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Early Years

Early years have been exploring their classroom environments and are beginning to develop construction skills and learning to use tools safely. 

Nursery have been learning about different celebrations. They have used tools such as glue and scissors to make poppies, firework pictures and diyas. 

Nursery have been finding out about different vegetables, how to chop safely and the importance of hand washing. 

Apples and Cherries are learning about celebrations this term, as part of Jewish celebrations the children have been making potato Latkes. The children learnt about the importance of hand washing before handling food as well as learning to use knives and graters safely.

Reception have been developing a range of DT skills. During ‘Learning Time’ reception have been exploring their environment and using different objects to build towers and experiment with structure, they have been using equipment such as wheelbarrows and spades and have also begun to use basic tools such as scissors to make masks.

Early Years have demonstrated lots of excellent DT skills this term through their very creative junk modelling and construction work. They have also had lots of opportunities to join materials through use of glue, glue guns, staplers and hole punchers!

As part of their Hannukkah celebrations, Year R made some Latkes. They considered the different ingredients they needed and all helped to chop, grate, peel and mix!