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Early Years

Year R have had a brilliant first term with their topic ‘All About Me’. The children have been super busy with lots of brilliant activities such as: creating self-portraits; talking about their families; identifying similarities and differences between themselves and their peers; discussing the chronology of their day; imaginative play; listening and responding to stories and showing excellent independence!

Take a look at their fabulous Learning Journeys which are a brilliant reflection of the History Progression of Skills document.

Children in Nursery have also been enjoying the 'All About Me' topic. They have been having brilliant fun exploring their environment, talking about what they observe, developing an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time, talking about significant events in their own experiences and describing special times or events for their family or friends. Take a look at the pictures below to show what brilliant learning and developing has been taking place!

"Mitchell wanted to share that it was going to be his birthday at the weekend. Mitchell enjoyed wearing the special ‘birthday’ hat and having the class sing to him wishing him a happy birthday. A photo was taken to keep in his learning journey so that he would have a way of preserving this special memory. I explained to the class that the month of September was ‘special’ for Mitchell as it is the month in which he was born.

During whole class circle time we will also discuss the day of the week, month of the year, the season and the weather (video evidence on class website)."

Mrs. J Webber, Nursery Teacher

The children explored the outside area and found conkers and acorns which we have used in the class for math activities as well as an Autumn display, where children have access to magnify glasses and books about Autumn and the changes they see. Also included in the display are photos of things typically associated with Autumn and word mats that prompt discussion such as prickly, smooth, shiny, hard).