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Community Garden

At Greenfields we are lucky enough to have an abundance of many things...Amazing children...Wonderful staff...Hard working parents...and lots of GREEN SPACE! Therefore we are working on a project to use some of this space in a way that further increases our impact on our community. On this page, you will find updates about our Community Garden Project, Phase one of which started in May 2019, with the help of some children in Year 5 and 6, using materials donated by local businesses.

Throughout the project we will post information about our progress and seek out volunteers whenever we think we need them. More importantly, when we have made some progress towards Phase Two - Planting, we will be inviting all members of our community to get involved and benefit from the positive wellbeing that gardening brings! 

Phase one - Landscaping


Sieving through the reclaimed soil.
Filling the Pot rockery with compost and soil.
Great teamwork!
Taking our time to make it neat.
Can't wait to get the plants in next week!

Progress through the summer break

The allotment has been restored and upgraded.
The depot and compost area was refurbished.
The Year 6 2020 path was completed as they had requested (see below).
Our new Pot Rockery was constructed (see below).
A nature pond area and third entry path was created (see below).

The Nature Pond area

The Pot Rockery - A recipe...

Take a selection or recycled materials...
...and a pile of logs.
Arrange the logs around an pile or unwanted turf (laid upside down!).
Border the area with pallet wood and pegs.
Worked around both sides of the mounded turf.
Then dig out holes for the recycled pots and troughs.
Cover the area with weed fabric and then bark chippings.

All we need to add now are the Gardening club members and some plants!

The Year 6 2020 Pathway

This project seemed like a really symbolic way of Year 6 completing their time in Primary school. They worked well together, in quite warm conditions some times, to prepare and organise the area. Thank you to them all and best wishes for all the futures that your paths lead you too! 

July and August

We had grand plans to have phase one finished by the end of this summer period, but without being able to run gardening club since March we had to change our plans. However, after letting the garden go wild for a few months, we started work on some specific areas again during the holidays.

Coming to work in the garden during the bright sunny days was a real pleasure and because we had let nature take over, we were rewarded with sightings of all kinds of wild flowers, butterflies, crickets, birds and other creatures. The local fox even returned to his old home for a few weeks!  

Look what's been growing during May and June!

Well done Gardening club; these are some of the bulbs you planted way back in late January. Can you work out which flower they are?

...and this one popped up a couple of weeks later!


We've got our compost fix on and planted a wide variety of bulbs into all the nooks and crannies of our new mound. We made this space from the turf we dug up in January. We've also added some planters to the tops of our living fences and planted some bulbs in there too! Fingers crossed we may see some lovely results in May, June and July.

January path digging

Gardening club have started some major work this term, digging up some of the turf to lay our first proper path. This one is a simple straight one from the edge of the garden to the allotment area, but we’ve got plans for plenty more twists and turns from other areas of the garden. 

What’s that?!

November 2019 - Today was a digging day! Gardening Club were joined by some children from Outdoor Explorers and we set to work clearing out some of the allotment boxes. We learnt how to use a garden fork effectively and safely to remove tangled weeds and plants from the ground. Then we used sieves to sort through the soil and take out the lumpy, weedy bits we didn't want! All those weeds and roots will end up on our new compost heap sometime soon! While we were digging and clearing we found plenty of worms in all shapes and sizes - we even found a Frog! He or she was placed in another area of weeds to carry on their day! The worms were transported over to our new bug hotels. 
 Over the next few weeks, we're going to concentrate on more major landscaping tasks, such as laying wood chip pathways, bringing in more logs for wild patches and building a new patio area.
 September 2019 - The new Greenfields Gardening Club set about planting up some flowers and shrubs into the fencing. These plants have been donated by Coolings Nursery in Bearsted. We installed the fantastic planting trays that were created by Year 6 last summer and also used the tyre planters for extra effect. 
 These are trailing plants so we are hoping the fence will start to come alive over the next few months. We will keep adding to these plants again from the spring and in the meantime, plant up some pots with bulbs ready for the new year. 
Update June 2019 - Over the next few weeks, we will be working hard to refurbish the allotment area and add some simple planting to our new 'living fence'. Then we are going to get the lawnmower out and start marking out some pathways around our new garden space. We've gratefully received a donation of paving stones recently. These will be painted up by some of the children, based on their own designs, then placed around specific areas of the site. Watch this page for more photos soon!

...and with some time left over to build a bench!

Day Two - Once the painting is done, the fences are constructed.

Day One - Superstars from Year 5 and 6 have set about painting these pallets for our 'living fence'. What a great way to begin our project!