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Take a look at the inside of Plum Tree Class.


🎄 Christmas! 🎄

The last week of our topic about birds saw the children of Plum class making a nest for their birds that they made last week. They independently applied lots of glue to stick on the hay to make a cosy nest. They all did so well. 

This week we practiced our counting and colour recognition by making fluffy birds. I think you will agree they look amazing. 🐥



Plum class has had an amazing first week learning about our new topic, birds.

They have been very excited to sit and watch the birds and even squirrels come to our bird feeder. So as a treat we made all our resident birds in our garden lots of yummy seed feeders. 

Fireworks and Hallowe’en 

Peach and Plum class have had a great week celebrating Hallowe’en and Bonfire night. 
They made some fantastic firework pictures and rockets.

Term 2


In the first week we will help the children in Plum and Peach tree class celebrate Bonfire night.

Weeks 2-4 we will be looking at birds - making bird feedings to hang in the nursery garden, looking at what different birds we can see and making our own feathery birds.

Weeks 5-7 will be all about Christmas!  

To see in the end of our Dinosaur topic and term 1 we painted dinosaurs and made dino hats. 

We had loads of messy fun painting our feet then turning them into dinosaurs. 

We have been super busy in Plum and Peach class this week. Just look how amazing our little clay dinosaurs turn out. 


We have started our second topic for this term, which is dinosaurs. 
The children have had their first experience of clay this week. We are making little clay dinosaurs. They are all drying nicely ready to be painted next week. We can’t wait to show you the finished dinos. 

we had lots of fun making our tissue paper dinosaur. I think you will agree he looks amazing. 

This week we used glue to verbally name then stick the mouth, nose and eyes on the face. They all did so well.

We had great fun using vegetables and paint to print leaves, we then made an amazing Autumn tree.

This week we have been thinking about what the initial letter is to our names. Then we had lots of fun with glue and glitter. 

This week we have had lots of fun looking in mirrors at the colours of our eyes then finding the correct colour to use. 

Exploring the outside play area

Term 1

All about me.

Over the last few days we have had lots of fun painting our hand prints. 


We would like to welcome all our new little Plum children and their families to Plum Tree Class. We are looking forward to getting to know you all over the coming year. The children have already started to explore the nursery and are settling in well. 
This term we will be looking at two topics - all about me and then dinosaurs. We can’t wait to see all their amazing learning .