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Term 3 - All Around the World


Happy New Year and welcome back to another term in Cherry class! This term we will be going All Around the World! Starting with a focus on Maidstone before looking at England/London, we will then be diving under the sea, trekking through the desert, trying to keep warm in the Arctic and finally going swinging through the jungle!

Week 4 - The Desert


This week we have been trekking through the warm and sandy desert! After watching a video about the kinds of animals that live in the desert, we had a go at painting our own large scale desert scene as a group! Our favourite part of the video was the sideways snake who jumps along the sand so he doesn't burn his belly!

Week 3 - Under the Sea


This week we have been diving under the sea and looking especially at different kinds of sea creatures! We read Commotion in the Ocean before having a go at painting some of the creatures we spotted in the story!

We then had a go at using our phonetic knowledge to label parts of different sea creatures!

During our PE lessons with Mrs. Wickett this week we have been exploring different ways of moving a ball through rolling, bouncing or throwing!

We have really enjoyed ourselves during our child-initiated learning time this week! We've been incredibly creative, especially in the construction area and with our playdough creations! We've also been continuing our learning of the world, through exploring maps, globes and Atlases!

And a huge well done to our Greenfields Greatness Award winner this week! We're so proud of you improving your confidence hugely this week, especially when interacting with your peers! You also wrote your first sentence so neatly this week - well done! 

Week 2 - London


This week we have been thinking about London in preparation for our trip to the Excel Centre! We read the story of The Queen's Hat to introduce us to some London landmarks and then had a go at recreating Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the London Eye through a variety of crafts.

We then went on a virtual London bus tour - with our own bus tickets and everything!

Our school trip to the Jurassic World Exhibition!


We had a fantastic time on our trip to the Jurassic World Exhibition in London! We saw so many incredible life-sized dinosaurs, went on a boat ride, got to stroke some baby dinosaurs (the herbivores at least, we didn't want the carnivores to think our fingers were their lunch!), looked inside dinosaur eggs, saw Blue the Raptor's training session and escaped from a hungry T-Rex!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

During our child-initiated learning time this week we have been enjoyed sensory exploration and cooking role play with pasta, investigating capacity with water and driving our cars over our own Tower Bridge, as well as many other things!

Well done to our final Cherry who completed all of their reading challenges for Term 1 & 2 and got to choose a free book from the vending machine!

And another well done to our Greenfields Greatness award winner this week! We are so proud of you for always being so polite and respectful, especially during our trip this week, and consistently working hard and trying your best in all areas of your learning!

Week 1 - Where We Live


We were all so happy to be back in school and seeing all our friends after the Christmas break! We were very excited to speak all about what we got up to over the break, so started the week by drawing a picture of something we did over the break. Whether that was a specific activity, a present we received or who we spent the holiday with.

We started our All Around the World topic by thinking about our town of Maidstone. We took a look at Google Earth and discussed places in our local area we were familiar with. We then moved onto building a construction of a familiar landmark using a variety of materials, whether that was our house, a bridge, a castle or even McDonalds!

The next day, we had a look at paper maps of Maidstone, which we found really interesting! We thought about the different parts of the map and how the different colours showed whether something was a motorway, a road, a river, train track, houses or parks. We then had a go at creating our own maps. Some of us chose to draw a map, some chose to create a map collage, some of us made marks on a map of the world and some enjoyed building more constructions on top of our map of Maidstone.

During numeracy this week we introduced the concept of addition! Although this can be quite tricky to get our heads around, our Cherries all tried really hard! We had a go at having 2 piles of counters and then put them together to see how many we had overall. Some of us were even able to start writing number sentences, making sure we included an addition and equals symbol!

And finally, a huge well done to Thakshith, our first Greenfields Greatness winner of the term! You have developed real resilience this week by returning to school with so much confidence, especially in your speech and lots of enthusiasm about our new topic! Well done! smiley

Term 2

Dinosaurs and Celebrations


Welcome back for Term 2! We're so excited to have all of our Cherry pupils back to continue their learning with us. This term our topic is all about dinosaurs! We have lots of dinosaur fans in Cherry class and can't wait to find out more about them! We'll be thinking about the fact they lived in the past and are now extinct, learning the names and features of some different land, air and sea dinosaurs and also looking at their fossils and bones!

