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Week 3 - Pets

Although this was a short week we have still packed lots into it! We were put into small groups to talk to our friends about our pets. We then tried some different activities to make a pet. We made junk modelling pets, pet puppets and split pin pets (this was the most challenging!)

We have had a brilliant start to our phonics lessons and are already starting to demonstrate our fantastic letter formation.

We have been working on our number ordering. Some of us worked independently and some of us worked in pairs. We have to place our number cards in order from 1-10. We were amazing as always smiley

Our child initiated learning has been really focused again this week. We have been constructing, creating hand monsters, playing the musical instruments, and exploring with dinosaurs and bugs in the outside area.

And finally...

Massive congratulations to Carter for winning the first Greenfields Greatness award in Apple Trees. Carter has worked so hard on his phonics this week and Mrs Jessop and Mrs Savage are incredibly proud of him. Well done Carter!!!

Week 2 - Our families

We started the week with our first PE lesson! The children were brilliant and listened carefully to the instructions and used different types of movement to represent animals. We were sloths, butterflies, ostriches, frogs, rabbits, lions, elephants and much more

We have been practicing our counting this week.

Even on rainy days we still get our daily exercise! We use sticky kids and dance n beats on Youtube. The children already have a favourite which is the volcano dance!

We have had lots fun outside during our child initiated time. We definitely have an outdoorsy cohort!

Term 1 - Getting to know you

This term we will be focussing on us, our families, our pets, our friends and much more! We will be doing lots of different activities for our topic as well as staring Phonics and lots of maths learning.


Week 1 - Us

This week we have been thinking about us, we started the topic by creating our self-portraits. We looked at ourselves in a mirror to see what our features are like and then used paint to create our masterpieces!


We thought about our likes and dislikes. We found that not every one likes the same things and that is ok. We completed a cutting activity where we cut out pictures and placed them onto a table in the like or dislike column, we also had a food tasting session. We tried mango chutney, pepperoni, sweet pickle, kiwi fruit, pineapple and melon. The pepperoni was the favourite and pickle was the least favourite! The children were brilliant and although some were reluctant, most of them tried all of the foods smiley 

We have started practising our numbers! Mrs Jessop modelled writing our numbers to 10 and the children had a go at doing it themselves. We ended up with some fantastic number lines!

We have lots of fun during child initiated learning this week. We have been building sandcastles, dressing up, creating junk models, exploring with the water, and much much more. The children have been brilliant and becoming more focussed each day on their learning.

Our first day!

Apple trees had an amazing first day. The children were extremely calm and settled. For our first adult led activity we passed a teddy round our circle and told all of our new friends what our name was. The children were fantastic and all joined in with the activity, they also remembered that they had to listen carefully to their new friends when they were not holding the teddy.

We enjoyed investigating our new classroom. We looked after the resources really well and have already started to make some friendships.

We completed our first daily mile. We will eventually build up to running for 15 minutes each day. We have started on 8 minutes at the moment, the children were fantastic and seemed to really enjoy themselves.