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Take a look at the inside of Plum Tree Class.


Our learning this week have been around the song - The Wheels on the Bus.

Plums have decorated buses, found wheels in the sensory tray, used great fine motor skills to stick dots on buses, made shape vehicles and of course done lots of singing. 

Our focus this week has been the story Dig Dig Digger. We have have looked at all the difference vehicles, watched hot air balloons take off, made button art vehicles, practiced our cutting skills, watched steam trains and made our own construction site.

Our learning this week has been around the traditional story Jack and the Beanstalk. Plum tree class have walked/talked like the giant, made harps, created their own scene pictures, listened to harp music, hunted for magic beans and made beanstalks. 

Plum and Peach tree class have had the amazing opportunity to experience seeing ducks hatch from their eggs. We had five eggs all hatched but sadly one little duck didn’t make it. The other four are growing well and proving to be a very noisy addition to the nursery. 

Plum tree’s learning has been based around the story Meg and Mog this week. Then on the last day we celebrated the Kings Coronation with a garden party. 

Coronation party day.

What a great week Plum tree children have had focusing their learning around the song - Row Row Row your boat. 
They have learnt the names of different types of boats, made boats out of large boxes, designed collage boats, made 2d shape boats, get to see if their own little boats floated on water and of course done lots of singing. ⛵️

Plum trees welcomed the start of term 5 looking at the book - Where’s Spot. 
We have made towers the same size as our toy dogs, talked about the different dogs there are, fed a box dog his bones, hunted for dogs in the sand and done some amazing counting. 

Plum tree class have been thinking about Easter this week. We have designed our own eggs, hunted for chicks, coloured egg pictures using different media, fed a cardboard rabbit carrots, played an egg and spoon balancing game and made chocolate nests.

This week our focus story was Five Minutes Peace. The children bathed our own Mrs Large, used a range of different medium to colour elephants, learnt a very fun elephant song, made our own elephant family which got very sticky, and used tweezers to put pom-poms into a cardboard elephant.

Plums Tree class learnt the songs Old MacDonald and Baa baa black sheep this week. In learning time we have, made woolly sheep, learnt with farm animals in chocolate yogurt, tried milking a pretend cow, gone on an animal hunt and finished the week making our wonderful mums a card. 

Plum trees story this week has been reading - Ten little pirates.

Wow, what a week of great learning Plum tree children have done. They have really enjoyed the story Ten little pirates. We have eaten chocolate coins, found treasure in the sand, shown great turn taking playing games like pirate pop and guess the missing object. They practiced their cutting skills and made mosaic pirate pictures.