Week 7 - Christmas Celebrations


We have continued to enjoy festive celebrations in Cherry class this week! Starting with making our very own calendars!

We enjoyed some festive numeracy activities this week too - putting the right amount of buttons on the snowmen and baubles on the tree, creating a Christmas light number chain and writing numbers in 'snow'.

We had a special task during our phonics this week from Santa himself! He dropped off a sack of presents and needed Cherry class's help to label them all!

We really made the most of enjoying the snow during our child-initiated learning this week!

We had so much fun during Christmas party activities on our last day of school for the year! We decorated hats to take to the lunch hall for our dinner, played pin the red nose on Rudolph, had party food and played musical statues with Apple class, enjoyed a roast dinner altogether and snuggled down to watch a film in the afternoon!


Well done for a fantastic year in Cherry Tree class so far everyone! We can't wait to see you all again in January!

Happy holidays!

Week 6 - Christmas Celebrations


We have had a very festive time in Cherry Tree class! We started the week making hats to turn us into Santas for our Christmas performance on Tuesday, which I'm sure you'll agree they all did brilliantly during! It was lovely getting to see them all singing and dancing along to the songs we have been practicing in class!

We have had lots of fun with festive crafts in class, including making our own ornaments and Christmas cards for our loved ones! We had complete freedom to create whatever and however we liked, and the end results were all completely individual and unique! The pupils were so proud of their own creations and worked hard to write a message inside their cards too smiley

We participated in an exciting Santa trail around the school to find lots of different festive pictures and won a little prize for our hard detective work!

We also got to attend the Christmas Fair, where we enjoyed lots of different games to win prizes and even had a visit from a very special someone!

We have continued the festive fun into our child-initiated learning time this week, decorating the classroom, making a 3D Christmas tree out of boxes, creating our own post box to the North Pole, designing snowmen with open-ended resources and exploring ice outdoors after an exciting visit from Jack Frost!

Week 5 - The Nativity Story


We started the week off by having a very special phonics lesson that our families were able to attend! It was so lovely to see some of our Cherries getting to work alongside their adults to complete some phonics activities. Thank you to those who were able to attend, I hope it was helpful and enjoyable for you! smiley

This week we have started getting very excited about Christmas by beginning to think about why we celebrate it. We read the Nativity story and thought very hard about all of the characters involved. We then had a go at drawing a picture of a scene in the stable, using lolly sticks to help us create the stable if we wanted to.

We then used our fine motor skills to cut out characters from the story and stick them onto lolly sticks, before acting out the story in groups. We remembered the events of the story really well!

The next day we worked in pairs to sequence key scenes in the story. We remembered the order of events really well and then were absolute superstars having a go at writing some words around the pictures to describe what was happening in them. We used our phonetic knowledge to sound out and spell the words based on what sounds we learnt so far and did such a good job!

We have been focusing on double letter digraphs in our phonics lessons over the last couple of weeks and made some fantastic attempts at writing words or even captions with our new sounds in! I couldn't be prouder of how hard our Cherries have been working heart

During our child-initiated learning time this week we have especially enjoyed interacting with small world figures, sensory exploration with lentils, continuing our Nativity puppet performances, making guitars out of tupperware and elastic bands and more!

A huge well done to our most recent Greenfields Greatness winner! You have demonstrated Uniqueness and Teamwork during your learning time by always coming up with such creative ideas and being happy to let your peers join in! Well done smiley

Week 4 - Dinosaur teeth and fossils


This week we have been thinking about how we know so many things about creatures that are extinct! We looked at pictures of the remains of dinosaur teeth and noticed that some are sharp and some are flat. We learnt that the sharp teeth belonged to carnivore dinosaurs to help them rip up meat and that the flat teeth belonged to herbivores to help them grind up plants. We then carried out an experiment! We pretended tweezers were sharp carnivore teeth and stones were flat herbivore teeth. We used cotton wool to represent meat and investigated how well the tweezers could pull apart cotton wool, but wouldn't tear up the leaves and how rubbing the stones over leaves grinded them up, but didn't do anything to the wool!

