolled it in bird seed. Such delicate work.


Take a look at our avid twitchers πŸ•ŠπŸ¦…πŸ¦†πŸ¦€

πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ Halloween party in πŸ‘ Peach trees 

We have been super creative this week making rockets πŸš€. The children chose which colours to use and with their increasing confidence and imagination added their own flames. 

We have extended our learning by discussing fireworks, their colours and all the sounds they make. Our amazing Peaches produced very colourful posters πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡

Term 2

Welcome to term 2 Peach Tree class, we are so excited to get started on our topics this term. We will be starting off with the celebration of fireworks and bonfire night. Plenty of art and messy play to make beautiful displays and maybe a rocket or two.


Our next topic will be birds! We have so many amazing birds in our nursery garden, and we will be making feeders for them to enjoy.  


We will be rounding Term 2 up with our Christmas celebrations! Very exciting opportunities for all of us. 

Have an amazing half term Peach and Plum 

Our last Dino focus topic this term!

Wow what an amazing first term we have had in Peach πŸ‘ trees. We have come on leaps and bounds in our social skills, sharing and listening to each other. Excellent work Peach trees. 
This week we have been making Dino hats to mark the end of our Dino πŸ¦• topic. Take a look at the amazing fashion accessories our little πŸ‘ peaches made. 

Making our own dinosaurs with our 🦢 feet! 
What an experience we have had. Some of us enjoyed having our feet painted and transformed into dinosaurs. We had giggles galore as our paint brushes tickled our tootsies 

Clay πŸ¦– Dino art 
Clever hands and fingers! Wow we have been busy this week with clay. Some of our amazing Peach’s shaped their clay into πŸ¦• dino’s, giving them spikes and eyes. They were then given paint to create their perfect masterpiece πŸ‘Œ

So creative 
Dino Art! This week has seen Peach’s and Plum’s artistic side. We have been making mosaic dinosaurs, and using our dinosaur friends to make foot prints in the paint. 

Exploring new places 
Despite the wind we ventured outside and explored our tented area. We crawled, jumped, hid and jumped. 

Our focus activity this week

This week we have been making faces with the outline only. They have done an amazing job placing the features of a face on. This is the end activity of our All About Me topic. 
Our next topic is Dinosaurs πŸ¦• 


Independent children 

Peach and Plum practiced pouring their own drinks at snack time. We got in a little mess but the skills our children are learning in socialising are worth it. 

Building friendships 
Look at our amazing Peach and 
Plums practicing their balance skills. They worked really hard to navigate around the set obstacle course and even added their own touches. They helped each other along and held hands. 

Our focus activity this week 
In line with our All About Me topic in Peach and Plum we have been discussing with the children their first initial of their name. They have then been able to go wild with the glue, glitter and coloured paper to suit their unique personality ☺️

Snack time 
Peach Trees have been sharing group snack with Plum. The children have been learning how to share the snack and have been amazing in clearing up after their selves. We will continue to share snack time and soon venture in to some food preparation of their ownπŸ™‚


Our focus activity this week
Peach trees have been looking at eyes this week. We have been looking in mirrors to see if we can identify our unique eye colour and then being amazing artist. Look at our amazing work !

Exercise time  
Peach πŸ‘ utilised the outside area to practice their bike riding and balance skills. They played so well together and shared like super stars

Our first focus activity 
This week we have been making hand prints with our own unique marks. They have really brightened up our room and the children really enjoyed getting messy. I think you will agree they are fantastic works of art. 


The Peach Tree team would like to welcome all of our new joiners and returning peaches to our little family. Our time in Peach Trees’ will be full of new experiences, learning and lots of fun! During term one we will be exploring our new classroom and settling in together. 
We will be learning about two topics this term:

1. All about me

2. Dinosaurs