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Friday 29th

Phonics Friday 29th


Starter – please use the following link - Sentence Substitution ( Choose 3 different sentences to complete.


Activity – Play 3 games of phase 5 ‘Blast Off’ game with an adult or sibling.


Application – choose 3 of the words from the ‘Blast Off’ game and place each of these into their own sentence. Challenge yourself to use different types of sentences – command, statement, exclamation or question.

Maths - Word problems 


Today you are going to use what we have learnt about word problems to help us work out addition and subtrcation money problems. 

use the following to support you in deciding if they are addition or subtraction


Addition  Subtraction

What do they have in total?

Was given more 

Was given ____

How much did he begin with?

How much does he spend?


How much change?


gave away



Topic (Science)