We also learnt about Mary Anning, one of the first people to find dinosaur fossils and bones in the UK when she was just a little girl! We thought about how fossils are formed, before having a go at creating our own by pressing dinosaur skeleton models into clay.

We have been focusing on number recognition during our numeracy lessons this week and explored a variety of activities. These included threading the correct amount of beads onto pipe cleaners, placing the right amount of pompoms into cupcake cases, organising a post-it note number line or 3D number shapes in the correct order, exploring natural counting and a number matching car game!

We have continued to enjoy such a large range of activities during our learning time this week! We've especially liked exploring shapes with the tap taps, printing dinosaur footprints in paint, making flower potions and continuing to demonstrate our amazing creativity in so many ways!

Well done to our most recent amazing pupil to complete their reading challenges! You loved visiting the vending machine to win a free book!

And finally, a huge congratulations to our Greenfields Greatness award winner this week! You have demonstrated so much aspiration, particularly during our numeracy lessons this week and we are so amazed with the progress you continue to make. Well done!

Week 3 - The Girl and the Dinosaur


This week we have continued reading the story of The Girl and the Dinosaur. We particularly enjoyed the scene where they visit the dinosaur party in the sky, so we created our own dinosaur party scenes!

When we finished reading the book, we worked in pairs to sequence key events from the story. We were even able to use our phonetic knowledge to help us write some words to describe certain scenes!

We've engaged in such an exciting range of activities during our child-initiated learning time this week! We enjoyed citrus fruit exploration, explored a dinosaur jungle scene and got artistic painting with natural, recreating beautiful flowers, painted pumpkins and even painted a life-size Triceratops footprint!

A huge well done to our Greenfields Greatness winner this week! You always work so hard in all areas of your learning, both at school and at home and have been especially keen to learn more about our dinosaur topic!

And congratulations to our Term 1 100% attendance winners!

Week 2 - The Girl and the Dinosaur


This week we have been thinking about land dinosaurs! We have been reading the story of The Girl and the Dinosaur and completing activities based around different parts of the book. We were told we would be reading a story about a girl and a dinosaur later this week and before even seeing the book, we worked in groups to create our own stories based on what we thought the book could be about. We had some really creative ideas - check out our debut stories below!


The Girl and the Dinosaur by Calix, Gracie-May, Jaxxon, Jimmy, Kieran, Maisie, Martina, Oliver & Thakshith

Once upon a time there was a 4-year-old princess named Elsie who lived in a castle. One day, she decided she wanted to find a dinosaur! She set out to the jungle and came across two dinosaurs; a Raptor called Blue and a T-Rex called Kieran. But when she found them, the dinosaurs roared and scared Elsie so much that she ran away! The T-Rex started chasing her, but luckily she was rescued by a knight who took Elsie back home to her castle. When they arrived at the castle they found a next of dinosaur eggs! The dinosaur eggs began cracking as they were starting to hatch! They instantly started to grow bigger and Elsie and the knight raised them to be friendly dinosaurs who loved to play games together. They all lived happily ever after. The end!


The Girl and the Dinosaur by Amelia, Aurelia, Ayce, Ezra, Gentie, Jayden, Lexi, Noah, Riley & Sophia

Once upon a time, on a dark, rainy night, a little girl named Isabella was looking out of her bungalow window into the jungle. She heard a big roar and saw a dinosaur stomping around and breaking things! He ended up breaking Isabella's bungalow and even her bed! Isabella was so scared that she screamed and ran away. But the dinosaur was only grumpy because he was feeling hungry and looking for things to eat for his dinner! He was hoping to make friends with Isabella and did not mean to scare her off. The dinosaur realised that in the future he needed to stop roaring to make sure he doesn't scare off any more potential friends. The end!


The next day we read the first part of The Girl and the Dinosaur and just like the girl in the story, we discovered dinosaur bones! We went digging for bones in the sand, matched pictures of dinosaurs to the correct skeleton used our fine motor skills to create a split pin craft and made our very own dinosaur skeletons out of string and pasta.

