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Aims for 2020/21

In May 2019 Greenfields was graded as a Good school with Outstanding features.  The inspection report is available at the bottom of this page.

From September 2019 all schools have been graded in the following areas.

  1. Leadership and Management
  2. Quality of Education
  3. Behaviour and Attitudes
  4. Personal Development

These areas are then used to arrive at an overall effectiveness grade.  
With this in mind we have set aspirational aims for the coming academic year in each of these areas.  The aims have been set with a view to ensuring the school continues to make strong progress in all of the key areas. 
These aims will be monitored throughout the year at different stages so that the school can measure impact and refocus on areas which have not progressed in the way we would have liked.  This monitoring will be on going with 3 milestones set for each area for the school to have a full evaluation at the end of terms 1,3 and 5.
The aims for the academic year 2020/21 are listed below.


Leadership and Management

Hold high and clear expectations of all staff to ensure the best possible outcomes for all children.


Quality of Education

- Further increase the effectiveness of teaching across the curriculum.

- Ensure high quality support is available for all staff at all levels.

Behaviour and Attitudes

- Further develop responsibility within the whole school community.

- Ensure attendance level and levels of persistent absence are at least in line with national figures.


Personal Development

Ensure the school’s provision meets the needs and interests of all children.

If you would like any further information regarding the school’s aims for the coming academic year, or would like to discuss our plans in more detail, please feel free to contact the school to make an appointment to see a member of the school’s leadership team.