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British Values

At Greenfields we promote fundamental British Values alongside our school core values (Wellbeing, Aspiration, Teamwork, Resilience and Uniqueness) through our school curriculum.


The 5 British Values are -



At Greenfields - Everybody has the right to have their voice heard and within school all children and adults should be able to make their opinions known and be listened to.


Rule of Law

At Greenfields - Rules and laws are very important whether they be those that help us to understand what we should do in the classroom, within school or within the country.  Rules and laws protect us and ensure that we stay safe. As a result, there is a consequence when we break the rules and laws.


Individual Liberty

At Greenfields - All children are actively encouraged to make good independent choices knowing that they are within a safe and supportive environment. Within school we provide boundaries for children to keep them safe and enable them to make choices within these boundaries.


Mutual Respect

At Greenfields - Everybody within the school community; adults and children learn that they must respect the rights of others. This does not mean that everybody has to agree and we should appreciate that other people may have alternative opinions, may come from different backgrounds and have different cultures but everyone is valued.


Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

At Greenfields - We ensure that children are aware of their place in a culturally diverse society and give them plenty of opportunities to experience different aspects of the diversity.