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Term 1

Getting to Know You


Welcome to Cherry Tree class! We will be spending lots of time settling into Year R and getting to know the school and our class routines. Our topic this term is 'Getting to Know You'. We will be getting to know our new friends by talking about ourselves and celebrating things that make us unique. This will include thinking about what we look like, our likes and dislikes, our families, pets and friends. 

Week 3 - Pets


These week we have been talking about our pets or the animals we might like to have as a pet! We started the week creating a variety of pet crafts through junk modelling, drawing and a cutting and split pin fine motor task. We also read the story The Great Pet Sale and took inspiration from this story for our numeracy work. We had a variety of animals with numbered tags on their necks. We chose which animal we wanted to buy and handed over the correct amount of cubes. We enjoyed this so much that we turned our role play corner into a pet shop to continue the fun! The next day we were able to place pictures of the numbered animals in the right order from 1-10.

Here's what we've been up to during our child-initiated learning this week! Obstacle courses, tea parties, pet shop role play and exploring colours with paint and water play!

Week 2 - Our Families


This week we have been thinking all about some of the most important people in our lives - our family! We read the story Part of the Party to support our understanding of all different types of family. We then thought about what our own families look like, using our summer books and family trees/photos to help us speak to our friends about the people we care about. We were able to ask our peers some excellent questions about what we saw in their pictures and learnt so much more about each other! We also created some family portraits this week and everyone was able to identify and name the people in their drawings - see if you can spot yourself!

Throughout our numeracy sessions this week we have been investigating a variety of open-ended resources to help us count. We've demonstrated some really impressive counting and number formation skills so far - well done cherries!

Here's what we've been up to during our child-initiated learning this week - dress up, restaurant role play, strengthening our fine motor skills, puzzles, hide and seek and so much more! laugh

Week 1 - Us

This week we read the story We Are All Different and thought about how unique we all are. We first thought about how we all look different and painted self-portraits, using a mirror to help us think about what colours and features we should include. We were so proud of our independent creations! We have also thought about things we like and dislike, which included tasting some exciting new foods, sorting our favourite toys and thinking about what activities we prefer over others through a cutting and sticking task!

We have been working lots on our mark making skills with a variety of different media! We have been practicing forming different shapes and recreating some patterns. We've also been developing our understanding of the importance of teamwork and working within a group.

We enjoyed beginning to explore our new environment and resources during our child-initiated learning time.

Our First Day!


We all had a fantastic first day and were so excited for our new class! We were all very brave and confident sharing something about ourselves during our first circle time. We ensured we listened to our new friends when they were speaking so we could hear their names learn more about each other.