We also used our phonics knowledge to help us complete a range of tasks that involved labelling different parts of a dinosaur. We wrote the names of their body parts on post-it notes and stuck them on the right place on a toy dinosaur, looked at pictures of different types of dinosaurs and identified and labelled the different features they had, as well as labelling the dinosaur from our story. We worked so hard on this task and are beginning to be able to spell and write short words on our own! Well done Cherries!

During our numeracy lessons recently we have been focussing on estimating! We hid pictures of different amounts of items under post it notes, had a quick look and estimated how many we saw before looking again to count how many there actually were. We have also been practicing our number formation and all had a really good go at writing numbers to 10!

We are really enjoying our PE lessons this term and have been having lots of fun climbing onto, across and jumping off of equipment!

We've had so much fun during our child-initiated learning time this week! We have continued our love of dinosaurs, washed and cut up pumpkins, created some Jackson Pollock inspired artwork that we then turned into a poppy field for Remembrance Day and played lots of Duck, Duck, Goose!

And finally, well done to our Greenfields Greatness award winner this week! You have demonstrated Resilience and Aspiration by coming into school each day with a smile on your face and always working so hard, especially in phonics where you have made huge progress! We couldn't be prouder!

We also had some house competition winners this week! Well done for creating such thoughtful wreaths for Remembrance Day!

Week 1 - Halloween & Introduction to Dinosaurs


Monday was Halloween! Lots of our pupils came dressed in amazing costumes and we started the day with a special spooky dancing PE session with Mrs. Wickett! We then enjoyed a variety of Halloween themed activities during our child-initiated learning time, such as scooping pumpkins, making wizard wands, counting spider legs, reading witchy stories and decorating biscuits to look like pumpkins!

We introduced our topic of dinosaurs this week by having a brainstorm about what we already know. I was so impressed by how much knowledge our Cherries already have and everyone has been so interested in the topic already! We began by thinking about what dinosaurs looked like by drawing pictures of dinosaurs and then the next day we used our fine motor skills to recreate dinosaurs out of playdough. They all look fantastic!

We ended the week thinking about Fireworks Night and why we celebrate it. We learnt about Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot, before moving on to create our own fireworks using a variety of media - paint and cardboard tubes, chalk, glitter and pompoms!

After a very rainy few days, our sandpit had turned into a pool! During our child-initiated learning time, we worked together to scoop the water out and had so much fun doing so! We have also been continuing our playdough dinosaurs, turning our role play corner into a jungle and creating leaves and birds to decorate it with during our learning time.

And a huge well done to our Greenfields Greatness award winner this week! You have been such a fantastic friend during our learning time this week, well done! smiley

Term 1

Getting to Know You


Welcome to Cherry Tree class! We will be spending lots of time settling into Year R and getting to know the school and our class routines. Our topic this term is 'Getting to Know You'. We will be getting to know our new friends by talking about ourselves and celebrating things that make us unique. This will include thinking about what we look like, our likes and dislikes, our families, pets, friends, homes and our bodies. 

Week 7 - Autumn


For our final week of term we learnt a bit about the season of autumn, based around the autumnal items we collected on our walk! We got creative seeing how we could use the different objects to create artwork. We created patterns in paint with sticks, pinecones, acorns and leaves, explored leaf rubbings with crayons, and made collages using autumnal coloured materials! We then read the story Don't Hog the Hedge and began to think about animals who hibernate during the autumn and winter months.

Here's what we got up to during our child-initiated learning this week! Following on from our interest in learning about the human body; we turned our role play corner into a hospital and loved pretending to be doctors and patients! We've also enjoyed marble run, building towers that are taller than us and developing our independence through serving our own snack!

And another huge well done to our final Greenfields Greatness award winner for the term! You're always so focussed during our topic and phonics lessons and demonstrate such a love of learning. We're so proud of you!

Well done Cherry Tree class for a fantastic first term of school! You've all settled in so well, worked so hard and have made amazing progress in such a small space of time. We could not be prouder of you all and can't wait to carry on learning and growing together next term. Enjoy a lovely half term!

- Miss Padden and Mrs Swift smiley

Week 6 - Our bodies


This week we have been thinking all about our different body parts! This has been a topic that our Cherries have shown a real keen interest in. We first thought about our external body parts and worked in pairs to draw around each other and place the symbols in the correct place on our body drawings.